First Look: Star Wars Battlefront II

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First Look: Star Wars Battlefront II

First details on the eagerly awaited follow-up to Star Wars Battlefront.

At Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, representatives from EA DICE, EA Motive Studios, and LucasFilm revealed new footage and tantalizing early details for Star Wars Battlefront II, slated for November 17 on PS4.

The material we saw and heard suggests a shooter that’s far bigger, deeper, and more ambitious than its predecessor. And the introduction of a single-player campaign that looks to be making some bold storytelling choices.

Notably, Battlefront II’s narrative is focused on the perspective of the Empire. Players will step into the blaster-scarred boots of Iden Versio, an elite Imperial special forces commander. She embarks on a quest of vengeance following the destruction of the second Death Star, witnessed at the end of Return of the Jedi.

“The explosion of the second Death Star was seen as a victory [in the film],” Game Director Mark Thompson mused in a small media briefing earlier today. “We wondered, how could we turn that victory into a moment of defeat? How could somebody see that and think, ‘I want to avenge my Emperor?’”

Battlefront II’s multiplayer is making some big moves too, and will expand to cover all eras of Star Wars film history, including the Clone Wars, Original Trilogy, and the new films. That means you’ll have access to a plethora of new troops, vehicles, gear, and playable hero characters – all recreated with extreme attention to detail.

The playable hero characters – a Battlefront hallmark – will also see significant enhancements. Thanks to the broader scope, new additions such as Darth Maul, Yoda, Kylo Ren, and Rey will join the multiplayer ranks. And the heroes will feature more gameplay depth. “They’re more physical, they have more presence in the game,” EA Dice Creative Director Bernd Diemermentioned.

Berndt also confirmed hero “careers” that enable players to unlock new abilities and personalization options. Initiating a hero sequence also works differently: instead of collecting a power-up, players can earn a resource and choose when to spend it. Diemer also hinted that heroes would be a more frequent sight on the battlefield.

But heroes are hardly getting all the attention on the MP front. Players can now choose between different trooper classes, each suited to the planet or time period you’re fighting in. The balance between trooper and hero combat will see some adjustments, which could see a skillfully played medium-tier trooper stand a (slim) chance against a rampaging Darth Maul or Luke Skywalker. That would be a subtle shift from the previous game, where heroes were nigh-unstoppable terrors.

Even the campaign mode is getting into the hero game. Though you’ll mostly play as Iden, you’ll occasionally encounter scenes in which you play as a hero character – including one sequence as Luke Skywalker, Thompson confirmed.

Other mysteries abound. In a privately screened behind-the-scenes video, we got a glimpse of mysterious red-clad character who looks (and sounds) an awful lot like the Emperor. Who… should be dead following the events of Jedi. Right? Is it a clone? Some sort of digital copy? We just don’t know.

I’m particularly curious to see how much Battlefront II explores the untold story between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Will we gain any clues or insights into Luke’s motivations leading into The Last Jedi? Only time will tell.

Based on the evidence, Battlefront II looks to be shaping up nicely. The partnership between three great studios – EA DICE, EA Motive Studios, and Criterion – looks to be a fruitful one. We’ll find out for sure when the game launches on PS4 November 17.

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  • Best in his best spongebob voice

    I Dont Need It, I Dont Need it, I Dont Need It


  • The red-robed figure is almost certainly a Sentinel. They are droids that deliver messages from the Emperor after his death, as seen in the Shattered Empire comic. There’s a quick glimpse of one in regular droid.

  • The trailer looks awesome, but I’m interested to see some actual gameplay footages. I hope Sony releases a PS4 SW Battlefront II bundle edition like they did with the first Battlefront.

  • Oh man, I can’t WAIT!

    A campaign was at the top of my wish list. :D

  • I want the option to play the single player campaign in VR!

  • I’m ready for them to say THIS IS A SUPPLY DROP

  • I am cautiously optimistic after this news… i hope they also unlock the ability to play on all multiplayer maps offline against bots. I bought the season pass for the first game and there are still maps I’ve never played on because I’m mostly casual when it comes to shooters… not their fault, but i hope i can explore everything the game has to offer without having to constantly be competitive this time!

    • According to my YouTube research offline content will include the single-player campaign and skirmish modes in all eras. I hope that offline content will be balanced with online content too. Not everyone does online gaming, I must admit.

  • There was a time that heroes were fairly tough but they did get nerfed with time. If anything, heroes could wreck an unfocused team but easily thwarted. I’m curious to see how they will balance the Jedi/Sith vs. other heroes, as well as how beefy heroes will be compared to regular troops.

    Overall I enjoyed DICE’s work on Battlefront but I’m glad to hear that EA is giving them a lot more support and resources this time around.

  • What the article misses to say is that 80% of the characters will be sold separately, many scenes will be available only in the season pass and that the game play will be boring after 15 mins.

    This time I will not run for the day one, I’ll wait 1/2 months to see gamers’ feedbacks and to witness the price drop like for sw bf 1…

    I would not keep my breath on this title if I were you…

  • Jango Fett. Jango Fett Jango Fett Jango Fett. I was so disappointed we only got a single blaster-wielding Jango in the old battlefront, and would instantly purchase Battlefront II with his Custom dual Westar 34 blasters.

  • Yeah, but Jango died like a punk and Boba Fett surpassed him in skill and success *pushesupnerdglasses*

  • does anyone know if it’s going to have VR?

  • The BIG question that no one is asking is, WILL IT BE IN VR?

  • the people want single player experience and EA is not delivering remember me of street fighter 5 no arcade game mode no wonder the sales are lower than excepted

  • Can’t wait for this game

  • Lol who would search for vengeance for the sake of the emperor?…moreover the dumb troopers who are brainwashed slaves?…at least we will be playing a bit as Luke hu so guess that ain’t 100% bad.

    And damn ma fears became true,looks like the online gameplay system was changed…already see heroes got ruined.Devs nowadays love to make changes to what is already good in other words unnecessary changes.Just because there was a lot of hate towards the 1st game doesn’t mean it wasn’t succesful…to be honest the only ones who hated Battlefront is the ones who didn’t played enough.

    At least some good news,glad to see Criterium is working on the game.

    PS:It’s too soon for another Battlefront,yeah I know EA love to milk their franchises but still…should’ve waited at least 1 more year.

  • I freakin love the 1st game…it’s the best online MP on PS4 but I’m not very optimistic for this one and that says something cuz I was dying to have Prequels in the game.

  • So. Cool exited

  • Wow… this game looks great! I dont need it… I deffinetly dont need it…

    DAMN IT! I NEEEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • When EA announces no season pass but that they will be doing “something else” it is clear to me that this something else will be aimed at extracting roughly the same amount of additional cash from players over time. I think we can already begin to formulate some educated guesses about where they’ll be doing this.

    I really hope they don’t screw up this release even though I do agree that dumping the season pass for a multiplayer game is a good idea.

  • I hope they make it more like the original battlefronts and abandon that coin system pickup bs they had in part one. I feel like that really broke the game for me. Great game tho. This new one has to be awesome!

  • Finally, a campaign!!! Truthfully , I was disappointed that the first one didn’t have one…I like the angle they are going with the story line too, lets see if it keeps up with the timelines.

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