PS Plus: Free Games for May 2017

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PS Plus: Free Games for May 2017

Survive Pandora in Tales from the Borderlands, or kick back and explore with Abzu on PS4.

Greetings, PlayStation Nation! The free PS Plus games for May are upon us, and we have something special for everyone. This month we have Tales from the Borderlands and Abzu on PS4.

First up: Tales from the Borderlands, a five-part episodic series from the experts at Telltale Games. Set in the unforgiving world of Pandora after the events of Borderlands 2, follow the journey of Rhys and Fiona as they are thrown together to recover a fortune they both believe is theirs.

From there, put your feet (Flippers?) up and relax with Abzu. Immerse yourself in an ocean full of life and wonder. Feeling stressed? This is the relief you’re looking for.

Full Lineup

  • Tales from the Borderlands, PS4
  • Abzu, PS4
  • Blood Knights, PS3
  • Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants, PS3
  • Laser Disco Defenders, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4)
  • Type:Rider, PS Vita (Cross Buy on PS4)

Enjoy these games, and see you next time!

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  • Was just about to buy Abzu, this pleases me

    • Europe wants Abzu too ( next month please)

    • Me and the wife will enjoy Abzu too. And it’s something the kids can even watch or play.

    • Nope we don’t lol

    • Well EU is getting Alienation, not ABZU :( (or atleast I think so)

    • Meh, these are titles that I wouldn’t have taken a second glance at, they may be decent but they’re not games that I bought a PlayStation and ps plus subscription for.

      They’re little bonuses to keep you paying for online multiplayer access for your PlayStation games, but considering how cheap and viable pc gaming is these days on top of the frequent big discount game sales and not having to pay anything more than your internet bill to play online, the consumer value is clearly in the pc camp.

    • Europe is waiting for Abzu !!! Please add to May’s PS+ !

    • Sigh…

    • I just don’t like the telltale series period

    • Lol. Pc peasents

    • Sadly ABZU is not for free in India but Alienation is instead. Atleast I got TFTB which I am happy with for now.

    • So Europe no abzu ?

    • yea got abzu on it but dos not tell you its only uk -.-
      im paying for psplus and i get free games ok i dont play online its only for the free games and all of theme so far are bad and now ithe game i want its only for uk nice one sony nice one -.- !!

  • not sure how I feel about this month. TFTB is among Telltale’s best but once you’re done, you’re done. Same with Abzu and you can beat it in literally under 3 hours and never even heard of the others. Quality of the games seem fine, the replayability isn’t.

    • See to me these are the perfect kind of games for ps plus. These aren’t the games that you should be relying on for most of your gaming hours, they’re extra experiences that you get on top of the main games that you buy.

    • I agree with Ahsain-25. Happy to get TFTB, Abzu and Type:Rider. That definitely justifies my $3.33 PS+ cost for the month (paid $40 for a year). That’s barely $1 per game.
      A couple of cool, unique 3 hour-long games, and a solid Telltale story, and we’re golden.
      Sorry to anyone else who already bought those games, but it’s great for the rest of us.
      Too bad the other 3 games are throwaway. Oh well, at least this beats last month’s lineup, which was abysmal! The April lineup was the first time I hated every single game. And I’m usually easy to please.
      Thanks for stepping it up Sony!

    • I thought TFTB was the most boring Telltale game yet lol…

  • *Expects a golden week sale*

    *Gets a Tom Clancy sale*
    *Next week sale is probably Starwars because of May the 4th*

    SIEA just broke a three year old tradition

    2014 April 28
    2015 April 28
    2016 April 26
    2017 April ??

    I haven’t receive a playstation newsletter since september 2016, playstation live chat is not working either

    Thanks SIEA, my wallet remains untouched one more time, nothing for me this week.

  • Tales from the Borderlands is a good free title, but who’s here don’t have that game already?

  • Abzu instead of Alienation? Well that sucks.

    • Agreed. Why give US and EU different games? I’d much prefer Alienation over Abzu.

    • I agreed. Why is each region? I’d much rather prefer Alienation over Abzu. I suppose if you switch the US and EU from this lineup for next month both regions will be happy!

    • Agreed x3, we have to make noise to get Alienation yes or yes next month!

    • You can get out of region games. You just have to set up a new account in a different region and use the 2 day free trial of PS Plus. Once you have the games, download them and they will still be accessable on your main account. That’s how I got the asia lineup this month.

    • BUMP – Abzu looks cute but Alienation would have made me much happier. Not sure why the split between USA and EU? I actually live overseas but have a USA account. It would be great if Sony decided to do a solid this month and make all THREE games available to both regions, as many people are asking for it. :-)

    • @ChaoticToTheMax Great idea! The system will not keep me from playing the downloaded freebie (using the dummy account) once the trial ends as long as my main subscription is active. Right?

    • I have alienation but i want Abzu :p

    • I have alienation but i want Abzu haha :p

  • Lame, would rather have Alienation like EU

  • Looking good! Can’t wait to play Abzu!!

  • Remember when Tales from the Borderlands was supposed to be on Vita? It was even printed on the back of the blue Vita’s box. Then it, Minecraft: Story Mode and Game of Thrones, were never released on the platform. If you ask Telltale about them they won’t respond.

    • TT can’t even get their games to run well on PS4, so hard to fault them for not bothering to release terrible slideshows to Vita.

    • @Thermopyle2 They may be terrible slide shows but at least they are easy multi-platinums.

    • If they can’t get their games to run well on PS4 or Vita because they’re awful at optimization, isn’t that entirely their fault?

    • “Don’t worry, we’re big fans of the Vita” – some time ago on PS Blog when asked about bringing those games to Vita. It’s clear they abandoned the Vita, which is unfortunate.

    • Yeah, I saw that comment. IIRC that was one of the last times Telltale ever replied to someone on the PS Blog. Now they’ve pretty much stopped posting here in general.

  • 0.01 USD has been credited to your SIEA loyalty program account

  • For once I actually don’t already own every game hooray! Regardless I love plus and have been a member since Beta. Abzu is really amazing in 4k HDR btw.

  • Oh and note to self dont buy any games from the indie collection sale or whatever it was called because they all will be on plus sooner or later

  • Not my month yet again

  • I’ve been interested in Tales from the Borderlands for some time now, really excited about that one.

    I already own and have 100%’ed Abzu, but my goodness what a great game. I know I’ll get shot down for saying this, but I enjoyed it more than Journey. Everyone is in for a treat!

    My PS3’s been collecting dust for ages now… kind of wish Plus would switch over to three PS4 and three Vita, or four PS4 and two Vita, something like that.

    The Vita games both look fun!

    Overall I think this is one of the better months in recent memory. Well done Sony!

    • There are enough indie where they definitely could do 4 a month for PS4 but then all the crybabies will whine about only getting Indies. I wouldn’t mind getting 3 PS4 2 Vita and 1 PSVR game.

    • I don’t have a Ps3 so I would be fine with that, my only concern is that the Vita would follow suit and I am still an avid Vita gamer.

  • First off great month on PS4. Tales from the Borderlands and Abzu are great games. But why in the world is the EU and US lineup different. You know a lot of people would rather have Alienation over Abzu.

  • I want Alienation!!

  • This is one of the first months I am disappointed. I already own TFTB (best Telltale in my opinion) but the other titles don’t interest me in the slightest
    Guess I will just work on my backlog this month and hope for a better June.

  • Big fan of Type:Rider on PC, looking forward to replaying it!

  • Why give EU and NA different games? That hasn’t happened for a long time, nothing against Abzu as it’s a great game, but I think it’s a bad move on Playstations part to segregate NA and EU content like this. Bring Alienation and Abzu to both regions!

    • I agree, Alienation and Abzu for everyone.

    • I agree 100%! What is the reasoning behind this?

    • i’m hoping at least next month everyone get’s the same games except 1 game is Abzu for them and for us it’s Alienation that way were back on track. but if not then everything is out of control and Sony lost Balance of the free game giving.

  • the good news for me is I haven’t played any of these. But would have liked to see some Star wars love.

  • Can someone please explain why EU gets Alienation and the US gets Abzu? Don’t get me wrong ABZU is amazing as I bought it day one. Really wanted to try Alienation. I guess I will just buy then. Just wondering why the difference.

  • Wow, that’s underwhelming for me. Got this Borderlands in a PS Store sale for, what, three bucks, and ABZÜ at whatever sale price, though so far it’s a sped-up Journey tryhard. At least I haven’t Type:Rider yet. Not even sure what either PS3 game is, but “Laser Disco Defenders” is an intriguing title, if naught else.

  • Hello Playstation Blog Greatline up this month. But… Why did we get Abzu and EU got Alienation ? I thought you guys ( Sony ) said EU and NA are going to be getting the same PS+ Free Games from here on out and that was .. what .. 3 or 4 years ago ?

    I really want Alienation and don’t mind having Abzu but i don’t want to miss an opportunity of owning Alienation here in NA. this just throws everything off balance.

  • Not a good month for me, but hey, not every month is going to be tailor made for everyone.

    BTW, ABZU is one of the coolest games I’ve ever played. I will recommend it all day long.

  • Wish we got Alienation instead of Abzu

  • It’s my birth month, and I’m utterly disappointed… *sigh*

  • what happend with alination?

  • All the months seems the same for me. Yet another month where I won’t even care about downloading these games as none are of any interest to me.

    Too bad for me, I was dumb enough to buy a few years worth when there was a sale and before the “raise” in pricing. It’s even worst for people paying the newer price with the drop in quality of the games being release to PS Plus members.

    As for Indie games, any PS Plus members knows better than to actually pay for indie games because we all know they will end up free at some point because that is all Sony seem to care to include with PS Plus.

  • Not interested in anything this month, since I own Tales, but the fact Eu gets Alienation has me seriously disappointed. Iwould of been down for that.

  • This is a surprisingly good month. The first in a while. Abzu looks excellent and although i’m not a borderlands fan i’ve heard great things about this telltales game. Good work Sony!

    p.s please bring YAKUZA 3-5 to ps now! :D

  • Picked up Tales from Borderlands for $5 and in my opinion it is best game offered by telltale. Glad, they finally offered game that is enjoyable with good comedy and action. Hope u guys enjoy it as much as I am. Will give a shot to Abzu, even tho not into that kind of game. Overall Above mediocre lineup. Keep up good line ups.

  • Abzu is not my type of game. I didn’t play Journey for more than 10 minutes, guess I was a little stressed at the moment. I never gave a vote of trust with the Telltale games, but since I loved every Borderlands I will definitely play this one when I finish the other games that I’m playing now. I would prefer Alienation undoubtedly and that’s a bad move of giving us diferent games than EU. I hope that PS fix that next month giving Abzu to they and Alienation to us.

  • PS3 Plus games are getting a little rough around the entire game…

  • I’m sorry. For the price you pay for PS Plus, why do they not include better games, more variety.. I personal have not liked any of the games they provide for PS Plus.
    I know it’s about money. It’s about getting gamers to broaden their gaming horizons.. But why not put more popular games in the mix of provided games. Even go to indie games.
    I know I may be wrong here, but this is just my opinion & my opinion alone.

    • Would broaden horizons not imply to not give away popular titles?And to give people a chance to check out a non-standard title?

      You pay $.83 per game.

      While better is subjective, so might be variety, I would like to see a few more games in different genres, like racing, sports, RPG, etc that are under served.

  • Other month with Android games? Well, Borderlands and “Journey style” game not bad.

    Please more Triple A and less Android games please !!!!

  • Very much a revelation there are differences for NA and EU, it’s been a while. Hopefully, EU players get to play Abzu, and NA gets Alienation at some point moving forward.

  • Tales of the Borderlands: Very Happy to get this. Would have bought this when it was 3 dollars and under in the future. Already platted the PS3 Version.

    ABZU= 3 hours to complete, heard plenty of great things about it. In for a relaxing experience.

    Blood Knights= Gonna put into library but not playing ever…..

    Port Royale 3: Not my type of game, better games in the backlog.

    Laser Disc Defenders: Wanted this game, but knew I would not play much of it. Great to get it as a PS+ offering.

    Type Rider: Interested in trying it out, gave up on Letter Quest Remastered. Wonder how long this one will take for me to call quits.

    Decent month overall. 6 games I don’t own :)

  • my favorite post on the blog every month reading all the comments of kids and neckbeards crying that the lineup isn’t 60$ AAA games with metacritic ratings of 85% and above.

    I also enjoy reading the kids who post that they are going to cancel their PS Plus membership because they are so upset about the games that are offered every month, but sure enough they still have that Plus logo in their avatar when they come back to complain the next month.

    Keep on whining!!

    • For the people who want more “AAA” games, what kind do you want since there really are only 3 kinds of “AAA” games.

      AAA third person action shooter
      AAA first person shooter

      whoops I am wrong developers are only making two kinds of AAA games nowadays. Although by this time next year we can safely add “AAA Dark Souls Clone” to the mix.

    • What you should keep in mind is that a lot of people paid the full year in advance. So cancelling their subscription will not show up for months.

      As for your other question, I’d be up for any full-fledged games instead of tablets/indie games every month. On the PS3, we used to have much better offering. Still remember getting uncharted 3 which I enjoyed a lot. There was also a lot more great example.

      Since the PS4 arrived, their game offering has been 90% Indie/shovelware games that you can get for free on the internet or games no one has ever heard before. There are a few examples but they are very few within the year.

      Looking at past years, the quality of PS plus games have indeed drop a lot.

      I don’t expect to be given the latest AAA games. But there is room to improve a LOT from their current offering.Lost of great game (not indie games, full physical released ones) came out in 2014-2015 and we are yet to see any offered with this subscription.

    • your statements are flawed

  • GWG will give 2 Star Wars titles on may that are bakward compatibles with xbox one

    So i stay this month with xbox

  • I’m actually quite pleasantly surprised at the PS+ games for a change. Tales from the Borderlands was actually pretty good and Abzu has been on my radar for some time now, definitely looking forward to trying it.

  • Week Month

  • Tales from the Borderlands is great. It’s probably my favorite Telltale game. Really great humor. You don’t really need to be familiar with the Borderlands games to enjoy it.

    This and Abzu make this one of the best PS Plus lineups in a while….

  • I feel like PS Plus became unworthy since the release of the PS4, it used to be good then. I’m glad that with i didn’t renewed my membership this year.

  • Is it full series of Tales from the Borderlands ? season pass? or just episode 1?

  • Sweet! For the 6th month in a row I don’t regret letting my PS+ expire. Thanks Playstation!

  • Well hell.. Abuz is a 3 hr no replay vaule game and tales of borlands is not a game. I would have enjoyed only getting alienation so much more.. why is does EU get alienation but NA don’t?

  • Actually excited for May’s releases, I played the free episode of TFBL and loved it, also Abzu looks promising.

  • Already own the PS4 titles.

    Abzu is a great game. Everyone should give it a play.

  • Excited to play the games this month def a decent month imo

  • Damn, I must say this is the first month I have already bought most of the games and am a bit disappointed…

  • Alienation??

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