Announcing Call of Duty: WWII

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Announcing Call of Duty: WWII

The first intel drop for Call of Duty: WWII reveals details about the campaign and more.

Today Activision and Sledgehammer Games provided the first glimpse of the title that’s taking Call of Duty back to its roots – Call of Duty: WWII. We’re talking boots-on-the-ground gameplay delivering a visceral and immersive gameplay experience unlike anything we’ve seen before.

In addition to watching the worldwide reveal stream today, we also met with Sledgehammer Games Co-Founders and Studio Heads, Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield for added insights on what’s to come in the new game. They explained to us that Call of Duty: WWII is a very personal journey for the team, as they have been hard at work on this project for the last two and a half years. “This is based on one of the most monumental moments in human history, and we get to honor and respect that global sacrifice, to honor the men and women who fought for freedom on all fronts, on a global scale,” said Condrey.

Schofield added that the team named the main character after his father, who passed away during production. “The story Call of Duty: WWII follows a global and diverse cast, but for me it honors my father Ronald “Red” Daniels and his squad, and not just what they went through from a global perspective, but what they went through personally. We like to tell a story within a story, and this is no different.”

Both Condrey and Schofield underscored the fact that Call of Duty: WWII is about a squad’s remarkable journey of personal growth and heroism across Europe in World War II, and is a story about common men and women doing uncommon things to preserve freedom.

Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWIICall of Duty: WWII

Welcome to the Fighting First

No mission too difficult. No sacrifice too great. Duty first!

Call of Duty: WWII focuses on the actions of a squad from 1944 to 1945, but will also touch on events from 1940 to 1944 to help set the stage for the narrative and establish the characters. It takes place in the European theater of conflict, at a time when the Allied forces were finally starting to gather strength on their march into Germany. You and your squad will fight your way through occupied France, Belgium, and across the Rhine into Germany.

The Front Lines and Beyond

Highlighting the diverse ensemble cast, players will also encounter the French resistance movement, featuring strong and vibrant characters who were fighting for their homeland even after all seemed lost. The game takes players from the beaches of Normandy to the liberation of Paris and beyond, across a variety of heart-racing engagements and epic battles.

To complement today’s gameplay reveal trailer and touch on more of the action that is coming in Call of Duty: WWII, here’s a few insights on two of the missions from the Campaign:

  • Hürtgen Forest: An old-growth forest on the German border where Allied forces engage in devastating encounters. In the heat of battle, the German Army uses tree burst bombs that detonate at treetop level, showering soldiers with wooden shrapnel. When your unit is zeroed-in-on by hostile artillery, the forest explodes around you as debris rains down.
  • Normandy: From inside a Higgins landing boat, your squad will storm Omaha Beach in a visceral audiovisual experience unlike any D-Day landing experienced in a game to date. You and your fellow soldiers must overcome the enemy defenses to serve as the tip of the spear for the Allied invasion.

Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII will be released on November 3, 2017. Pre-orders at participating retailers include access to the Private Beta, available first on PlayStation 4, scheduled for later this year.

For more intel about Call of Duty: WWII, visit and follow @CallofDuty and @SHGames on Twitter.

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  • Didn’t COD IW came put like yesterday?

  • This says “Pre-orders at participating retailers include access to the Private Beta, available first on PlayStation 4, scheduled for later this year.” This is not in the PlayStation store yet. Is there a date that it will be available for purchase?

  • great another america won the war on its own game yippeeeee

  • Remember What Erick Cartman said about Preorders.

  • delivering a visceral and immersive gameplay experience unlike anything we’ve seen before…… unless you seen any other recent war games that is.

  • well…. this looks… familiar. so i’m getting off a boat and being told to keep my head down? did i just hit the rewind button and wake up in 2003?

  • Oh hey! They remastered/remade Call of Duty World at War!

  • I am looking forward to reading reviews once it’s unreleased. It reminds me of Call of Duty 2. I hope that they can recapture the magic of earlier entries in the franchise. However, definitely no interest in pre-orders for this one. It seems as if it was rushed (2.5 years is not long for game development) after COD IW got riddled (somewhat unfairly) with bad reviews.

    I don’t agree with what they say about the game: “…[w]e get to honor and respect that global sacrifice, to honor the men and women who fought for freedom on all fronts, on a global scale,” said Condrey.” Making a commercial game published by Activision doesn’t qualify as honoring and respecting WWII. It’s hard for anyone to appreciate the sacrifice and brutality of WWII aside from the awful awful tragedy of the Holocaust. We Americans tend to overlook the firebombing of German population centers. We know of (but can’t fathom unless you’re Japanese) the horrible deaths and suffering caused by dropping 2 atomic bombs on civilian cities. WWII, like all major wars, was brutal on all sides. Some leaders (Hitler at the top of course) were far more brutal than others in waging war and caused great suffering for their own people and others.

    • Thanks for that very Millennial take on WW2 where we are relieved to know you correctly identified the Boss villain – Hitler. Good JOB! “Some leaders” put captured POWs on death marches, put millions of people into gas chambers, and started the attacks on other nations, but, thanks for that reminder that war is ugly and all sides fighting savagely for their lives did things you now find unpleasant.

      Also, I can fathom what an atomic bomb is like as well as the average Japanese can because there are only a few survivors left. Use your imagination.

      But keep Millenialling with your laughable input on world wars. Please, next tell us about how World War I was also pretty brutal. We are all dying to hear what you learned in HS.

    • Jimbobb, come on, you are not putting things in perspective here: there are still many japanese survivors from the bombs and, most importantly, families that had to build the country from almost the ground up. It is VERY DIFFERENT to watch a video of the blasts and having relatives who lost loved ones and still suffer today from the fallout and etc.

  • Nah they dont care about their fans. F anything activision touches.

  • As much as I criticize the Call of Duty series the Land Before Time sequels of FPS games, I’m glad to see it go back to the World War II setting. While it is disappointing that they have to make it politically correct, I kinda see why they have to do so.

  • It`s disappointing for me, as that will also mean a step back in gameplay mechanics and freedom of movement. I really enjoyed Black Ops 3, the first CoD I played since MW2, particularly because of the more versatile movement. It allowed for more variety and creativity – but there’s always Titanfall 2, so I’ll stick with that. It’s personal taste, but the way it is, is the way it is.
    Still, I’d rather deal with what’s in front of us, not go back in time.

    • not really. jump jets, slide tackle and wall running was really starting to tank the series. they had to lie and swindle with IW and bundle a remaster to get sales(which is what really sold). Taking it back to it’s roots would have been good enough, back to ww2 maybe a bit too far but still has potential.

  • Well this oughta just make the old WW2 CoD’s look just that much better. At least they’re honest about how buying a season pass won’t even get you all the DLC this time out. Heh.

  • I could go back to COD with this if you put a beta and I like it hopefully I can try it out without a preorder if that is the case I might pick it up as long as I can try it before I buy.

  • Really am I the only who noticed Josh Duhamel!!!!!
    I can’t be the only, not a single website mentions his name….all you have to do is watch the trailer.

    • You’re not the only one…I didn’t know his name but when I saw the guy on the thumbnail of the trailer I instantly thought it was Lennox from Transformers lol.If it ain’t him oughta be a clone of him the model they used.

  • This may be ma ticket to go back to CoD,couldn’t bear those crappy futuristic settings and since B.O 2 I have literally abandoned and not cared about CoD.They had to copy BF right?…(yeah I know BF is WW1 but still…) lol but going back to WW2 was definitely the right choice,I’m interested after 5 years.Just wish they wouldn’t lie with the graphics and show real-time stuff…the trailer had nothing but fake shots.

  • معين الفاخري _هذه اللعبة في غاية الروعة

  • معين الفاخري_هذه اللعبة في غاية الروعة

  • NotSoFriendlyKid

    I really do have high hopes for this one, not so much for the other Call of Duty’s. Look on the bright side, at least the company is getting our message on how the game has changed and crossed the line way to far on taking away the experience that we have been striving for in a Call of Duty game for the past few years. I really think Call of Duty is getting on track and waking up. I never judge a game on a trailer or what people say. Your eyes are deceiving, don’t trust them.

  • It looks like it could be one of the best FPS campaigns since Modern Warfare 2.

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