The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/30/2017

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/30/2017

A 20-year saga comes to a close in Tekken 7, launching June 2 on PS4.

It’s all come to this. The warring members of the Mishima Clan come to blows one last time as their 20-year blood feud ends. Welcome to Tekken 7, which launches June 2 on PS4.

Tekken 7 is the next chapter in the long-running fighting series that boasts a highly technical fighting system, staggering move lists, and bears that are trained in hand-to-paw combat. With new fighters joining the roster and a robust online tournament mode, Tekken 7 is ready to challenge new and returning players alike.

Please note that this is a lightweight version of the post and not a permanent format change! We’ll be back to our regular schedule next week. Until then, read on for a full list of new games coming to PlayStation — and enjoy The Drop!

The Drop

New Releases: Week of May 30 2017
Other Highlights
  • Elite Dangerous: pre-order
  • Pyre: pre-order
  • Ghost Recon Wildlands: Fallen Ghosts DLC (Out 5/30 for Season Pass holders, 6/6 for individual purchase)
  • Clicker Heroes: Transcendence update (Out 5/30)

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  • Crossout is going to be really fun when played with friends, Oh Sir The Insult Simulator looks hilarious, Locks Quest looks interesting and Another awesome point n click by artifex mundi with Enigmatis 2, yes please.. A bit on the light side but we need these weeks to catch up on our back lists.. I am not sure how i feel about this new style of PlayStation Blog The Drop without the thumbnails but i guess change is always hard..

  • What the hell is this? Is the Blog team not even trying anymore? This is some super lazy, half-assed “work” Mr.Clements.

    • He mentions it right in the Drop…. Please note that this is a lightweight version of the post and not a permanent format change! We’ll be back to our regular schedule next week. Until then, read on for a full list of new games coming to PlayStation — and enjoy The Drop!

    • i am inclined to be in agreement with you over this. i really wish they would put atleast a little effort into this, as when we buy things, we are paying their wages, and they should put at the very least a little effort into their jobs. i would like to see them if even a single sentence to give an idea about what each game is, i would very much like to see that much of an attempt atleast. most of us are willing to look around on the web for these upcoming games, but i know for someone like me, the thing that hooks me is just a brief description of what the games each hold for the potential buyer.

    • @megalodonshark so your saying we’re in titled to a more description because we pay for games? I’m pretty sure the money we spend also covers the paycheck and time they use to get ready for e3 and do those interviews most of us watch about upcoming games. It’s really not a big deal at all, and saying it is is just an overreaction. The social media team needs to allocate time to research and working towards e3. And we only have to deal with this lightweight version for a measly two weeks.

    • I second your emotion megalodonshark… !

    • They’re doing a lightweight version because they’re a small team and they have responsibilities for the weeks leading up to E3 that force them to not work on The Drop. This leaves them with two options: Don’t do a drop. Or do a lightweight one. I’m glad they chose the latter.

      Remember: preparing the Drop is not their primary role. It is a very small part of their job, and – in their employer’s eyes – probably the least important part.

    • If you want the descriptions and prcies, go to the PSN Store. if you want Videos or screenshots, go to youtube or google.

      The SCEA Media team is entitled to do as it pleases, and while criticism is a good and valid thing, personally attacking team members or degrading their work is not.

  • I’ll be all over tekken 7 for sure

  • Need more Star Wars PS2 Classics. Episode, Starfighter, Super Bombad Racing, The Clone Wars, Battlefront I & II please.

  • infamousgodV2_0

    Looks like another week i wont be turning on my PlayStation. I just took 5 minutes too look up the above games and nothing looks that interesting and i dont care about fighters. 4 months now i havent even turned on my PlayStation.

    • Weird. I’m not sure what style you are into, but some pretty great games came out in the past 4 months… So your loss I guess.

    • I’m genuinely curious now… what genre of games do you actually play?

      Every genre I can think of that traditionally has console games has had some form of release in the past 4 months… so unless you only own a Playstation in the desperate hope that someone someday releases a full-feature console RTS… I can’t help but feel you’re just not looking hard enough.

    • Perhaps you are suffering from gaming ennui? I have experienced this and it will pass. Personally I got a lot of reading done so it was very relaxing and, because books are free from the library, I saved money.

    • Going by his profile, free to play games, AC BF and Knack.

  • It’s really quite amazing how many of you head straight to the comments to complain about the format and don’t even bother reading the post. It has said right in the post for the past 2 weeks that this is a temporary thing until E3.

    • Just because they provide an excuse, doesn’t make it acceptable. This blog already takes very little effort and can be done from anywhere with an internet connection..

    • People what something to cry about, no matter how dumb it is.

  • As for me I’ll be picking up Tekken 7 on the PS4 and Shu on the Vita since it’s Cross Buy with the PS4 version I got last year.

  • This format or the previous format…they both are inferior to the Store Update post that was removed after 10+ years.

    Not sure how a large stock image and generic description makes this post any better after E3, but I guess copy and paste does take some time.

  • STDlyMcStudpants

    I do a video version of the drop every monday if yall wanna know more about these games
    YT: SuperkenGaming

  • TacticalCanoodle

    Watch out with Metal Slug ports. The MS Anthology port has huge input lag. Sony won’t refund when you find out.

  • Perception is also releasing Tuesday.

    • No the console versions just got delayed until June.

    • Link? I can’t find any news about a delay.

    • The Persistence was delayed. Perception still shows May 30th. Is that what you meant? I hate how similar those two games are in name. :P

    • Don’t have link but this was their statement today
      The narrative horror-adventure releases on PC May 30th, while the PS4 and Xbox One versions have been briefly delayed to June, with specific launch dates to be announced.

  • Been waiting to play Ys Origin, glad it is finally coming to vita.

    • I thought Y’s was next month so this is great news! Been playing Oceanhorn on my Vita and it’s a pretty neat little game. Now I just want to know where in the heck is Rainbow Skies??

  • The guy who does The Drop has always been lazy… but this… he just phoned it in

    • It’s not their only job. There is this thing called E3 coming up. They are making adjustments to compensate for the amount of time they need for coverage/articles. This happened last year too…and the year before that….and the year before…

  • This blog is getting MORE LAZIER everyday…. At first they removed WEEKLY SALES then next ps plus video rivew the now RELEASE GAMES VIDEO too? wtf SONY!!!

  • So hyped for TEKKEN, been waiting for this for years, literally! I’m not sure how I feel about the rage art system and haven’t been since it released in Japan but I just can’t help but be hyped having been playing Tekken for over 20 years now! Got it pre-ordered, can’t wait to rip into it next Friday!

  • Dragonslayer_023

    Ys Origin and Shu this week! Rounding out a rather remarkable month for the Vita.

  • BrickcitychampAG

    Crappy Games, and who cares about stupid tekken. Bunch of junk. Oh well back to elderscrolls.

    • Who cares? I bet millions care. That truly shouldn’t need to be said. Go play games you enjoy instead of complaining about games you never need to touch.

    • Says the guy who plays elder freakin scrolls…LMAO.Always have good laughs here on the Blog.

  • Ys Origin crossbuy?

  • Am I the only one super excited about danger zone. I lost so many hours of my life to burnouts crash mode. One ot my fondest gaming memories is passing the controller around to my friends trying to beat each others score. Crash mode from the original Burnout members. I’m buying on ps4 and pc just to support the developers. I’m so frigging stoked. Please buy so we can get more from this developer. And if you haven’t played Dangerous Golf buy it. This is a developer to watch. Their games are pure unadulterated fun.

    • Just got my copy of Danger Zone and its super fun. Those of you who don’t remember crash mode. Understand this is not a racing game it’s a crashing puzzle game. You drive a car into an intersection and get scored by how much damage you do. Who doesn’t like blowing sh#% up? For $12.99 you can’t afford not to buy this game!

  • I hope Disney or Sony bring Split/Second to PS4, it’s a great arcade racer and the online multiplayer is fun, maybe Sony can help, it can increase the PS+ subscribers who like arcade racers, the online is nearly dead on PS3 now, I’m sure many people are going to like it when they play it on PS4, you don’t even need to increase the frame rate and put more work into it, 30fps is completely fine, thank you so much.

  • It’s all about that Tekken son…this week is all about that Tekken ha!…thought Crash was releasing this week too,guess I confused the dates of both games I have on pre-order looks like Crash is the one that will release on the end of june lol.

  • Also the final chapter for Walking Dead A New Frontier releases tomorrow as well.

  • No mention of Victor Vran…

  • The Season Pass for Tekken 7 will be available to buy later separately?

  • Anyone else notice ultra street fighter 4 is now on ps4. I was not aware it was available neg gen until I saw it on sale today.

  • Do not waste your time downloading Crossout, it is absolutely dreadful. It’s just so bad, so bad, and I feel bad people actually worked on this game, thought it was a good idea, then preceded to release it. Good god why?!

    • It wasn’t too bad. Played the tutorial and one “raid”. The driving is what makes its painful. The use the archaic left stick only method to accelerate and steer. Kinda how Nintendo still uses face buttons for gas even on switch.

  • is portaltype worth getting for the ps4 or just get the ps3 one for 12$ and is traine i 2 and 3 worth getting for 9

  • I refuse to get Tekken 7 because of the BS and excuses on Tekken x Street Fighter. During the development of TTT2, Harada said the timeline was TTT2, SFxT, TTT2U, and TxSF. Then they released TR. After that they said they are re-thinking TxSF due to newer consoles coming out. Next they announced T7. Finally, they said they are putting TxSF on hold due to T7 and SF5 because they do not want to split the community. What they did not nor have not explained is what happened to the original timeline?

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