8-Bits & Tricks for The Disney Afternoon Collection

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8-Bits & Tricks for The Disney Afternoon Collection

Did you know DuckTales has an ending for finishing with $0?

Out today on PS4, The Disney Afternoon Collection is here to celebrate everything that made being a 90s kid great! This throwback pack of six classic 8-bit Capcom-developed games based on characters from Disney TV shows includes DuckTales, DuckTales 2, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 2, Darkwing Duck, and TaleSpin. These six games, plus new ways to play and more are available at PlayStation Store beginning today for only $19.99.

The late 80s and early 90s were a different time for gaming. When games were released in the 8-bit era they were known to have a challenging edge, and we didn’t have the internet yet for when we needed tips to make it to the next level. To celebrate the launch of the collection today, we’ve compiled a list of eight bits you wished you knew when you were a kid. Thanks, internet.

DuckTales – Free Pass

In the Amazon level of the first DuckTales, there is a point where you need to rack up $300,000 throughout the level to proceed to the boss. However, there is a way around this. If you move backwards and lure one of the enemies into the statue room, you can time a careful cane pogo jump to bypass this. This will allow you to progress AND keep all money you’ve earned in the stage up to this point!

The Disney Afternoon Collection

DuckTales – Scrooge in the Sky with Diamonds

The Capcom-developed Disney games often had hidden areas scattered throughout their levels, and DuckTales was no exception. One well-kept secret was the hidden treasure trove in the sky. Throughout your journey you will notice that Launchpad McQuack will offer you rides back to Duckburg. He normally will just bring you back to the level select screen, however, if you hitch a ride back with exactly $70,000 in your pocket, he will drop you off in the sky where Gyro Gearloose will drop precious diamonds that are free for the taking.

The Disney Afternoon Collection

3. DuckTales – Penniless in Duckburg

Much to the surprise of many gamers who played these games back during their original release, there were actually three different endings in DuckTales. There was the regular ending that most players got by completing all stages and defeating the final boss. Another would unlock if you amassed a fortune of over $10,000,000 in treasure. The most difficult ending you can get though is one that requires you to lose all of your money.

This ending is challenging to get because you need to make it to the final level with exactly $6,000,000 in your account. Once in the final stage, refill your health bar twice by hitting select after taking damage and your balance will be $0. Beat the final boss and you’ll get this ending.

4. DuckTales – Moonbreaker

For my last DuckTales tip, let’s take a trip to the beloved Moon level of the game. There is a section in this level blocked by an obstacle that only Gizmo Duck can break through after you find his remote. There is a way to get past this without finding his remote, however. If you lure a space duck enemy to you when approaching the pillar, and turn to face it just as it hits you, Scrooge will be pushed through the pillar, allowing you to proceed without finding the remote. This trick will be useful for players who want to perfect their speed running skills in the new Time Attack mode.

5. Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers – Basketball Rangers

One of the best parts of the Rescue Rangers games is that you can play two-player couch co-op with a sibling or friend. Hidden within Rescue Rangers 2 are mini-games that are accessible only when both Chip and Dale players are present. In the sewers of stage 2 there is an area that you can only access by running and throwing either Chip or Dale. Once you’re in this area, you and your partner can step on two switches to open up an entrance to a secret Basketball mini-game.

The Disney Afternoon Collection

6. Darkwing Duck – Mission Interrupted

As with the other games in this collection, there are several hidden areas throughout Darkwing Duck that you can access to get a higher score and power up boost! To find these areas, shoot where the entrances are hidden and get ready to grab as many treasures and items as you can in a short amount of time.

The Disney Afternoon Collection

7. TaleSpin – Get Ready to Kick Some Cloud

In TaleSpin, you play as Baloo the bear flying the famous Sea Duck plane. If you find the secret entrances to special stages though, you’ll get to take a break from flying to surf through the clouds as Kit Cloudkicker. You’ll get a limited amount of time to burst all the balloons and collect as much fruit as possible. The first stage’s secret entrance can be found by shooting at a block of cargo boxes near where you first encounter Don Karnage. Keep searching throughout the rest of the game to look for more secret entrances and get your fill of fruit!

The Disney Afternoon Collection

8. DuckTales and DuckTales 2 – Illusion Walls

Some of the DuckTale games’ hidden rooms contain bonus diamonds, but there are also some that contain permanent health increases for Scrooge. One room in particular is pretty easy to find due to an often referenced quote about an ‘illusion wall’ in the Transylvania stage in the first DuckTales. While you’re bouncing around, try moving through walls and you just might find some extra HP that will help you in your fight against the end of level boss.

The Disney Afternoon Collection

These are just a few of the tips and tricks that gamers who experienced these titles growing up might have not known about. Relive your childhood and keep exploring these classics in The Disney Afternoon Collection and you just might find something you never knew about before!

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  • I know Capcom would rather have someone bust their legs than release a game on Vita, so I’m not surprised there, but I figured Capcom+Disney would’ve been catnip for Nintendo Switch users who want to pretend it’s Saturday morning in 1987.

  • Kudos to Capcom & Disney for making this happen.

  • Guess what?

    I enjoy playing Aladdin on SNES more than the one on Genesis.

  • Disney is missing such huge opportunities by not getting bigger in to modern gaming.

  • Why not on Vita ??? I dont get it..

    • Much as I would also like to see it on Vita, by now you should know that the Vita is pretty much dead and there’s no need to bring this up every time. Sad but true.

  • Despite owning all the consoles, I’m quite confused as to why this collection isn’t coming out to 3DS or Switch. Chip n Dale was one of favorite NES games.So I’m hoping an announcement comes soon for Switch. It’s just seem like so much more sense on there.

  • Btw this should be on Vita or perhaps a new unannounced Sony portable device…….hint hint

  • Your losing money on this game because u didn’t put a platinum in the trophies. Missed opportunity. I will maybe pick this up when it goes on sale. Thanks for the tips on the game.

    • The people who are the MOST interested in this particular collection of games are interested in the games themselves, and are less worried about how great some virtual trophies look on their account. There are also a bunch of trophy-oriented players who often look for “easy” or old games for the sole purpose of getting easy platinum trophies, and thing games like these are an easy target for that sort of thing. They might be in for a surprise, though, and might actually enjoy these games! I bought this to replay Duck Tales 1, Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers 1, and Darkwing Duck, but way back when these games came out, I never had the opportunity to play the sequels to DT, CaDRR, nor play Talespin. For me, it’s a chance to make up for that, and share with my younger brother, what fun these games were for me. If Capcom and Disney are “listing money” over this NOT having platinum trophies, then I think they were okay with that from the start, because the target demographic was for players with tastes and reasoning similar to mine, who loves the games themselves – not ridiculous trophy hunting business, which is just an “epeen” stroker’s endeavor.

    • Edit: “listing money” was supposed to be “losing money”, and “thing” was supposed to be “think”. Gotta love dumb auto-correcting so-called “smart phones”.

    • Some people just want trophies; others will enjoy a game regardless of a 100% or a Platinum. However, not having one is a sign of lazy implementation. Trophies can bring additional challenges or strategies to any game. I’ve played plenty of games past the point of the Platinum (Ratchet series, Rocket League, Destiny) and have bailed on countless bad games, whether they have easy trophies or not. It is all subjective when it comes to value for ones’ time, but excluding a Platinum on a $20 game is just stupid, especially when it is a collection of multiple classic games.

  • I don’t know about anyone else, but I have no interest in this. Further, I didn’t buy a PS4 so that I can play games made for 8-Bit Nintendo. I have a PC and an emulator for that. Now if they remastered these games like they did Duck Tales and Castle of Illusion for PS3, I would be jumping all over this.

    • They added some functions that CAN directly affect how you play any of the games in this collection, IF you choose to use them. I understand what you’re saying, but not everyone has a computer, and more parents would rather let their kids play these games on a console. It’s just easier to replace one than a modern PC these days.
      Not everyone really needs a logical reason for getting any game in particular, but I want to support Capcom and even Disney for working on projects like these, so I’ll gladly drop $20 or whatever on these six games, three of which, I never got to play, and used to be super hard for me to find before ebay ever existed and probably would’ve cost me much more. I’m not knocking emulation as an option, though. -But I appreciate this kind of work because this collection feels like it was made just for me, on a personal level. I spend $20+ on food every night at work for me and one other person, so this is less than the price of one meal outing for me.^^;
      TLDR: I have had more reasons to gladly buy this than there are reasons why some people will say they have to NOT buy it, and I could still go on. I only stopped listing my reasons, because I hate typing on this phone. Lol

  • I would buy this collection… if it was on PS Vita.

    For PS4? I’ll pass.

  • Bring it to Switch & release a Physical Copy.

  • Please, please bring Goof Troop in another collection? (And Aladdin!)

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