Infinite Minigolf Coming to PS4 and PS VR This Spring

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Infinite Minigolf Coming to PS4 and PS VR This Spring

Design your own courses and share them with the world.

If you were playing games on PS3 back in 2010, you might remember a game called Planet Minigolf from Zen Studios. We did a lot of really cool things with that game for that day and age — we allowed users to create content and then share with the community, and we were one of the first games to allow game footage to be uploaded directly to YouTube. It has been amazing to watch how PlayStation, developers, and publishers have driven the evolution of the industry!

Zen would like to send a big thank you to everyone who played Planet Minigolf. An even bigger thank you goes out to all the players who took time to send us feedback and ideas over the years, which has helped to make an even better Minigolf game, launching this spring on PS4 and in amazing virtual reality for PS VR.

Infinite Minigolf is a game designed in large part by the PlayStation community, full of your game-changing ideas, feedback, and suggestions — and designed to never end. How can a game never end? Well, for starters, we’re giving you easy-to-use tools that allow you to create and share unlimited courses.

We heard your feedback regarding the original course editor and have made significant upgrades. The toolset in Infinite Minigolf is easier to use, intuitive, and you have a lot more options. Stylized tiles and beautifully crafted objects that affect gameplay are all included here. Also: a way to find the best courses! Planet Minigolf players may remember the massive shared library, over 80,000(!) holes. The challenge was finding the best or newest or wackiest or… yeah, we get it. The hole browser feature will help you find what you’re looking for, no problem!

Next, take all these user-created courses and apply a fun local and online multiplayer system so you can all play together. Multiplayer is a huge focus in Infinite Minigolf, and we’re supporting eight-player matchups.

There are a bunch of other great new features, unlockables, power-ups, and Minigolf stuff to talk about, and we haven’t even gone in depth about VR, but sadly our time here is short. You will be able to find out more about these as we lead up to launch by checking out our blog or social media feeds.

At the end of the day, Zen has set out to provide you with unlimited fun with the craftsmanship and quality that you have all come to expect from our games. We hope you are excited for Infinite Minigolf, and will be able to share our release date and pricing info soon. Stay tuned to PS.Blog for more details.

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  • Yes, I remember Planet Minigolf!
    The VR feature is so exciting. Are you guys including support to PS Move? It seems to me the perfect controller for this game

  • Awesome I love everything by Zen Studios so this is a day one must buy! What’s the plan for multiplayer and leaderboards

    • There is local and online multiplayer. Up to 8-players can join an online multiplayer match!

      There are leaderboards for each course / hole in the game. You can see the top score (world record) as well as where you rank.

  • Sounds fantastic. Very much look forward to this in VR. Will the entire game be playable in VR?

    • Yes, the whole game is playable in VR! Even the course editor, which in my opinion is really cool in VR.

  • This looks amazing! Will VR play be in first or third person?

    • We are using a 3rd person camera positioned over/behind the character while aiming. Once you hit the ball, you can follow the ball with your head, or, if it gets too far away, you can use the re-position button, which gives you a new camera position near the ball by teleporting there.

  • Fantastic! I played the crap out of Planet Minigolf and this looks better on all aspects. With this in the spring and Everybody’s Golf in August life is wonderful.

  • What is the game going to cost? And there going to be a pre-order?

  • Please consider move support, if it gets added, It’ll be day 1 purchase.

  • How about an option to play our own personal music files in-game, but distorted to sound as if they are coming out of the old speakers that used to be prevalent at mini-golf courses?

  • So glad to see the news about VR, but I echo everyone else in that it need Move support. If I am playing this in VR, I want to be able to look down and see my club and swing my club. I hope that you can add that as a control scheme. It would make it a must buy day 1 purchase for this game.

    I need a good golf and tennis game in VR.

  • I bought the game on Steam and it looks like I’m going to double dip on this one.

  • Maybe a silly question for a golf game, but can you choose and individualize the character which you play? That would be awesome.
    Never played on PS3 but looks promising. Will check it out.

  • Now this looks like it could be a fun golf game as compared to the other wii title somebody is renaming and releasing for the PS4. If the pricing stays at $15 or below, I think this will do well.

    A little worried about the designing functions as transferring all that to a gamepad/controller usually doesn’t play out too well IMO.

  • how come you just charge same as steam you know you get $15 like you do steam

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