Announcing the 2017 Road to Greatness Tour

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Announcing the 2017 Road to Greatness Tour

The Road to Greatness Tour kicks off this weekend! Enter for a chance to have it stop in your town.

Update: Thanks to everyone who entered this year’s My Road to Greatness contest! We had a great time reviewing entries – here are the winners. Congrats to John & Hans!

Buckle in, the Road to Greatness tour starts this weekend! The truck will be bringing the latest and greatest in PlayStation gaming to festivals and conventions across the United States. We’ve kicked the schedule into high gear and will be stopping at a new location each week until November. Keep an eye on the schedule and come visit.

Not only will there be AAA titles and unreleased games, this year’s tour is the only way to get #75 in the PlayStation Collectible Card Series that launched at PlayStation Experience 2015. This gold foil card will be particularly rare, so nab one while you still can.

Road to Greatness 2017Road to Greatness 2017

Don’t see your city on the list? Good news, My Road to Greatness is here to help. Don’t miss your chance to bring the tour to your hometown AND win a PlayStation prize pack worth over $1,000.

This is where rubber hits the road for true Uncharted and Gran Turismo fans. To enter this year’s contest, you’ll need to submit a video (under three minutes) answering the prompt for your franchise of choice:

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Logo GT Sport Logo
Re-enact your favorite scene from an Uncharted game What does Gran Turismo mean to you?

Winners of the My Road to Greatness contest will not only have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go hands-on with unreleased games and meet developers, they’ll also get an amazing Uncharted or GT Sport gaming event for their hometown!* To enter, head to and submit your video.

See you out there!

Contest valid from 4/19/2017 to 5/30/2017. US, DC 13+ONLY. Video submission via YouTube link only, and must not exceed 3 minutes in length. Void in HI, AK, Puerto Rico, and where prohibited. See official rules for details.
*Franchise will be determined by the winner’s entry prompt.

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3 Author Replies

  • You guys may want to rethink that stop over at the Gamestop Expo since they are going out of business.

    • @RawGutts

      Hate to disapoint the gamestop haterz but not all gamestops are closing. My local gamestop is still open. I think gamestop is just closing stores that have more then 1 location in areas.

    • it’s not going outta business. it has been called many things from Babbage’s, Electronic Boutique, EB, EB Games and even Gamestop. All owned by the same company. it’s staying kids or the ignorant that don’t understand business cry about it or not.

  • Great! I’ll see you in Bethlehem in August! #HeyPlayststion

  • For the Northern Invasion tour stop, will we have to have a ticket to get into the concert in order to visit the Playstation truck?

  • Announcing the 2017 ‘we forget there’s more to North America than just the US’ tour.

    • @Seluhir I have to side with you on that one. It seems to us that Sony doesn’t even realize or even care that they have fans outside of the US. I believe the Road to Greatness tour should be a worldwide thing and not just limited to the US. Oh well, just another sign of Sony’s carelessness.

    • @Rapturesassassin, and why wouldn’t Canadians (and Mexicans) get “salty” over this? at these tours new games and/or devices are shown off before demos his stores, but ONLY if your in the USA, no other region in NA is ever considered.

    • Not that “SONY” don’t care its nobody working for SONY elsewhere cares to make a Road to Greatness Tour….

    • @rapture fortunately I’m smart enough to not get salty over American companies forgetting the US isn’t the entirety of NA. There was a time when I got upset over it, now I simply accept it and comment on it from a factual standpoint.

      If I got salty over every time an American company got all egocentric and forgot about the rest of NA, there would be no joy in my life. Thankfully, for me, that’s not my fate. :)

      Unless… oh, you were talking about yourself. Sorry, I misunderstood and mistook it for an accusation. My apologies!

    • Hmmmm…. Where is it that they say, “North America”? I see “United States”, and this is the US blog, right?

    • “PlayStation gaming to festivals and conventions across the United States.” right in the post

  • No San Diego stop


  • This is something I would like to attend, and would love to get that card for my set, but there isn’t one anywhere near me unless I drive to Vegas.

  • .So do we have to do a reenactment or what gran T means to us? Or can we just do a video on y the playstation truck should come to us? Are those two a requirement to participate in this contest?

  • I’m at the silicon Valley one and they don’t have any cards or even know about them. Who do I talk to to get a single one? Drove an hour to grab one and there are no more in California

    • I went at about 5:30pm today (Saturday) and a rep told me they were getting them in later, but he didn’t know if the cards were arriving Saturday night or Sunday. When I left at about 6:30pm, they were handing them out, so I got one!

      If you want to give it another try, they should still have the cards.

  • So are the rquirements to b able to submit i would have to do a skit based on an uncharted scene or can i make a vid of my own idwa that doesnt have to do with uncharted

  • Lets hope, they didnt have any Friday when i went nor Saturday when my friend went.

  • Still no love for cleveland. Closets its coming is Cincinnati. Not making a video will hust hope they stop here sometime in the future…doubtful

  • Uncharted 4 is about to be lit

  • It would be awesome if they could visit traverse city Michigan during cherry fest

  • So if I want to go to the one in Miami I have to buy a ticket for the MLB All Star game Fan Fest and the truck will be inside there?

  • Me and my friends got home from PlayStation truck at SunFest FL and just noticed the cards we got were from LAST YEAR (#36) rather than #75 as advertised. WHY! We drove all the way there just to get the cards we already have!

  • This is a great contest idea but a bit murky all the same. I entered it about 5 days back but was never given a confirmation email that it was submitted or being reviewed. There seems to be very little info on this contest which is a shame. I put a good amount of time into it.

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