Wage Massive Mechanical War in Archangel, Coming to PlayStation VR in July

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Wage Massive Mechanical War in Archangel, Coming to PlayStation VR in July

Strap on your PS VR headset and strap into a massive mechanical war machine to fight against the tyrannical HUMNX.

“Become the liberator and beacon of hope the people need!” No pressure, right?

Our team at Skydance Interactive is thrilled to share the news with you that our very first VR game Archangel will officially launch in July for an exclusive two-week window on PlayStation VR before releasing on additional platforms.

Let us set the stage: a world ravaged by natural disasters. A corporatized, tyrannical United States where the government and freedom of the people no longer exist. With this in mind, strap on your PlayStation VR headset and prepare for battle.

In Archangel, you’ll discover that you’ve been selected by the United States Free Forces, the resistance, to pilot a one-of-a-kind weapon: a six-story high war machine built to destroy. You’re dropped into the cockpit of a giant mech to lead your squadron into battle against HUMNX, a private conglomerate that governs what little is left of a ravaged America.

Archangel for PlayStation VR

Grab the controls and watch as your own two massive mech hands surge to life! Fire at will on your enemies with an incredible array of high-powered weapons, or punch a plane from the sky with one hand while machine-gunning a hovercopter with the other — all without breaking a sweat.

Throughout the game you’ll protect — and be protected by — AI-controlled teammates who pilot a number of different vehicles, each with their own capabilities. When the odds turn against you, use your shield generators to block incoming attacks and protect your teammates. If your shields have failed, your teammates carry nano-bot units that can repair damage to your hull. When weapons and shields won’t do the trick, you can get personal and use your hands to crush your foes. Being a massive mechanized engine of destruction has some pretty noticeable advantages in combat!

Archangel for PlayStation VR

Utilize all this firepower and support to battle your way through progressively difficult waves of enemies across many different environments, and earn XP to level up your mech along the way. Play the lead role in the next chapter of the great story of the resistance, with storylines both epic and personal woven throughout.

Our goal with Archangel was to create an action-packed shooter with explosive gameplay, high-quality graphics, engaging storytelling and dynamic characters, delivering a complete package for VR gamers. We’re so excited to bring Archangel to you and hope you enjoy the game, but do not take this mission lightly — you are the best and final hope for the United States Free Forces, the tip of the spear in the fight against the tyrannical HUMNX. You are more than a warrior and more than a protector. You are the people’s deliverance. You are the Archangel!

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  • Well I’m intrigued. Does this have a co-op element to it by chance? Will it support the Aim Controller?

    • I doubt it will support the aim controller. Although if it does, it would be interesting to see how it changes the 2 handed gameplay.

  • I’m interested!

    One question: is this an on-rails shooter? Or do we get to walk freely?

  • Was never a fan of mech games. Mech game in VR? Definitely intrigued as well.

  • Looks awesome. I love PSVR.

  • Driving a big mech seems pretty awesome. waiting to see more game play.

  • After playing Rigs, i really wanted a titan only versus mode for titanfall 2. This is about as close as i am going to get. Will there be any multiplayer versus or co-op? I really hope so. This is the first i am hearing of this game and i am getting stoked.

  • Also, i doubt this will happen, but it would be great if you could play co-op with friends that don’t have vr. They could control the other vehicles that fight by your side. Wishful thinking.

    • No, that is an excellect idea. Think of it, the mechs could possibly exclusive to VR, while those without could be ground troops, etc.

      I do hope this is a proper fleshed out game. I like VR a lot but I am tired of the 1 to 2 hour experiences. I think VR has shown that it has a place if more devs would jump on board for FULL games.

  • Yes!!!!! Take all my money! Finally, a proper VR mech game!!

  • Well I already own on be game with out a psvr a few more games and I’ll have to finally make the plung. This game looks awesome.

  • Looks awesome. Man, I used to play the heck out of MechForce on the Amiga. It was a fantastic game, and we’d play local co-op with friends. Definitely checking this title out.

  • sounds awesome! Hope it’s not on rail or a static shooter. The first art piece at the top of this article looks great! Gives a good mood.

  • Looking forward to a VR mech combat game. Would love Co-op!
    We need a VR Heavy Gear or Battlezone 98 redux kind of RTS.

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