Brawlhalla Out This Summer, Sign Up for the Closed Beta

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Brawlhalla Out This Summer, Sign Up for the Closed Beta

Triple-jump around Valhalla in this platformer beat-em-up, out this summer on PS4.

Brawlhalla is coming to PlayStation, and we’re finally ready to ask the community to help us polish the final product. Sign up and reserve your spot in the closed beta starting soon. We are very excited!

If you aren’t familiar with Brawlhalla, imagine a classic platform fighting game – you pick a character, and then run, jump, dodge and hit until you knock your opponent off the stage. (Or you get knocked off yourself – it happens.) Next, imagine you can pick up weapons that completely change your playstyle mid-match. Now imagine this is happening in Valhalla, a golden hall filled with the greatest warriors from every time and place, where Odin has created the Grand Tournament in a vain attempt to keep these warriors from tearing the place apart.

Now imagine you have triple jump, you didn’t pay anything for the game, and you’re having tons of fun fighting with three friends on the couch, and four more online. Now imagine it all in glorious, hand-drawn 2D.



We built Brawlhalla from the ground up to play great online, to be very easy to pick up and play, and to be free-to-play — not pay-to-win. Then we put in playable vikings, ninjas, aliens, pirates, cowboys, werewolves, knights, androids, superheroes and much more. So we think you’ll really like it.

Casual Brawlhalla is fun, but competitive Brawlhalla is where things get really good. Be like me, and join the ranked queues and climb from Tin rank all the way up to high Silver. Maybe low Gold. Or be like everybody else at Blue Mammoth Games and reach Platinum or even Diamond rank.

Tournaments, both online or offline, are going on every weekend. The biggest tournament of the year is the Brawlhalla World Championship. For the second year in a row, the best Brawlhalla players will gather from all over the world in Atlanta to settle who is the best of the best. Of the best.

So please join us in the closed beta starting soon by signing up now. As a special thanks, at launch everyone who participated in the Brawlhalla beta will get an exclusive “I was in the beta” in-game avatar, and a free character unlock. And look for Brawlhalla’s full release this summer. We can’t wait!

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  • Played this at PSX, been eagerly anticipating this game as it would fill that fun noob friendly fighting game that is missing on PS4

  • I love watching this on Twitch. Very excited to play this on PS4!

  • Sony announce the free mobile games already :@

  • Omg can’t wait been wanting to play this… Since we can’t have smash

  • I just signed up cant wait to try it.

  • Sooo…PlayStation exclusive characters? Any chance we’ll see that, cause…I’m always down for another Smash-esque game, since sadly…I don’t think we’ll see another PSABR game.

    I played this a bit on Steam, and it was pretty fun. Beyond that, I would love to see crossplay with PS4/PC

  • I’m extremely excited for this title and have been eagerly awaiting it for a while. Can’t wait!

  • Thanks everybody! We had a great time showing the game at PSX. I can’t wait either. We definitely plan on doing some PlayStation exclusive stuff. I really doubt if we’ll do characters though – first, because we want tournament play to be consistent and second because we’d love to eventually get cross-play. -Matt

  • Looks like fun! I love local multiplayer, but am glad to see online support as well. Did I hear in the video you can play as 2 vs 2 team? What is the maximum match size?

  • I’m a big fighting fan & this looks great & total fun! I love the 2D artwork.
    And honestly these characters look so gosh darn cute!!!
    Just signed up for the BETA. Hope I get a code.

  • Paulogy, yes you can play 2v2 local or online, and up tp 8 player multiplayer in any mix of online or local (though I’m frankly not sure if it’s possible to get more than four controllers to connect to a single PS4)

    NoSleep, Thanks! We will start getting codes out before too long. If you signed up today, you should almost certainly get in.

  • Looks like great fun, and I’m not even that much in to Smash games but love the look of this one, great 2D art style and fun parodies of fictional characters in there!

    I’m always rying competitive and non-p2w games!! :)

    • This game is def not p2w so you will enjoy it. As long as you choose a character/weapon you like and put in the time to learn them properly, you can do really well with any of the weapons or characters.

  • This is going to be an exciting release :)

  • Well, if you can’t have smash on PS4 and there’s no PS All Stars sequel on the horizon, this will have to do. Smash Bros is my favorite game, I dream of the day a proper clone makes its way on to PS4.

  • I signed up :)

    Thank you Matt and Blue Mammoth Games for bringing this to PS4.

  • been looking forward to this for awhile

  • Hope Nintendo smashes you Sony lol, =D

  • Thanks again! You guys are right, we’re definitely in the same genre, and if you like Smash Bros, you’ll probably like Brawlhalla. But it’s a very different take on the platform fighter, so folks wanting a “PS4 Smash” could be disappointed :)

  • Welcome to Brawlhalla!!

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