Far Cry 5 – What Awaits You in Hope County, Montana

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Far Cry 5 – What Awaits You in Hope County, Montana

Ubisoft takes the wraps off the newest entry in their wildly popular open-world series.

You’re stranded behind enemy lines in cult-occupied Hope County, Montana, and nobody’s coming to help you. Eden’s Gate, a veritable army of fanatics, has finally made its move and locked down the area, leaving you and every Hope County resident in cult territory. Now you’re standing alone against deadly odds in Big Sky Country, with no bars on your phone and only one way to stop the madness: take down Joseph Seed, the self-styled prophet of Eden’s Gate, and free Hope County from his campaign to save souls by force. And if you’re going to survive long enough to do that, you’re going to need to make some friends. Welcome to Far Cry 5, coming February 27 to PlayStation 4.

Far Cry 5

To hear Executive Producer and Creative Director Dan Hay tell it, Far Cry 5 is equal parts isolation and community, adventure and resistance. It’s a game that’s as much about finding common cause with like-minded people on a dangerous frontier as it is about exploration and explosions.

“You go out into the world and you meet people for the first time, you don’t know them, maybe they don’t trust you,” says Hay. “But if you can strike a deal with them, if you can have a conversation with them and make them part of what it is you’re building, they can join your resistance.

“It’s definitely about chaos, and there’s a lot of that in this,” says Hay. “But it’s also about building a beautiful world, and that’s a thing we want to introduce you to. We went to Montana, and we fell in love with it. It’s stunning.”

Far Cry 5

Hay and his team spent around 14 days in Montana during development, meeting locals and seeing firsthand what the state has to offer. They found beautiful countryside with diverse biomes and wildlife, all of which create tons of opportunities for outdoor activity. They also found people who impressed the developers with their sense of self-reliance.

“We met a lot of people who didn’t want to be messed with,” says Hay. “They want to be left alone. And there was this feeling of being able to take care of themselves. And it created this sense of a frontier, and a remoteness, that really resonated with us. But what happens when somebody else shows up and says, ‘yeah, I agree with you, don’t trust the government, we can do it ourselves, and I will provide’?” All of a sudden you create this petri dish, this magnet for crazy, which is where Eden’s Gate goes.”

At the top of Eden’s Gate sits The Father, Joseph Seed, who believes that societal collapse is imminent, and that a voice has commanded him to save as many souls as possible before that happens, whether they like it or not. While meeting with cult experts, however, the developers discovered that cults aren’t generally kept together by a single, charismatic leader, but by a hierarchy of people working together to accomplish specific goals.

In Eden’s Gate’s case, those people are Jacob, a 20-year Army veteran in charge of security; John, a lawyer who acts as the cult’s public face while aggressively buying up property for it; and Faith, who keeps the cult’s members pacified and “rowing in the same direction,” according to Hay.

Far Cry 5

“We look back at some of the characters that we’ve created before, and we’ve had those key moments where you sit down with them, and you look at them eye to eye,” says Hay. “But we kind of did it with one character at a time, and each game was a face-off. This time, we thought it’d be really interesting if we created a cast of characters [like that]. They each have their own personalities, and each even have their own agenda.”

It won’t just be the antagonists that get that kind of attention, either. Remember those friends we mentioned at the beginning? Potential allies are all over Far Cry 5’s Montana, and if you can convince them to stand up against the cult, you’ll be able to recruit them to follow you into battle. And unlike the interchangeable rebels of Far Cry 3 and 4, these Guns for Hire are unique characters with special skills, unique backstories, and distinct personalities.

Our first look at three of these characters in Far Cry 5 included Pastor Jerome Jeffries, a former parish priest who was driven out of his church, beaten, and left for dead by Eden’s Gate – and who now takes up arms to defend those the cult wants to oppress. We also met Mary May Fairgrave, a second-generation saloon owner who’s lost her family business to the cult’s predatory real-estate schemes, and Nick Rye, a cropduster pilot who’s ready to start raining down bullets to defend his family.

“When we see those characters come to life, when we see that they’re not just AI waiting around to give you a mission, they have real personalities, they have opinions about stuff – the world feels real,” says Hay. All of these elements – the world, the cult, the resistance you build – work together to create a world that feels believable while still giving you free rein to wreak havoc across an open countryside with a huge array of weaponry and armed vehicles. It’s a balancing act, but one that Far Cry is uniquely suited to pull off.

“The nice thing about games maturing is, we’re getting closer and closer to films and television in terms of the stories we can tell,” says Hay. “And I think it means we can start to tackle situations and characters that are a little more complex. It’s still ours – it’s our Montana, it’s our county, it’s our cult – but it means that we’ve grown up enough to be able to tackle that. Even though it’s a tough subject, it works in the game, and we feel like we can own it.”

Far Cry 5 launches February 27 for PlayStation 4, and you’ll be able to see a lot more of it on June 12, when Ubisoft’s E3 press conference kicks off at 1:00pm Pacific Time.

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  • So excited!!! I can’t wait to play this, been itching for a new Far Cry

    • You may have to wait a bit longer. Announcing February 27th is a bold move. Can we just assume this game will be delayed like every other Ubisoft, well – every other video game? Or, will this be the ONE game that doesn’t encounter any delays?

  • I just hope that Ubisoft don’t make the same mistakes with trophees bug in GR Wildlands

  • I still need to play FarCry 3 and 4… games with great reputations that I own, but I don’t know why I never set aside the time to actually play. I blame FarCry 2 being a game that I played a bunch and got exhausted and didn’t finish. Sometimes the open world games can just feel like work more than fun.

    • Oh, indeed. 3 and 4 are a ton of fun. FarCry brought a healthy dose of outrageous fun to first person shooters (not Just Cause-level mayhem, but pretty close). Both 3 and 4 have their strong points. And while the gameplay is repetitive, taking out outposts in FarCry is one of the most satisfying missions in any video games today. I have to finish the co-op portion of FC3 and the second half of FC4.

    • hot_waffles_yum

      Far Cry 4 is amazing

  • Will this have ps4 pro support? would love to see this in 4K!

  • This new paradigm for FarCry reminds me what Red Dead Redemption did for Grand Theft Auto – i have high hopes .. !!

  • CrusaderForever

    D1P for me! This looks so fun and amazing. Montana looks gorgeous and I am going to get a kick out of ending the plans of a religious cult! Thanks Ubisoft as I am a huge fan! Looking forward to that Assassin’s Creed Origins reveal at E3 as well!

  • Gianforte made the news only yesterday, and already he’s in a video game.

  • Sold. Some advice for Ubisoft. Implement a more realistic physics system. But yea, Platinum all day.

  • The game looks really good, and it seems like a cool departure from the more exotic settings of the past titles.

  • Extremists are on all sides. But of course it’s safer to pick on the much more rare Christian cult extremists who won’t retaliate…than well… you know…. the guys whose name coincides with an Egyptian goddess who would target Ubisoft offices in retaliation.

    • kek takes all who would accept his gift, we are but simple meme farmers until provoked into action

  • I lost interest half way through Far Cry 4. The big open world with so many non story related objectives took me right out of the narrative. Its so disconnected that i completely lost interest in the story and at a point completely forgot what the story even was since i had been doing so much “busy work”. I hope to eventually get back to it, but it has soured me for sure. I enjoy the gameplay, but i wish the story was more focused and connected. Maybe 5 will be an improvement…. ?

  • death_nation100

    It still won’t have any kids thats what’s missing in most games. You just don’t feel like you’re living in a complete living world without them.

  • What awaits you in Hope County? Unjustified Christian bashing. I used to be a fan of the Far Cry series but I won’t give this company a cent for this kind of noxious political garbage.

    • what are you going on about? Religion has nothing to do with politics and why is it ok to kill people from other races and religions in games but not Christians? They’re not magically immune from satire.

    • Two dumb comments, its a game, and not real. No ones bashing anyone. At the other guy, race has nothing to do with religion and Christian’s immune to satire. Lol. Not them.

  • Golden-Warrior_X

    I’ll miss the exotic locations. They better at least have many vehicles to use. I still love Far Cry 3’s wingsuit and hang glider.

  • Love the far cry games, looking forward to co-op. They are over the top and fun.

  • Can I safely say finally a Farcry worth of next-gen?…not a graphics whor* or anything of the sort but Farcry has been really lazy lately,Farcry 4 was barely a technical upgrade from Farcry 3 and Primal well…Primal looked like a technical mess.This one seems like a breath of fresh air for Farcry in every aspect…I hope ubi don’t recycle the animations and everything else they tend to recycle in their games.Fun is always 1st for me but seeing an AAA game series from an AAA studio that never evolve is really….shameful.

    Anyway…it’s looking good,love me some Farcry.

  • hot_waffles_yum

    I want to play this so badly. Far Cary 4 was one of the most exciting games I’ve ever played!

    • hot_waffles_yum

      I want to play this so badly. Far Cry 4 was one of the most exciting games I’ve ever played!

  • انا جدا متحمس …شكرا لكم على هذه الالعاب … مبدعين
    انا من اشد معجبيكم .. وانتضر جميع العابكم مثل Assassins Creed .

  • They should have made the potential allies/enemies you meet in the world actual players. Maybe they have that planned for Far Cry 6. Or 7, or 8…

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