Horizon Zero Dawn: New Patch & Photo Mode Features Next Week

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Horizon Zero Dawn: New Patch & Photo Mode Features Next Week

Step up Aloy's Photo Mode game when the new Horizon Zero Dawn patch drops next week.

Since the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn we have seen an enormous amount of fan activity. Not only in the form of fan art but also in the shape of screens captured via Photo Mode. Over at Guerrilla we enjoy scrolling through our Twitter timeline seeing all of the beautiful pictures the fans have been sharing, and we want to give something back.

The sheer beauty of the photos you have been sharing has been a huge compliment for us. We asked Roderick van der Steen, our lead lighting artist and in-house photographer, to select a few of his favorites and add some details on what makes these stand out.

Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode: Ladyriven

Photo by @Ladydriven
‘This is a lovely composition with an almost duotone color palette, giving the screenshot an almost illustrative “cover art” look.’

Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode: adxvent

Photo by @adxvent
‘This is a great example of a very realistic and cinematic shot using depth of field to eliminate any distractions and leaving the eye to focus on Aloy.’

Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode: Sistoska

Photo by @Sistoska
‘Night time was designed as having a “long exposure” look, this image shows this off very well with a lot of range in lighting in combination with a great composition.’

Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode: hadiruto

Photo by @hadiruto
‘This is a very striking and dynamic image. Everything feels in motion and the sparks add to the feeling of this being a split second of action.’

Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode: Solid_Alexei

Photo by @Solid_Alexei
‘The Cauldrons, an almost alien environment as this image shows clearly. This is a great Iconic picture that fills you with a feeling of foreboding.’

Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode: duncanbirnie

Photo by @duncanbirnie
‘Aloy responds to weather in a natural way, and as this image shows if can fill you with a feeling of wonder. Beautiful use of depth of field, and the right time of day for the lighting.’

We would like to thank you all for these amazing images, so we’re adding more ways for you to express your artistry. We’re very happy to share that our upcoming 1.20 patch, currently scheduled for release next week, will include an update for Photo Mode.

We are adding three new filters, the ability to show a grid, an option to add ‘greetings from’ to the image, the ability to select different poses for Aloy, select a facial expression and make her look into the camera. We already created some images for you to get an idea of what we are adding and we cannot wait to see what you can do with these new additions.




These added Photo Mode features are just a small portion of the enhancements we have made to the game. Over at Guerrilla we feel that is very important to listen to the community, so the patch will also include a lot of feature requests straight from the community.

Version 1.20 will include a slider that will adjust the camera/aim sensitivity, supports a Map legend where you are able to filter on icons, more HUD customization options (hide enemy stats, quest markers and tutorial tips), the ability to hide head gear and more.

1.20 also adds Spanish language support for North American copies of the game. Spanish subtitles can now be enabled, and Spanish audio is also now supported via a Spanish VO pack that can be downloaded from the North American PlayStation Store*.

For a detailed list of patch notes please follow this link.We will keep listening to all your requests as we feel it is important that you have the best possible experience when playing Horizon Zero Dawn.

*Spanish VO pack must be downloaded from PlayStation Store to enable Spanish audio support. Spanish VO pack download only applies to North American copies of the game.

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  • Any more info on any potential expansion/DLC? I have never wanted to throw more money at a game then I do for Horizon. Absolutely love this game.

    • Same here. I’m hoping for a DLC. I already have beaten the game and got every trophy. I don’t know what else there is to do. Take pictures? Not for me.

    • This is awesome I love this game and all the detail put into it so I’ll be able to add even more pics to my already extensive collection. add a lock on mode and this game will be perfect.

    • Yep shot 120 buckaroos at the the collectors edition and I’ve never even spent 60 dollars on a game before

      PS: if you don’t own the Aloy statue, your life is incomplete, and you are probably sad

  • The more I play this game the more I discover the more I love it, Thank you guys, I understand why PlayStation is the best place to play now, We are lucky to choose the blue side .

  • Incredible update! I’m excited to jump right back in just to play with the new photo mode features. Thanks Guerrilla!

  • These are awesome updates for an awesome game :) I have also been craving a survivalist styled game mode similar to the one available in far cry primal – close to a permadeath option for play.

  • What about include downloaded Language Packs, or extra subtitles?

  • Woo! Thanks for the update. Half of my Horizon play through is probably playing with the photo mode. http://imgur.com/a/fzN1M

  • CrusaderForever

    Yeah, this is special game and you, the developers should be really proud. My GOTY 2017!

  • Loved this game best ps4 exclusive so far in my eyes.

  • I love all the continued support, and the photomode option in this game is off the hook.

  • Is there any way you guys could add a new Game+ mode?

    • I finished the game a while back with a 97% (just skipping some hunter lodge tests and target mannequins) which is unheard of for me. I’d totally be down with a Nee Game Plus mode.

  • we need DLC now.

  • Poses are my no 1 requested feature thank you. I was hoping for them in the game and not just in photo mode. I’d just like to be able to sit down at a camp fire occasionally, or sit and watch the herd graze without looking uncomfortable and twitchy :-)

    Hiding the head gear is also a great quality of life improvement. Now I can choose outfits by stats, rather than by least embarrassing hat :-)

  • Horizon Zero Dawn is the best game open world adventure game I have played to date. The single best thing of course is Aloy character and second only to that are the variety and detail in the machine designs. I wear my Thunderjaw T-Shirt from the PlayStation Gear store proudly. I wish they had more stock of the $200 Thunderjaw to buy.

  • Thanks for adding Spanish language support to North American copies, now my kids can enjoy this amazing game.

  • OMG!, Sensitivity Options and Spanish Support!!

    Thank you Guerrilla Games, you don’t know how much this means to me and my girl.

  • Great looking update!

    Also can you add the ability for Aloy to rest at campsites? As beautiful as night time is in the game I would like the option to skip it sometimes.

  • Guerilla sets the bar high! I really respect the work they do. They deliver a great product. They patch it to make it even better. Best of all, they haven’t gouged us with Season Passes or stupid DLC. I know people want DLC to continue the experience, but it’s great to have a game that doesn’t rely on that. To me the message I take away is one many other developers/publishers should listen to: deliver a great game and it will sell well. That should be the aim of all in the business, but it seems to have been lost lately.

    • Exactly…a game like Horizon is something in extinction.Only Sony is capable of delivering such marvel.

  • Please go back to making KillZone games!! Horizon was average to me.

  • If anyone was on the fence about buying a Playstation 4, your game (Horizon Zero Dawn) should make it a VERY easy choice for them. Horizon Zero Dawn exemplifies everything gamers have come to expect in a console exclusive game.

  • I’m about 80% of the way through Horizon, really taking my time with it because I’m loving it more every minute I play it. Really excited to see these updates as well – the Map legend feature for hiding icons couldn’t come at a better time, as I’m opening up every corner of the map and starting to hunt the collectibles in earnest. Thanks for this patch, and for a truly exceptional game!

  • you guys are a force to be reckoned with. Incredible work to everybody, every game studio needs to take pointers from you all, thank you for your support and interest in the community and for making a linear story driven game, multiplayer isn’t necessary to make a good game. a quality experience is what people want and are willing to pay for. I just wanted to express my gratitude for you guys. need more games like these

  • steady_cuzzin84

    You have no idea on how excited I am to hear the news on the upcoming 1.20 Patch. I myself have at least 300 or more photos of Horizon Zero Dawn on my Ps4 Pro. Now with the Ps4 system allowing you to use your own photo’s to use as a home screen background has been a tremendous useful upgrade. I spend about 50 hrs a week or if not more playing “Horizon Zero Dawn”
    and every few hrs or so I find myself caught up on photo mode. Horizon Zero Dawn is a beautiful game and I feel like “Peter Parker” Snapping away with lots and lots of photo shots. I also have the “Horizon Zero Dawn” Platinum Theme with the Platinum Avatar but I much rather use my own creative photo’s. Thank you so much Guerilla for a wonderful game that has taken me away from reality and stress from work. I might be a lil to much obsess with “Horizon Zero Dawn” but that goes to show you that Guerilla did a outstanding job with this game. I wish that you all would come out with more collectors edition so I could have me a “Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Statue” that Amazon screwed up on sending me. Yes I got my money back but no Collectors Edition.

    • Holy crap…that avatar of yours is obtainable if you plat the game?…damn that is something I can switch ma Geralt avatar for….AMAZING!!

  • I didn’t win the platinum theme of HZD =( i have been platined the game 2 months ago!

  • Absolutely love this game and hated to see the end come. I’m 74 and I don’t play on line, too slow and die a lot, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying it immensely. DLC for more play would be wonderful!

  • Dear Playstation.

    I was wondering would it be a good idea if the PS4 responds to your voice while it plays DVDS’? For an example (Playstaion! Pause Movie!) & it pauses the movie

  • residentweasel7

    I wish that Bungie (Destiny) would learn from Horizon, the proper way to tell a story and amazing game play. I can only hope for dlc or a sequel, I was sad when I finished the game.

  • Nice…barely use photo mode but I’ve already taken 1000+ pics…the game is not only a technical marvel but a masterpiece.I didn’t even beat the game yet but have almost 80h on it and game’s unbelievable…makes one wonder how a game like Horizon is possible.As a Sony game is only 2nd to TLoU and as a PS4 game only 2nd to Witcher 3…its for sure among the 5 best games ever made though.

    Horizon is the undeniable GOTY of 2017…I’m sorry but no other game can even compete with it.It’ll be a shame to see RDR2 win just because media and every sheep out there drool over any crap rockstar throws out there.

  • Just read the post now and oh man the ability to hide head gear?…this is the best thing ever,I hate them outfits with head gear.Only bought and use the ones without them ha this is a freakin awesome addition.Also the poses for photo mode are really cool.

  • knuckleduster197

    This game is sorry for the use of language ****ing epic
    I love the game I logged in over 804 hours I can’t wait till the dlc comes out I love horizon Dawn zero this is the best game I ever played congrats

  • I haven’t put this much time in a game since World of Warcraft raiding and that was an MMO, The attention to detail is fantastic. When playing most open world games I try and break things and not do what was intended gameplay. The developers thought of such things and you will find hidden surprises if you delve deep into the game. When telling people about Zero Dawn I just say, “this is zelda for grownups,” and that usually leads to them buying a copy,

    One of the best games I’ve ever played (even with the parts that bug me).

    Great job, thank you, I await the sequel.

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