Farpoint Goes Gold, Watch the New Story Trailer

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Farpoint Goes Gold, Watch the New Story Trailer

The new trailer for Impulse Gear's headline PS VR title gives players a first glimpse at its single-player story.

This is a very exciting moment for everyone at Impulse Gear. Farpoint has gone gold and is on track for release on May 16, 2017!

In our past few PS.Blog posts we’ve talked about the PS VR Aim controller and how it brings a whole new level of control and immersion to Farpoint. We’ve also discussed the co-op mode and how you and a friend can play online together in VR. Now we want to take a moment to share a little about the single-player narrative experience that Farpoint offers.

When we started working on Farpoint we knew from the beginning that we wanted it to have a deep and meaningful narrative. We wanted to use VR to tell a unique, more personal story in a way that put the player right in the middle of it.

I don’t want to spoil too much as the best way to experience it is in VR, but our new trailer (seen at the top of this post) will provide a glimpse into the story.

Stay tuned for more info; we’ll have a lot more to share before release.

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  • I can’t wait for Farpoint, is there any plans for a Farpoint AIM controller bundled with a digital copy?

    • I don’t see how it wouldn’t. It’s the only game that will make use of the controller, at least at first.

    • Yes I agree, Sony please work with Amazon or Gamestop to get a $80 controller + digital code bundle. Without a bundle there’s no way to get them separately for less than $110

    • Yes, please make this a reality. I only buy games digitally these days and it sucks to have to pay so much extra and get less.

  • Looks like us PS VR owners are in for a real treat! I have this pre-ordered, and I’m looking forward to playing the final game! Congrats!! :-)

  • Wow, this looks great! Congrats on your upcoming launch :-)

  • So I have had psvr since mid March and this game interest me. I really would prefer digital. Any word if the gun accessory will be sold separately or if the old move gun accessory works w psvr?

  • Its listed $79.95 for both gun & game in U.S. I got my eyes on it.

    • Bundle was on sale on Amazon for $60 last week. Pre-Prime discount which brings it under $50

    • @Evilklown
      Nope. The prime discount doesn’t work like that. If a product is discounted by Amazon and also qualifies for a Prime discount then the end price will be whatever the lowest price is. So for example, if the bundle is 79.99 and is on sale for a discount at 60.00 then the Prime discount will then be ignored.

  • Almost 30 years ago, I was in front of my t.v. dropping ducks and getting teased by a dog. Hopefully this can recapture that magic. Glad to purchase day 1, if my small retailer can make it happen. Otherwise, see you launch week!

  • Was just going to get the standalone version but then with the Amazon Prime Saving Deals, I ended up pre-ordering the PS Aim bundle.

  • Very much looking forward to it. I know not to expect a 150 hours campaign, lol, but I hope there’s enough here to keep us coming back. I’ve been playing Mortal Blitz often to get ready for this ;)

  • Still looking good! Now it’s time to announce an Aim Controller and digital download game bundle so all of us residents of the future can busy ourselves pre-ordering your promising product.

  • Trailer definitely created some hype! I’m hoping for that next big thing for PSVR after RE7. This looks to be it!
    The demo I played at PAX East felt like a pretty old build. The tracking was doing some odd stuff.

  • Wow! Lot’s of other are like me and want a digital copy. I’d prefer pre-loading the game onto my system so it’s ready when I come home with the Aim controller. If the Aim controller won’t be sold separately, then I guess it’s the Amazon pre-order I go.

  • Now it is really time for Sony and the developpers to clarify if the sharpshooter (+ ps move + ps navigation controller) will be compatible with Farpoint !! (And if not, why ?)

  • NO the Sharpshooter perpetual will NOT be compatible with FARPOINT. Main reason is that it was not developed for it or with it in mind. The focus was on the DS4 and the AIM controller, which was custom made the way these devs wanted it to be. Also there are more components in the AIM Controller then there are in the sharpshooter. The SHARPSHOOTER basically is a rifle shell that incorporated a move and a navi (analog) to work, with the AIM controller everything is built in and like has been said it has more to it than a move and a navi. I believe it has two navi’s or analogs built in and the move components as well as a few other lil tech upgrades since the SHARPSHOOTER was released.
    I mean I would personally love to have the sharpshooter work or be supported at least in the future as well because I bought one too ;) and it just wasn’t supported enough.. I also have one of the pistol shells and pretty much have been an early adopter of everything PlayStation has put out .. SO yeah I feel you… But even the devs had said NO SHARPSHOOTER support at least not yet.
    OT I can’t wait for this my AIM bundle.

  • https://www.playstation.com/en-us/explore/playstation-vr/trial/

    Checkout site for Farpoint Demos available in your area.

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