Protect a Planet of Classic Videogame Characters in Rise & Shine

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Protect a Planet of Classic Videogame Characters in Rise & Shine

This gorgeous run-and-gun shooter is filled to the brim with game references, and it hits PS4 on April 18.

Man, I’ve been looking forward to this one: our award-winning creation Rise & Shine is coming to PS4 tomorrow courtesy of Adult Swim Games and (takes a deep breath) Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team!

It’s been a journey to get here, I can tell you that! We always take pride in giving our all to everything we do, and this was no exception. Rise & Shine is a labor of love, and we’re super happy knowing that all PS4 gamers can enjoy it.

I’m sure I could name a game you enjoyed that someone from our team of four worked on. We are seasoned devs who’ve worked on past hits like Plants vs. Zombies and Worms, and we put all that experience to good use in Rise & Shine.

In this game you control a kid named Rise who’s accidentally given Shine, a legendary, super-powerful gun, right in the middle of the bloodiest war his planet has ever seen. That planet is Gamearth: the once peaceful home to all classic videogame characters.

So you’ll need to be really brave and learn to use Shine’s different bullets and add-ons to advance through all the challenges waiting for you. And make no mistake: you’re going to die a lot! Gamearth is a ruthless world where those respawning powers of yours will come in handy.

Rise & Shine is a kind of 2D, side-scrolling run’n’gun. But not an ordinary one! You sure run and gun a lot, but we always like to add hot new sauce into our games, so you’ll find fun mechanics you haven’t seen before. Is a cover system a thing in side scrollers? Or RC Bullets? Not really, right? Well, they definitely add something extra — you’ll see.

We also took a lot of time making sure all the backgrounds in the game are real, hand-drawn masterworks, full of life and little details waiting to be discovered by anyone with a keen eye for Easter eggs and retro gaming references.

And of course, the intense soundtrack adds even more epicness to blasting Space Grunts to pieces and destroying their armada.

We made Rise & Shine as an honest love letter to the history of videogames; nothing more, nothing less. We had a blast during the three years of development and savored every little detail of this project as we made it. We really hope you enjoy the ride with us!

-Your Friends at Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team

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  • Really great looking game and I’m going to be picking it up tomorrow for sure! If I’m not mistaken it’s been on Xbox One right? Also did you guys make any merchandise or promo items that might be available? Good luck on the PS4 launch!

    • @he115eeker4341

      Hi and thanks for picking this up tomorrow! That makes us really happy indeed.

      Unfortunately, we did not make any promo items or merchandise of the game ourselves, although I hear Adult Swim Games has some nice Rise & Shine ponchos they give away at conventions and such :) Hope you can grab one of those at some point!

      And yes, the game it’s been available on other platforms, but being a tiny team we can only handle one version of the project at a time, so now it’s all about PS4!

      Hope you enjoy our game!

  • The arts style looks fantastic. Definitely putting on my list.

  • I LOVE this art style. Just saw the trailer on the steam site. DAY ONE BUY!!!

    • Thanks a lot for the kind comments on the art side. I assure you we put a lot of effort on every little detail of the game so it looks and plays and it does. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Hey! Aren’t you the ones who developed Pro Zombie Soccer? I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVED THAT GAME ON MY IPAD!!!! If so, you have a fan here and I’ll be sure to buy Rise & Shine as well!

    I wish you the greatest success on this new game!!! :D

    • WOAH! Do you remenber Pro Zombie Soccer? Awesome! That was our very first game ever and the one that allowed us to dedicate full time to what we love the most: Making videogames for you guys to enjoy :)

      Thanks a lot!

    • Your company name is unforgettable, as was my joy playing Pro Zombie Soccer. I hope your PS4 launch is successful and you continue to reap the rewards of your hard work! My best wishes to you!!!!

  • i KNEW i wasn’t crazy! i played Pro Zombie Soccer so much on my ipad and the second i saw the trailer for Rise & Shine i INSTANTLY thought of that game! Now i come to find out you guys are one and the same lol if i wasn’t already on board this has officially sealed the deal – day one. Good Luck with the PS4 launch and to anyone reading this, GO PLAY PRO ZOMBIE SOCCER ON iOS! :)

    • Hahaha…Seems like Pro Zombie Soccer was a cult hit! Glad you enjoyed it on iOS. We have fond memories of that one being our first project as an independent dev team.
      Hope you like Rise & Shine and thanks a lot for the comment!

  • This looks awesome! It’d be a must-buy for me on a handheld like Vita or Switch. My PS4 has too much going on with it right now :(

  • Thanks, for not leaving PSN members out. Remember this one hitting XBone at the same time Supermagical hit the Vita.

  • I haven’t purchased a downloadable psn game in forever…I stick mostly to xbox, but this one will be purchased. The art style is incredible and I am looking forward to the experience!

  • This game’s art style is amazing!
    It will go in to my buy list :)

  • So many games, so little time. My backlog is so big I got a backlog of games to add to my backlog.

  • Thanks for the good word, guys! We hope you have fun with this one!

  • Thanks for porting this over to the PS4. I’ve been quietly stalking you guys over at the Spine forum, and was really hoping to be able to play / support your work. Had a lot of fun last night, the first boss took me a couple of hours to knock down!

  • is it going to be in gamestores?

  • Me gusta mucho como luce el juego espero sea muy entretenido!!!

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