Observer Will Scare the Cyberpunk Out of You This Summer

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Observer Will Scare the Cyberpunk Out of You This Summer

What would you do if your fears were hacked? Find out in the upcoming dystopian thriller.

Greetings from Krakow! We at Bloober Team are excited to announce that our new cyberpunk horror game Observer will officially launch on PS4 this summer. Before we tell you why our game is so scary, we recommend you set the mood — plug in your headphones, play this heartwarming song from the soundtrack, and turn off the lights. That’s more like it.

The original idea for Observer stemmed from a simple question: what would you do if your fears were hacked?

With that very unsettling thought, the universe of Observer began to take shape: a retro cyberpunk world, with a heavy dose of Eastern European flavor. Low life, high tech, with an all-powerful corporation up to no good. Because cyberpunk.

What would law enforcement look like in this oppressive dystopia? That’s when we imagined the Observers, an elite neural police unit with the authority to hack into suspects brains via their neural implants, which everyone totally has now because it’s 2084. A tool of convenience for the user, a way to communicate with friends and family and catch up on old VR movies — a tool of surveillance and oppression for government. We hope this idea scares you as much as it scares us.

We’ve learned a lot since our first game, Layers of Fear. Our goal has always been to create a different kind of horror game: something deeper, more cerebral, and psychological. This is the exact opposite of run-and-gun zombie shoot-em-ups. We call it “hidden horror.”

Our hope is that as you experience the nightmarish scenarios in the game, you’ll be forced to confront your own fears. Seriously. Ask yourself, as your palms are sweaty and your heart is pounding, why exactly does this scare me? Think about it. The answers may surprise you. To us, this is what horror is all about.

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  • Interesting setting. I liked layers of fear, just hope the new one has a little less random feeling puzzle solutions. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the new one. Also creepy music.

    • Thank you! We’ve learned a lot since Layers of Fear, and we’re hoping the detective mechanics balance out the horror to create a greater whole. The cyberpunk setting also adds a ton of great atmosphere.

  • I hope you improve the controls, It wasn”t that good on Layers of fear. but in the end the game was fantastic, I buy it, you are great.

    • Thanks! And the controls are already feeling much tighter. We’ll have a lot more to share soon!

  • Like the idea. Reminds me of Keiichi Matsuda’s ‘HYPER-REALITY’ concept video.

  • OMG…i saw the teaser for this at last years E3 and wanted to get this game so bad that I went out to get a PC for it. Glad to see it coming to PS4

  • Does this use the VR Aim Controller? The tweet for this post used an image of that controller, but its not mentioned in the post.

    • I think that must have been a tweet hiccup. No VR Aim Controller support for Observer at this time. Sounds like fun though…

  • This does indeed look awesome. I kinda doubt it will use the VR Aim controller, but who knows.
    By the way, any Samsung pay prospects. 9E9685 first time user code to receive $5. (I just set it up while I was reading this post haha so I decided to share. :D )

  • PSVR Support??

  • I’m excited to see what your team does with this concept, especially since you say that you’ve learned a lot from working on Layers of Fear. The concept pitch that you wrote immediately evoked a sense of a Black Mirror episode. I bought Layers of Fear on PS4 and Steam, so I’m definitely a fan of your work. That being said, it took me four attempts at playing through the game before I finished it (and I’m so glad I did!), and that was due solely to the pacing of the game. I’m not a “completionist” gamer, but LoF forced you to do the 3D equivalent of “pixel hunting” in order to be able to understand the full plot of the game. I sincerely doubt that the players who finished the game in 3 hours understood who they were, why all of this was happening, and why they should even care. I love piecing together plots in games when it’s done very well (e.g. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture), but LoF forced you to check almost every single object in every room if you wanted to really understand the plot and care about the characters woven into the story. Please don’t hide important plot points/character developments arbitrarily around the map in Observer.

  • Who is Bloober’s publisher on this?

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