Survive the Quiet Apocalypse in The Long Dark, Out August 1 on PS4

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Survive the Quiet Apocalypse in The Long Dark, Out August 1 on PS4

Manage your food, fuel, clothing, and tools in the savage wilderness to earn your survival.

I’m thrilled to announce that on August 1, we’re bringing the exploration-survival experience, The Long Dark, to PlayStation players worldwide. This is a huge milestone for our small independent studio!

About five years ago, The Long Dark was only a dream. I’d been working for years in the “triple-A” games industry, working on blockbuster entertainment experiences that were exciting, but not personal. I wanted to create an experience that would channel the best wilderness survival literature and films, and also explore a post-disaster setting that was distinctly Canadian, like me. I was fortunate enough to be able to attract other like-minded game developers to this endeavour, and it’s incredible to us that after all this time, it’s finally happening!

The Long Dark is really two experiences. Survivor Mode is a non-narrative, open-world survival sandbox where the only goal is to survive for as long as you can. Our gameplay philosophy is to not hold your hand — we don’t give you anything. You have to earn your survival.

You have to figure everything out yourself, just as you would if you were really dropped into the middle of the savage Canadian wilderness. You’ll struggle to manage your resources — food, fuel, your clothing and tools, and all your own physical properties like fatigue and dehydration — to constantly push yourself forward in search of better shelter, better gear, and the hope to see another sunrise.

The world is nearly 50 square kilometres (about 20 square miles) of deep forest, frozen hills, cliffs and mountain tops, and all the abandoned man-made structures you’d expect to find: fishing cabins, lighthouses, forestry lookouts, and the occasional remnant of pre-disaster industry. Nothing electrical works, so humans have been knocked down a few links in the food chain. Between blizzards, starvation, bears, and dysentery, you’ll need all your wits and a blend of quick-thinking and long-term planning if you have any hope of surviving.

Inspired by stories like Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, Wintermute is our narrative mode. It’s a five-episode story about bush pilot Will Mackenzie, who along with Dr. Astrid Greenwood, crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness in the aftermath of a mysterious geomagnetic disaster. Wintermute builds on our core survival gameplay from Survivor Mode by adding a rich storyline and cast of characters whose trust you’ll need to earn if you want to survive.

We’re launching the first two episodes on August 1 — Episode One: “Do Not Go Gentle,” and Episode Two: “Luminance Fugue,” with the remaining three Wintermute episodes arriving throughout the rest of 2017 and part of 2018. At least, that’s our current plan! In the first two episodes, you play Mackenzie, but you’ll also get the opportunity to experience the story as Dr. Greenwood in future episodes. Each episode is about five hours of gameplay, so between Survival Mode and Wintermute, there’s a lot of great gaming to be had in The Long Dark!

We’ve poured our hearts and souls into crafting this experience for you, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to share it with PlayStation players all around the world. We hope you enjoy our thoughtful — and hopefully, thought-provoking — take on post-disaster wilderness survival fiction and gameplay.

Best of luck surviving the Quiet Apocalypse!

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  • I am TERRIBLE at survival games. But The Road is a favorite of mine so I will give this a go!

    • Raphael van Lierop

      Thanks! The Road was definitely an inspiration on the tone and feel of the game. I think The Long Dark has a bit more of a hopefulness to it, though.

    • Sounds like a combination of Firewatch and Fallout

  • YES! This is great news. Now if we can get Overland, then we have a couple of outstanding indie apocalypse games.

    • Raphael van Lierop

      Overland is a great game! I’m also very much looking forward to it (I’m in the Beta).

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Looks amazing, u had me at “The Road” but why on earth is this game available in early access everywhere but PlayStation? I was excited to promote this game feeling as though i’ve stumbled onto a gem that ppl need to know about, however, my excitement waned when i realized it had been available on xbone for years. Still going to promote it but PS4 is 60 million strong it should be a higher priority.

  • Sounds intriguing, but if the frustration factor is up too high, I’ll quit. If it stops being fun and too much work, then I’d rather play something else. But I like the concept to a point.

    • Raphael van Lierop

      I think we strike a balance between frustration and elation. Mostly, when you fail in the game, it tends to be from your own poor decision-making. That said, there is some randomness to the world and gameplay. It creates moments of tension, and serendipity. There are different Experience Modes that allow you to decide what level of challenge you are looking for, so hopefully you’ll be able to find a good balance that works for you.

  • As a backer, this is easily one of my most anticipated games of the year.

    Any word on Pro support?

  • price?

  • Love these types of games…Day one buy!

  • This game looks really good. I love survival stuff, so I might pick this one up.

  • Sounds Awesome. I’ll buy it Day 1. Will it have a platinum trophy?

  • Will players be able to play as Zap Rowsdower?

    • EverythingOnFire

      Yes, but not til later this year in the DLC entitled: Zap and Troy: The Legendary Journeys.

  • Fantastic trailer… this one would be hard not to buy. :) Day 1

  • Sounds cool, can’t wait to give it a try. Honestly, as a fellow Canadian, you kinda had me right there.

    PS: I would suggest you be careful with your branding. You’ve got a lot of names running through this post. I wasn’t sure if the game was called Quiet Apocalypse or The Long Dark. You don’t want, unless I’m the only one, people getting confused about your games name.

  • I never understood the thrill of “exploration-survival” games and watched a few thanks to the streamers of Twitch. However, one caught my eye when Hitmanpro187 was streaming. It was The Long Dark. I never seen anybody else play this and it caught my eye because this sandbox mode where you are dumped in a wintry mess with one life, having to survive the night. Turned out to be a “how long can you survive”, but the elements of the game is something that attracted me. I told him, that this may be the one survival (“walking simulator” – joke) that I have to watch and get if ever comes to PS4.

    He told me that the game (for steam at least) has been in beta/development for years and a story mode was in the works. I didn’t understand how a game has no story, and with this post, I’m seeing my first glimpse. I will continue to watch this game closely and really hope I see good things afoot.

    Himanpro187 plays all his game on the highest difficulty and this game is praised about – wanting more. Can’t wait to tell him. My only questions now, will this story mode be released on Steam at the same time? Why did you go the episodic route for the story?

  • I own the Early Access version of this game on Steam and even though Story Mode isn’t out yet – the game is still really good. I can’t wait to see what they come up with as far as the story is concerned. It’s easily one of my favorite survival games already.

  • Easily, Day One purchase.

  • This really sounded amazing until the episodic format was mentioned.

  • This game looks great. Please add the legacy controller setting for the thumbsticks if you haven’t already.

  • How well does it run on Vanilla PS4 and is there some improvements for PS4 pro ?
    Allready have a PC version, bu I cannot wait to play it on PlayStation as well.

  • Sweet! I played the preview on a friends Xbox One and enjoyed it. I’m very happy to know I get to play it on my Pro. Can’t wait!

  • I already know this is a fantastic game. There is nothing like this. During development The Long Dark has grown from an amazing idea to an amazing game. I look forward to buying this game again on PS4, my chosen platform.
    After my computer died, about a year ago, the game I missed most was The Long Dark. It is fantastic to hear this project is launching on PlayStation. Beyond my personal enjoyment, I hope The Long Dark is recognized as the innovation that it is, receives the critical acclaim it deserves and achieves the success that would allow The Long Dark and Hinterland to, not only, continue their development, but to truly flourish.
    To those of you interested in The Long Dark, but still on the fence, please look into it more and keep this game top of mind. I am sure there are many of us who will immensely enjoy The Long Dark for years to come.
    Thank you Hinterland for your dedicated work, bringing TLD back into my life through my PS4. – Cheers!

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