FuturLab’s Tiny Trax Coming to PS VR, First Trailer & Details

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FuturLab’s Tiny Trax Coming to PS VR, First Trailer & Details

The first racing game from minds behind Surge and Velocity 2X puts a new spin on the classic slot car formula.

Hello everyone! Dave Gabriel from FuturLab here, introducing with great pleasure: Tiny Trax!

Childhood Imagination Brought to Life

Did you ever wish for your toy cars to completely defy gravity, or to race on crazy tracks that went far beyond the limits of reality?

Then you’ll love Tiny Trax!

Addictive Arcade Fun

We’ve taken the slot-car format made popular by Scalextric and Carrera, and pumped it up a few notches!

Adding lane-switching, boost and a super-smooth drifting mechanic to recharge your boost gauge, Tiny Trax expands the slot-car experience by introducing a whole new set of skills to wrap your thumbs around. We’ll even put your car back on the track if you overcook a corner! :p Steer your car as if it were radio controlled, zipping along walls, dunking underwater, flying overhead, and looping upside-down through ice-caves and space stations!

Tiny Trax

Tiny TraxTiny Trax

Get up close to the action as teeny cars drift satisfyingly close to your face!

Great Use of VR

Tiny Trax brings the action to you with tiny cars skidding past your nose, jumping overhead and drifting around your feet — it feels wonderful to race around imaginative tracks that surround you in VR.

Stunning Environments

With twelve beautifully designed and utterly bonkers tracks – constructed around you in ‘slap-me-in-the-face this is great’ VR – race around tropical beaches, forgotten ruins and even alien planets!

Oh, and Joris de Man somehow found time to produce a catchy-as-hell soundtrack for Tiny Trax whilst he was scoring Horizon Zero Dawn! What a treat.

Tiny Trax

Tiny TraxTiny Trax

Race on walls and upside-down spirals – real-world limitations be gone!

Online Multiplayer

Choose from six vehicles to race against AI, or up to four friends online in single races or tournaments, posting high scores to the leaderboards. Tiny Trax has been designed to give you 100% VR comfort time and again, so you can replay as much as you need to improve your times.

Tiny Trax is FuturLab’s first 3D game, first racing game, first multiplayer game, first VR game, and this is the first project I’ve worked on as a designer, which I’ll tell you more about at a later date.

Tiny Trax

Tiny TraxTiny Trax

Stay tuned for more info at E3, but for now you can keep up to date by following @FuturLab immediately! :p

Thanks for reading, we look forward to racing you soon!

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3 Author Replies

  • Hey folks, James here whilst Dave awaits his PS Blog logins :)

    Any questions, let me have ’em!

    • Looks great, getting my PSVR soon! Will there be a track editor or anything similar? Would love to make some of my own tracks and the art style seems to lend itself to modular pieces.

    • Are you guys going to have regular content updates?

      Are you guys going to add other VR support?

      I ONLY have PS VR however, if a friend with Occulus Rift, or Gear VR, or Google Daydream VR or what ever their new thing is, could all play together it would not only give you guys a chance to make way more money, but give the multiplayer a chance at permanency.

      Will this have a non VR Mode? I don’t see why this game can’t also flourish outside of a $800 setup.

      I’m not saying you have to do all of these things, I’m merely asking because I feel like if this is a good game, it would be a shame for it to fail because it was too early in VR and too limited in scope. So I’m asking about the longevity plan. Also what is the price because the $20 awesome VR experience is getting a bit crowded, so I think $9.99-14.99 would make the game standout a bit more and I think a game like this is all about the impulse buy nature.

  • Day one purchase, of course.

    My wallet awaits the announcement of the release date.

  • You guys have been teasing us for so long >_<

    I'm glad you finally unveiled Tiny Trax. Can't wait to play it and see the crazyness you put in those tracks! Can we expect a first person mode for those crazy enough to get nauseas?

    Congrats, guys!! Send my regards to Lt. Kai Tana. I miss her!

  • soundandvision77

    Looks great. Can you move around the tracks to look at them from different angles? I think it will be quite fun to watch the cars as if you had a real track in front of you. Great concept for a VR game!

    • Hey @soundandvision77, yep, you’ll be able to move around a bit (or a lot if you play around with reseting the default view!). We’ve also given you the option to move the camera a small amount in all directions so you can adjust it to your preference :)

  • Please please please please have a first person mode! That would make this game incredible

    • Hahah! The number 1 priority for us when thinking about a game for VR was to avoid making the player feel nauseous. The speed, rotating/shifting horizon and the jumps all failed that test :P

  • Great song in the trailer. Also very pleased to see a hippie van as an option. Has your team considered releasing a demo?

  • Looks fun, and inventive use of VR! It’s nice to see not everything needs to be first person perspective. This tilt shift / doll house perspective can be even more compelling :-)

  • Any Velocity DLC for those of us who want to warp around the track or have a specially themed level? Awaiting a release date.

  • The music made me think of Velocity. This looks interesting, but I don’t have VR. If/when I ever get VR this would be on my list of games to get. Glad to see something from Futurlab.

  • Definitely getting this! I somehow managed to platinum Velocity Ultra, Velocity 2X, and all of it’s DLC. Needless to say, I’m a big FuturLab fan. VR and FuturLab, two of my favorite things together!

  • I have to say, this looks really good! The graphics alone look like a good reason to buy.

    The only game I actually genuinely enjoyed so far for my psvr was I Expect You to Die.
    It had no problems with nausea and the gameplay was actually something you couldnt really do without VR.

    I actually love the concept of taking away control from the player, making it more like old fashion track racing yet adding a few new things like boosts.

    Question: can you run your car off the track if you take a turn too fast?
    Also am I going to get a neck ache from constantly turning my head around to watch my car?

    • You won’t get neck ache, the tracks are designed to be viewed comfortably from a seated or standing position – which is pleasurable enough as the cars are cool to watch coming really close to your face on bends, jumping over you etc :-)

  • Looks great, can’t wait to give it a try.

    PS: was that Vern Fonk in the video? :P Will only make sense if you live in the Pacific Northwest, not the UK.

  • You should include a 1rst person view on that game, that will be an amazing experience, ok i read that your priority its not to make people sick, but many of us want that experience, and this game have that awesome potential to do it. I buy Trackmania ONLY for that VR experience and its awesome, but too bad its only a few events. You shoud really consider putting the option on the game, ok if people dont want to play it like that thats ok for them but WHY take that option away from the people that want to feel the experience. Too Bad….its a No for me until it have the 1rst person option.

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