Music-themed Action RPG AereA Coming to PS4 June 30

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Music-themed Action RPG AereA Coming to PS4 June 30

Recover the primordial instruments to restore peace and balance to the world.

Hi there! I’m Marten, PR guy over at Soedesco. Today I’d like to tell you something about our new IP and game Aerea! Aerea is a music-themed action-RPG and today I’d like to announce that it will be releasing on PS4 June 30, both boxed and digitally!

First off, let me tell you a little more about the backstory of the game. In Aerea everything you see is music-themed. From the characters, to the weapons, to the enemies — music. You explore a music-filled world which got separated into three islands during what we call ‘The Great Separation’. These islands were held in balance by nine primordial instruments, which have been stolen. As a disciple of the Great Meastro Guido, who created the primordial instruments, you have to return them to restore the balance and peace to the world.


It’s been a very interesting experience working on Aerea, as we have a lot more say into both development and PR of the game. It gives us the freedom to do anything we’d like with the title. For this reason, I’d like to talk about one aspect of the game that I like very much: the boss battles.

A few weeks ago we showed Aerea to the public for the first time at EGX Rezzed in London. What we heard a lot of people say, was that the boss battle in the demo was “really immersive.” The reason for this is that the music was written and composed specifically for each boss by Deon van Heerden, who also made the soundtrack for BroForce. All bosses are based on specific musical instruments, so the music you’ll be hearing when fighting the boss will also have this instrument as its lead instrument. This changes the entire fight from a basic battle into a complete immersive musical composition, in which everything you see and hear is this specific instrument.

If you’d like to hear one of the songs from Aerea, watch the brand new gameplay trailer at the top of this post!

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  • Yuuuuup, I want it. Gonna get it. Looking at the video keeps making me think of Kingdom Hearts for some reason.

  • Wow, this looks pretty great. Any word on the price and if preorders are going live on the PS4 yet? If this includes couch co-op, it would be something I could convince the wife to play. Really looking forward to this one

    • Great that you’re excited for this one! Pricing is set at $39,99 for both the boxed and digital version. The digital version comes as a collector’s edition which includes the game’s OST :D.

  • It looks great and definitely a game I would buy. Are the classes all male or can we choose a female for gender as well?

    • I would also like to know if we can play as female characters. And if not, can they be added later as a patch or update?
      This looks like a fun game, but do my wife and daughter have to play as dudes? I love couch co-op, and gladly support any company that recognizes both genders. I assume this is a small indie company, but surely a female palette swap isn’t that difficult, right?
      p.s. – congrats on the cool game concept, very unique!

    • Curious about this too. Would definitely up the appeal!

    • The characters don’t have a predefined gender, but we do realize that they may look more masculine than feminine.

  • Looks great! Platinum trophy?

  • yeah, my spouse would be interested in playing couch co-op on this too…so long as it doesn’t split-screen when your characters get too far apart. that’s been a deal-breaker for many, many co-op games for us.

  • Looks good and sounds great! What price point will this be hitting? Any soundtrack link to post yet (bandcamp?)

    • Price is set at $39,99. The boxed ‘collector’s edition’ will include a copy of the soundtrack! :D

  • Fun looking game you’ve made here! I saw characters at level 41 and 53….Can you give us some idea about roughly how long a game this is? Any new game plus modes or things like that. Looking forward to it, and love the music theme.

    • Thanks! AereA offers a great deal of replayability, as certain aspects of the map are procedurally generated and each character has it’s own playstyle. Plus, there’s a lot of side quests to complete!

  • This looks like a lot of fun! Is that four player local co-op I see? If so, even better :-)

  • I like the concept a completely new concept for a RPG game. I don’t play this genre but I’m intrigued for this game and will buy it.

  • Looks interesting! Needs more lute/loot puns.

  • Huh, I’m glad I clicked on this. The name was close enough to Aaero, which just came out (that music based on-rails shooter), that it was getting pretty easy to ignore… but then I saw “RPG” and that got my attention. I think I’ve seen this and I completely forgot about it; I’m glad this jogged my memory. I wanted to put this back on my radar; it looks like a great co-op dungeon crawler. Love the visual style. Hope the game reviews pretty well – my backlog is massive but I could always use a solid hack and slasher :)

    • Thanks for putting it back on your radar! Great that you’re interested despite your massive backlog ;). Always room for some AereA!

  • Both my favorite Genre’s combined.

    Drakengard and Ogarhythm was the last one to incorporate these two.

    Looking forward to seeing more.

  • Tuba and or Bass classes?

  • This looks adorable and right up my street! Reminds me a bit of Tearaway Unfolded, which I enjoy playing. Will this be available worldwide on the PSN store from launch date? (I’m based in New Zealand).

  • It really reminds me of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, minus all the crap of carrying around the Chalice and dealing with Miasma. I think this might be our next Friday Games Night game.

  • Wow! Thank god for RSS feeds. This one almost snuck by me. My girlfriend and I play Diablo 3 a lot (rightfully so, it’s an awesome game). This game seems to have a lot of D3 in it’s DNA. Not a bad thing by any means, I feel like there is a serious lack of awesome single-screen action RPGs with local co-op. Plus a lot of cool fun and colorful art and I’m loving the concept of the musical tie-ins. Definitely going to pick this up.

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