Weather Matters in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Out April 25 on PS4

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Weather Matters in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Out April 25 on PS4

Wind, rain, and light affect every shot in the sprawling open-world shooter.

When exploring the war-torn Georgian landscape of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, players will be exposed to a range of weather conditions that affect the gameplay in various ways. Pulling off a precise shot over a long distance will require paying close attention not only to the instrument readings, but also to your surroundings.

Before you can take the shot, you must make your way to a good vantage point undetected and weather conditions will factor into successful infiltration.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 follows a dynamic day and night cycle, so consider the optimal time to approach a mission and if need be, pass the time by sleeping in your safehouse. At night, you’ll be less visible to your enemies, but alternately need to look out for searchlights and various patrols using flashlights to search darkened areas.

Once on a mission, you’ll be fighting against your enemies, but also need to consider all the challenges of the environment. During rain your footsteps will be slightly obscured and enemy patrols will have a harder time finding you, but you’ll also have to compensate your aim to counter heavier bullet drop.

When you finally make your way to a sniping position and set your sights on an enemy combatant, consult the wind indicator before shooting. The wind strength will pick up at various times during the day, especially during harsh weather conditions. Any time you want to take a shot, adjust your scope to the target distance, check the wind influence for that setting, offset your target to counter the wind and only then, pull the trigger.

Good luck, sniper!

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