Destiny 2: First Gameplay Details

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Destiny 2: First Gameplay Details

New subclasses, new worlds, and a terrible new threat. It's time to reclaim the City.

Hey, PlayStation Nation. At this very moment, we’re in Los Angeles for the Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere. It’s an exciting time for our studio and the entire community. If you didn’t have a chance to tune into the livestream, I’m thrilled to share some of the details.

Destiny 2 will be a brand new adventure — a fresh start for all players. A devastating attack from a new enemy will drive us back into the wild. Every Guardian will need to acquire new weapons and new forms of power if we’re to reunite, fight back, and reclaim the City. Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks will have new subclasses with powerful abilities to master.

Your journey will launch you out to the stars. Four new worlds wait for you to discover them, filled with more action than we’ve ever packed into a Bungie game. The activities that players have loved in Destiny are back, including a Campaign, Strikes, the Crucible, and a new Raid. As part of a streamlined experience driven by a new Director, we’re adding new ways to explore these worlds, including Adventures and Lost Sectors that you can enjoy on the fly without returning to orbit.

In between explosive moments of action, Destiny is a game that builds community. If you’re the leader of a Clan, you’ll find a new set of social tools in the game that will help you recruit new members and build Fireteams. If joining a Clan is not your thing, but you always wanted to find a group to help you embark on a Raid, a new feature we’re calling Guided Games will let you team up with Clans for one mission and experience the toughest challenges that Destiny 2 will have to offer!

The PlayStation 4 will be an amazing place to play Destiny 2. Every player on PS4 will have access to exclusive content. We’ll tell you all about what awaits you this summer. What we can tell you right now is that, on PS4 Pro, you’ll explore the new worlds of Destiny 2 in all their 4K beauty.

There’s so much more to say about Destiny 2, but we’re off to a good start. We can’t wait for you to get a taste of the action yourself in the Beta this summer. In the meantime, check out all the details at

DeeJ, out.

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  • Is it going to be 60fps finally?

    • The PC version is going to be 60+, they haven’t said anything about the PS4/Pro version yet.

    • Not confirmed….Playstation EU uploaded a trailer that was 60 fps, but the US channel uploaded the same trailer in 30. Who knows at this point.

  • 30 FPS on PS4 console but 4v4 crucible to make the game more in line with competitive eSports. At least with Call of Duty, Battlefield, Battlefront, and Titanfall 2 the 60 FPS mark on consoles makes it play smooth. What do consoles get with Destiny? 30 FPS 4v4 PvP battles. Clearly this is a game meant for the PS Vita.

  • First off, to set the ‘scene’. I’m a dedicated Guardian. I’ve played Destiny almost every day since the Alpha. I’ve logged over 1,000 hours into your little opus, on PS4 alone — not accounting for the time I’ve put in on my Xbox One. I’ve defended your missteps as growing pains when everyone else sh** all over you. I have to say, I’m VERY disappointed you guys went with supporting PC. The community was already split just by the nature of being on two competing platforms with no cross-play compatibility (plus the whole exclusive DLC debacle). Now, you guys have created an even larger rift in the community because you’ve thrown PC into the mix. I have already lost a large amount of friends that I’ve made through playing Destiny because of this. This was a very STUPID move on your part, when looking at the repercussions. But I know, business as usual. Who cares about the Guardian alliances you were so quick to praise today on your reveal that are now going to get ruined in the process of padding those wallets just a little bit more, right? In my experience, people that have a PC but play Destiny, played on consoles. This was a completely unnecessary and harmful move against the community. Shame on you guys.

  • Playstation’s youtube used a 60fps trailer. Wouldn’t this be considered Misleading…?

    All sources seem to point to a 30fps cap on consoles.

    • Was it 4K60?Cause, it’s possible, though unlikely, that the PRO could support 1080p60fps.

      I just doubt they’ll want this cause of it being online/balanced or some blah blah blah crap…Just give the advantage to the people that pay for it. It’s mostly coop anyways. For the PvP, I understand if they’d want to CAP the framerate or whatever. It’s just annoying though. Just use all the power that’s available to ya.

  • Honestly it just looks like more of the same.
    Same game, with a lick of paint around the edges.
    I think that the went ot make an expansion and decided to market it as a full game.
    SO there is cabal, and vex still and your still on earth.

    I’m also not sold that there actually is more story, or better story in the game. Cut scenes are great, but they need to expand the story. Action sequence, snarky comment, more action is all well and good, but if it doesn’t progress the story then its all flash and no substance.

    The reveal didn’t make me want to instantly cancel my pre order, but considering how little content there was in Destiny at release, I’m dubious, but I’ll pay the beta. If none of my friends are playing then I’ll wait for reviews.

    Overall it looked like an expansion to the game, not a sequel to the game.

    • Your post is weird.
      How much do you think Destiny, basically an MMO, dan change? New story, missions, classes, weapons, worlds, and features definitely warrants it being a sequel.
      There was a story in the original, and it’s easy to see the second will have a much more direct method of telling its story.
      Lastly, if you’re so apprehensive about the game, why do you have it pre-ordered? Most informed consumers ate apprenhesive about pre-orderibg games they’re not sure they’ll enjoy.

    • They have actual changed a lot of the mechanics around and expanded the world. They now have more open world things to do. They now also have clan and looking for group in the game for people like yourself who seem angry at lack of content. Clan quests, PvP is being refined and made classic with 4v4 instead of the horrible 6v6 like the current version.

      Trials will be overhauled, Story will be fleshed out and in-game this time. Etc .. Plenty is being done but people like to just complain and begin joining the hate bandwagon.

  • Solo played here since alpha. Do strikes every now and then. The sentence “Clans are the foundation” scared the crap outta me. Still want to be hyped but not so sure . Oh and 4v4….wtf

  • I agree it looks like Destiny 1.5, but I have a strong feeling that the biggest improvements are to the backend. I’ve read that the first game was very difficult to make adjustments to. Ultimately it wasn’t optimized well, I’m really hoping this time it is optimized. Another reason it’s on PC, but we shall see, come the beta! I’m excited for that, at least!

  • There’s so much unnecessary negativity towards Destiny. I’m very excited and can’t wait for the beta!

    • It really does. I never understood it. You would think games that are truly broken and glitch filled(game breaking not “cheese”) would get this amount of “hate”.

  • What they didn’t tell you….$60 on release day. Then expansion packs every 4-6 months, at $30 each. Minimum $200 in by the end of year 2, minimum, if you buy day 1 of each upgrade – and all but locked out of the best gear if you don’t pay to keep up.

    • I’m fine paying $200 if the game can provide me 50 days of playtime like the first game did.

  • Never again …

  • The diologue is so corny. I’ll get this game if it’s 30FPS. I can’t stand games that run on 60FPS.

  • RodrigoBrazucaMG

    Waiting patiently for an announcement of Destiny 2 PS4 PRO edition like…

  • Ah that trailer and storyline is so cliché! Let’s hire us some firefly actors. This can’t really be Destiny 2? It’s too soon.

  • Wow all I see people worried about is 60fps bs…damn the so called “gamers” we have nowadays.

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