The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/23/2017

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/23/2017

An unending adventure is about to begin. Portal Knights launches Tuesday on PS4!

Vast lands stretch out before you, with the promise of new tools and treasure past the horizon. Gather supplies, gather your friends, and set out for new worlds in Portal Knights, which hits PS4 on Tuesday!

Portal Knights fuses the beloved crafting and exploration of Minecraft with the battle systems and classes of old-school RPGs. Build up dizzying castles, plunge into the cavernous depths, and face off against towering monsters in this gorgeous adventure.

And heads up for The Drop faithful: due to our team’s travel schedules, we have to do one or two lightweight posts leading into E3. Don’t worry, this format isn’t permanent. You can expect the full post to return soon — thank you for your patience!

The Drop

New Releases: Week of May 23, 2017

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  • Cooks vs Cons- May 24 at 9/8c (Food Network)
  • UFC Fight Night: Gustafsson vs. Teixeira- May 28 at 1/12c (FS1)
  • Veep- May 28 at 10:30/9:30c (HBO)

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  • oh yeah, gonna go out and kill me some teen angst trouble makers on Friday the 13th next Friday! the trailers for this game have gotten me so pumped up that i can not wait to start smashing skulls in the fireplace…….

  • Lightweight posts? C’mon! No, this is unacceptable! Let it be known that this is a playful post. Surely, I can’t speak for the rest of them. Have a great weekend Ryan and the entire social media team!

  • How much will Friday The !3 game be on PSN. and will there is a preorder for it or even a preload for it.

    • It will be $40 and no according to the developers there won’t be a pre order or pre load option.

    • Ok that is probably USA price so I’m guessing it will be either 45 on Canadian store like on steam or 55. thanks for the info.

  • I bet it will get updated with a proper post early next week.. Maybe… Either way another decent week coming.

  • Spellspire, addicting fun. Great for anyone who want to learn new words and be on the spot ( unless you use Unscramble sites).

    Plantera: Expected a release on May, looking forward to it.

    Puzzle Showdown is a easy platinum. Has Multiplayer too (Offline/Online).

    Looking forward to Utaware, but have enough S-RPG/VN to play around with.

    Friday the 13th is the biggest hit on there.

  • Friday The Thirteenth game size is only 3.5G , not a big game at all for those wondering about space.

    • i know i am not worried about space for this bloodfest, the only thing my daughter and i want is to go around smashing people up into bloody little heaps wherever they might lay. we just want to kill to our own little hearts content for an entire weekend for memorial day next weekend!

  • Star Ocean Till the End of Time? Now time to replay the first Playstation game I know that had massive amounts of Trophies. So fitting to get “Trophy” support. It might even have a Trophy requiring getting all Trophies. Is it now time for Trophyception?

    Looks like you only have to get 80% of the trophies to get the platinum. Beat it on the hardest difficulty 4D, beat the secret bosses, get the best items, beat the minigames. The good news is you don’t have to beat the last boss of the game with a level 1 team. You won’t have to beat the end boss of the higher difficulty with a level 1 team, and you won’t have to beat the end boss of the HARDEST difficulty with a team under level 20.

    Looks like I’ll be working towards this platinum.


  • Where’s the images and descriptions about each game? Thats pretty vital to this every week. I read the descriptions and look at the images and base whether or not I have interest in looking further into the games. A simple title and release date is not sufficient at all

    • infamousgodV2_0

      Guess someone didnt read the blog post

    • I just did. And I don’t care what petty excuses they have for why they didn’t do their jobs. How long does it take to type a description of a game and post an image? E3 isn’t a valid excuse. I don’t care about E3 to begin with. I just want this to he promptly posted and complete. Otherwise why bother?

    • when i feel there is not enough information, or enough pictures or video, i then make it a point to do a little research on my own and go to youtube to find what i am looking for. i did this with oblivion many years ago, and i found it helps when there is an avenue to aid me in my decision making process.

    • I do that as well. Usually when I come to the blog the pics and everything help out in deciding whether I want to look into them further. Titles can tell you a bit, but not all that much. All Im saying is that someone is getting paid to write up this blog each week and inform us of upcoming titles for the week. I realize its not going to take a ton of time to look for the basics of each of these titles myself. But again, I thought that was the point of this blog? To do that for us? If whoever is responsible for the blog being completed couldn’t finish because of E3, then someone else could finish the blog for them. Just seems unprofessional to effectively say “Hey. I know this is what PS is paying me for, but I don’t feel like bothering to do it because E3”. I would be out of a job if I pulled something like that

    • The only pettiness is coming from you. If you can’t be bothered to Google search, than just wait until they are on the store and look at the description and photos then. It’s pretty simple. No need to over react

    • Do you work in the gaming industry? Do you know what goes on behind closed doors? No? Then shut up and stop blaming others for your laziness.

    • ” I don’t care about E3 to begin with.’


    • wow, your all being kind of rough, i agree with OP. how long does it take to drop (pun intended) a brief description and info on a game. if i wanted a quick name and date- theres tons of sites to go to, but i like reading the drop and seeing what they say. getting me pumped for a hack and slash on friday. they could have used some lackeys to give us the drop. but no just this bare bones stuff

  • I’m psyched for Friday the 13th n star Ocean all I need now is tales of Destiny 2 n legendia n I’ll complete my rpg digital collection come on sony

  • infamousgodV2_0

    Nothing for me this week. Cant believe i want a whole month without buying oh and a few corrections

    – Portal Knights Digital & Retail
    – Rime Digital & Retail

    • it’s release date for f13 today. me and my gf are both hyped for it we’re gonna play it together it looks so good

  • excited for utawarerumono.not so excited for the star ocean game,i remember being ****ed off at the difficulty and the plot twist at the later part of the game.
    anyhow, any word on rainbow skies? also would love to see tales of legendia and abyss on here as well.

  • Yes, Kung Fury on Vita Sounds great !

  • AvoidTalkingMice

    17 hours in portal knights on pc. Very fun. Like Dragon quest builders.

  • Still waiting dor Elite Dangerous pre order.

  • Definitely getting Star Ocean Till the End of Time. That was one of my favorite games on the Ps2 and I will love to eventually get the platinum on this one. And yes, I know it will take quite a while to get it too.

  • I’d better see a return to the previous full format soon, because it was bad enough you canceled the essential Tuesday PS Store Update posts.

  • Gotta take some Injustice 2 time off for Guilty Gear. We’ve had the new characters but it’ll be nice to use them in something substantial. I wonder what the price will be for the upgrade, though…

  • Konami / Sony please release Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Silent Hll Origins & Silent Hill 4 as PS2 Classica on PS4. These games were never remastered so they would sell very well on PS4. Especially if they all have platinum trophys. Dont miss this oppurtunity to make some easy $$$

  • RIME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just bring the Store Update post back to the blog. This Drop post is a useless phoned-in attempt to replace something that was actually useful and informative.

    Oh, you didn’t have time to copy and paste an image and generic description? That’s quite alright, because those two things don’t provide any real information anyway. What a waste this post is compared to what we had for over 10+ years in the Store Update post. LAME!

  • That’s just being plumb lazy! Why bother buying a game if we know nothing about it? And no, it’s not my job to Google info other lazy people get paid very good to keep us gamers informed about…! E3 which is still a ways away is not a good excuse either.

  • You should have prepared in advance for your travel schedule. Developers may miss out on $$$$$ because you (Sony) did not do your job. I’d had travel schedules and somehow worked late into the night or on a weekend to get the job done. This is shameful but does reflect how Sony has treated us in the past or even now. We still can’t change our names because someone can’t seem to get their job done. This is a trend you need to fix asap.

  • am i the only one happy for Eternal Ring (PS2)

  • The amount of whining in this post is sad. If you cant be bothered to look up info of a game yourself dont even call yourself a gamer. There are so many ways to look up info. Like i dont know maybe the game’s dedicated website or heaven forbid you use youtube that yall use for looking up everything else. Suck it up stop begging and complaining about not getting every little detail or pic in these drop post. If you got enough time to come to the site a 2min google search will not kill you. You just end up surfing the net afterwards anyway. Stop being lazy entitled little children. Thats all i got to say on that subject.

    I will be picking up portal knights as last weeks releases drained me

  • STDlyMcStudpants

    I do a video version of the drop on Youtube: SuperkenGaming
    if anyone wants to hear more about these games!

  • Zoryu_of_Setsuna

    I can’t wait to play Eternal Ring.

    I hope some time in the future you can bring PS1 games to PS4 and add trophy support and such.

    (We definitely need more PS1 and PS2 games added to the Store)

  • Nothing for me this week but everyone should check out Marvel Heroes if you haven’t already been in the Closed Beta. Its a lot of fun. Next week though….. Tekken 7! :)

  • Portal Knights has been available on the Playstation Store for about a week now, but for some reason there is no option to actually purchase it, even today, May 19th the game is actually OUT today but the purchase option is not there… is it just me or did anyone else TRY to purchase this but can’t??

  • marvel omega releasing this week?

  • This entire site has all but lost any reason to even check it out. The weekly store updates, the best part of this site, are gone completely. The Drop blog posts are now just a list of games, similar to what I can get logging into the actual PS Store. The only thing left is to find out what the next month’s free Plus games will be. I used to be on this site a few times a week. Now I’m only here once or twice month, and I’m wondering if that’s even worth it anymore.

  • Thanks for ruining the last PS I Love You XOXO’s last Upcoming Software on [sony platforms] by Kinda Funny co-founders segment, Ryan! >_<

    I'll never forgive you. T_T

  • Eternal Ring has a game breaking bug that prevents you from progressing in the game at the beginning of Chapter 10. Here is a video showcasing the bug:

  • I’m surprised Guilty gear Rev2 didn’t get a game page or even a midnight release on psn….

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