Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Launching August 22, New Footage Released

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Launching August 22, New Footage Released

Join Chloe Frazer in a dangerous new chapter of the Uncharted story with this upcoming adventure.

Since revealing Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at PSX, we’ve been hard at work building a story and an experience that joins a new protagonist, fan favorite Chloe Frazer, with all of the hallmarks of an Uncharted adventure. Today, we’re excited to share new footage and additional details about the game — beginning with our release date. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will launch on August 22, 2017 in North America for $39.99 USD ($49.99 CAD).

In December we said that we’re approaching this project as a true Uncharted game — complete with its own deep narrative with complex character development, all-new destinations, refined gameplay, and blockbuster cinematic moments. We’re especially excited to have Chloe as our new protagonist and explore more of her story as she and Nadine venture across India in search of the fabled Tusk of Ganesh. To that end, we wanted to share a new scene from early on in the game as Chloe and Nadine try to unravel the clues leading to the Tusk’s location. Watch it at the top of this post.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost LegacyUncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy | PlayStation.com

Finally, you may have heard that our friends at PlayStation are bringing all four of the original Jak and Daxter PS2 classics to the PS4 via PS Store later this year. As beloved games in Naughty Dog’s history, we couldn’t imagine a better pairing for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Anyone that pre-orders The Lost Legacy at participating retailers will receive a free digital copy of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy for PS4 when it launches on August 22. For those who pre-order from PS Store, you’ll also get an Uncharted: The Lost Legacy PS4 theme designed by Truant Pixel.

Jak & Daxter: The Precursor LegacyJak X Combat Racing

If you picked up the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Digital Deluxe Edition, Explorer’s Pack, or the Triple Pack, you’ll get Uncharted: The Lost Legacy as a digital download at launch. Owners of these products are not eligible for any pre-order bonuses.

We look forward to sharing more details about Uncharted: The Lost Legacy soon.

Shaun Escayg, Creative Director & Kurt Margenau, Game Director

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  • I did the Uncharted 4 Digital Deluxe Edition, so I’m getting the Lost Legacy free upon release. Does this include the Jak and Daxter offer, too?

    • @halo101 Just as the article states: “If you picked up the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Digital Deluxe Edition, Explorer’s Pack, or the Triple Pack, you’ll get Uncharted: The Lost Legacy as a digital download at launch. Owners of these products are not eligible for any pre-order bonuses.”

    • That’s correct. Anyone that owns the Uncharted 4 Digital Deluxe, Explorer’s Pack, or Triple Pack will receive Uncharted: The Lost Legacy for free.

    • You say it’s “free” as if it wasn’t listed as part of the Triple Pack to begin with. We should get J&D for that too! It will have been over a year by the time TLL drops. This isn’t balanced at all.

    • Doesn’t anyone read the article? lol

  • Really glad I got the Dleuxe edition of U4 now, but I would have gotten this regardless. Keep up the awesome work, Naughty Dog!

  • So I supported this by buying the triple pack before I even knew what the content was and I’m not getting Jak and Daxter?

    • For anyone complaining about not getting the Jak and Daxter game if you already about the Tirple Pack/Deluxe Edition/Season Pass (whatever you wanna call it) at least there is a $40 stand-alone DLC you are getting for $20-$30. Use the ten dollars you saved and get Jak and Daxter if that is what you want to do. I think it’s a great deal.

    • You think it’s a great deal because you’re an apologist for Naughty Dog. By the time TLL comes out we will have been waiting a year and a half to play it. We get nothing for the wait. It’s not “free” or “discounted”. We paid what we paid because that is what Sony was selling it for. They changed the price, a year later, not our problem. What IS our problem is having to wait a year and a half for something we bought and paid for, only to find out we are missing out on one of ND’s best games, which includes another 11-16 hours of gaming. It’s a messed up deal.

    • Because J&D isn’t part of the content.

  • *triple & *bought (I can’t freaking type today!)

  • Physical release? yes plz?

  • I’m not 100% sure, but I seem to remember buying the equivalent of a season pass at the launch of Uncharted 4 which was then later replaced with a different season pass variation which was confusing enough but now neither are listed in the store. How can I verify if I’m getting this for free as part of that package? Because if I’m not getting it already, I definitely want to pre-order but obviously don’t want to pay for something I’m already entitled to.

    • Do you remember the pass being called The Triple Pack and for $25? If so then yea your get Lost Legacy for free just not with Jax and Daxter.

    • I’m in the same boat. It was so long ago I don’t remember what I bought.

    • No, it was whatever pre-dated the Triple Pack and even then, I’m not 100% sure I bought it but as it’s no longer available in the store, there is no way to verify what it was or if I’m covered.

    • Apologies for any confusion! If you visit store.playstation.com and find Uncharted 4 in your purchase history, you can see all of the digital content you have associated with your account. If you see Digital Deluxe Edition, Explorer’s Pack, or Triple Pack you’ll get The Lost Legacy at launch.

    • If you have triple or explorer’s pack purchased – it will be under your transactions in the account management. Must been purchased between September 2015 and December 2016. Try looking for either Explorer Pack or Triple Pack in the transactions details (either was $24.99) or Uncharted Digital Deluxe Edition ($79.99). It shouldn’t take long. It might be a little bit more difficult if you had discounts applied to it or multiple items under one order – then you will have to do some math. Good luck.

      Oh you can also search you email for confirmation of purchase from PSN Store. That might be way easier but not everyone saves their emails. I just searched my email and it took seconds. just type Uncharted.

      Now if you bought the special (physical) editions of the game with tin case and etc, then you wont get The Lost Legacy. Sorry

    • OK, I do see the Triple Pack listed with a start date of 4/29/2016 though I’m pretty sure it had a different name when I bought it. Though this does raise one question. Why isn’t the pre-order listed in the store set to “purchased” if I’ve essentially already bought it? This is bound to lead to confusion.

  • Did I see “Anyone that pre-orders The Lost Legacy at participating retailers will receive a free digital copy of Jak and Daxter”.

    So it will have a physical release!!! Cause I still refuse to pay full price for digital out side of a few exceptions. But physical is a day 1 for me.

  • Wish we can at least get the theme for buying the Digital Deluxe Edition.

  • I’ll own this game twice once because its free with my triple-pack DLC then again i want the physical edition so i’ll pre-order it and get the Jax and Daxter game free

  • Just did a quick check, and YES I GOT THE EXPLORERS PACK!!!

  • Will Digital Deluxe Edition owners be able to preload?

  • Hey, Sony! Would it be possible to purchase a theme (by Truant Pixel) separatly? Uncharted themes are the best ones, so i would love to have Lost Legacy theme as well but i own Digital Deluxe Edition and don’t want to “buy” game second time =/

  • Only by ND! This looks phenomenal! So excited for this release? Will there be a Platinum trophy? Such high quality!

  • So what about the Gamers that spent the extra money on the Collectors Edition??? We just get left out???? Thats pretty Naughty… Naughty Dog!

  • For once the people that bought the more expensive version at launch might actually get the better value with this stand-alone release being included while everyone else will need to spend $40 more.

  • Cool. Though don’t care about Jak 1 PS2 to PS4 Emu. I’d rather have the PS3 version ported to PS4. Feels like a step backwards, not a step forwards to play the original rom all these years later after an HD Remaster.

    Super happy we’re getting a physical copy of Uncharted The Lost Legacy. Any chance of special edition steel case being sold separately or in a special edition? All my copies so far except the first two are steel cases, I’d hate to disrupt that trend.

  • too expensive, no thanks ND.

  • So, people that were loyal and preordered U4 with The Lost Legacy before The Lost Legacy was even a thing and only an “unannounced expansion” get shafted on Jak & Daxter? That’s some BS. By the time TLL comes out we will have patiently waited over a year and we get NOTHING for it. Sorry, but a “$20 discount” doesn’t cut it. Not our problem you mispriced the original bundle. We should get J&D too!! This is so backwards.

    • People aren’t getting shafted when it comes to Jak and Daxter. People who had the season pass is getting this expansion for CHEAP!

    • Don’t be an apologist. That’s a Bs excuse. It’s not our problem that Sony raised that price of the standalone. People like myself that have preordered (all the way back in Feb 2016) will have been waiting over a year and a half to get that expansion. Not only will have had to wait a year and a half, but we miss out on a free bonus that includes an awesome game. Which in of itself is some 11-16 hours depending on how you play it. This is a backwards deal.

    • And here we see consumer entitlement in it’s natural habitat.

      Consider this, most PS2 classics are $15 or less. You bought the season pass for UC4 for $20 and will be getting a $40 expansion for that price (not to mention all the MP DLC that was going to cost money but was instead offered for free). This means you’ve saved $20, and if you go buy that Jak game, you’ll still have spent $5 less than those people who didn’t get the season pass and now have to buy this expansion at retail price.

      I’d say ‘$20 discount’ does, in fact, cut it.

    • Consider this.

      I preordered over a year ago. It will be 1.5 years by the time it drops. You can buy U4 for $40 right now on PSN. Depreciation.

      It’s not “free” or “discounted”. We paid what Sony was selling it for at the time. Them raising the price over a year later isn’t OUR problem. What is our problem is making us sit over a year and half before we get what we already paid for, and then lose out on 11-16 hrs of more, free, gaming because we were more loyal than the people that waited. As for the “online DLC”, good for those few people that play it. The rest of us ordered a story expansion and don’t touch online.

      The deal is BS.

    • You bought a season pass that included The Lost Legacy, and you are still getting TLL at a discount. You didn’t pre-order TLL stand alone with Jak & Daxter as a pre-order bonus at a higher price. As nice as it would be to have J&D as a bonus for early buyers, you are not entitled to it, and it is not the deal you purchased when you bought the pass.

    • The Explorer Pack (assuming thats what you got) was $20 for $60 worth of content. That was an incredible bargain. To complain about not getitng Jak seems greedy and reeks of entitlement. If you buy Jak separately for $15, you still will have spent less than what a person getting The Lost Legacy at $40 is paying. No one has gotten the shaft. You are getting exactly what you paid for when you made that purchase and got it at a ridiculous discount

  • Based on what I’ve been reading about the length and how Naughty Dog couldn’t get it cut down to a shorter length no matter how much they tried, $49.99 CAD seems a fair price.

    I just wish this was coming as a standalone physical release. $49.99 for digital kinda stings, $49.99 for a disc? All over that.

    I’m buying it regardless, it’d just be nice to get a physical copy, y’know?

  • How much without Jak & Dexter? Because I already have that game on my PS3.

    • It’s free. So consider giving me your code if you don’t want it. I’ve been sitting on this preorder for over a year and get the shaft. :/

  • I’m glad I haven’t purchased Uncharted 4 yet. Naughty Dog does amazing work, but all these disparate editions, bonuses, and pre-order enticements are unfortunate examples of cynical anti-consumer obfuscation and confusion. I’ll wait for a sale thanks.

  • $49.99 CAD seems to be asking a bit too much (same price as the Crash Trilogy remake). I hope this over 10-hour journey will be worth it!

  • Hehe… A very smart business choice including the other “Legacy” game with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy:

    – Jak and Daxter: THE Precursor LEGACY
    – Uncharted: THE Lost LEGACY

    My favorite Naughty Dog series is Jak and Daxter (all 4 main games + Daxter), and always has for a decade+. It was a missed opportunity when The Last of Us (PS3), a game originally planned to be a Jak sequel (and a game that was created thanks to scrapped Jak sequel), didn’t come bundled with the Jak and Daxter HD Collection. It’s nice to finally see the same series – getting a true homage it finally deserves that aren’t just Precursor Orbs/Strange Relics placed in games – that also helped create Uncharted and made it into what it is today, is finally being bundled with its successor series.

    I probably won’t get an answer to it, but who’s idea was it to bundle Jak with Uncharted, SONY or NAUGHTY DOG?

    And if it’s not too much to ask, will JaD: TPL support full screen (and be 60FPS)?

  • What about users who bought the Libertalia Collector’s Edition? Is Lost Legacy free for us, or only the Digital Deluxe and Triple

  • What about users who bought the Libertalia Collectors Edition? Are we excluded from the free Lost Legacy download?

  • So, those who owned U4 Triple Pack are not able to purchase Lost Legacy…( just checked on PSN) and thus are not able to get pre order bonuses. It’s ok with Jak and Daxter because im going to buy it anyway. But is there any way to get cool pre order theme? Truant Pixel just uploaded it on Youtube channel and it’s really amazing. It would be unfair if people with Trilogy Pack couldnt get this theme

  • Oooh yeah!! Thanks, I am so excited! :D

    I hope this price point means it is a somewhat lengthy experience!

    Any chance of a collector’s edition so I have a Chloe statue to go along with my Drake statue??

  • I can’t wait for this to drop. I’ve loved Chole since her debut in Uncharted 2 & Nadine was such a dynamic character in Uncharted 4.
    Do you think Chole & Nadine’s appearance in this trailer will become skins in the Uncharted 4 Multi-Player down the line?

  • Yes been waiting for a long time! Will definitely be a day one physical release buy for me since I have 33 games for PS4 (The limited edition bundle with Uncharted 4 decorated system and free U4 copy) U4 is my favorite game this gen for consoles and I love me some Chloe so this game will be great! Hopefully the theme will be available for purchase later since I rarely do digital copies, and I have U4’s fire theme. Don’t know if I’ll preorder since I never played Jak and Daxter but I’ll check out the games on youtube and see. Otherwise I don’t want to be tempted with a free copy I will rarely play and take up HDD space.

  • I bought the digital deluxe edition and understand not getting the Jak preorder bonus, but to not even give us the theme? Really? The Uncharted series has the best ones! Thats a shame.

  • Dat ass

    Chloe is bae.

  • Is there anyway I can get the lost legacy dynamic theme even if I bought the Digital Deluxe edition of Uncharted 4? I would really like to have that theme.

  • Does having the season pass mean that we can pre-load the game or are we getting shafted out of the only reason to pre-order the DLC digitally because it says you are getting the option to download AFTER release unlike every pre-order that lets you download it few days before and UNLOCK midnight.

  • Thanks Naughty Dog! The Perfect Birthday Gift To Me! :)

  • Chloe’s adventures have caused her to neglect her eyebrows. Poor thing.

  • So does this mean that the Jak and Daxter games are coming out on August 22nd as well?

  • I’m not gonna complain. I want a physical box anyway. (A CE even!) But why aren’t those of us who spent $80 on the Physical Deluxe with steelbook and artbook getting it free? We were supposed to get story dlc at some point, before it became this. Or at least discounted? I’d still buy the retail, as a collector. Can anyone confirm why?

  • So I’m I going to get the jack an dexter for free sense I bought the uncharted triple pack?

  • what about who owns a collectors edition?? will it be for free??

  • Really didn’t wanna watch this but I couldn’t control maself,ok this is the last thing I’m watching about it though.Damn $40 is expensive as hell,it better be long…anyway consider it pre-ordered.

    PS:Chloe’s model seems very different although good in its own way.

    PPS:Chloe has really gained space among UC fans hu…1:19 that fanservice lol.

  • Any chance we get some kind of VR experience baked into this?

  • I got the physical collectors edition(Libertalia) of U4 so did this come with the Lost Legacy DLC?

  • What if i bought the physical copy collector’s edition? Do i get Lost Legacy for free?

  • How do I know which version of Uncharted 4 I purchased? Can’t find my receipt. It came in a square brown box with the game disc in a steelbook. It also came with “the art of uncharted 4: a thief’s end” book with 47 pages of animations. Thanks for your help.

  • Everyone who ordered deluxe edition will get Uncharted Lost Legacy free. But my question are they getting free theme too???

  • Is Nathan drake not included In this game?? I thought Nadine was an enemy from Uncharted 4 a thiefs end.

  • I’m ok with not getting Jack & Daxter for buying the Triple pack (which is what I did) but it’s absolutely BS that we can’t get the theme. These kinds of themes are locked forever if you miss the preorder and forever inaccessible. That’s completely unfair. I demand a better solution to this. I couldn’t preorder the digital if I wanted because it’s already bought. Why should that disqualify me from the theme?

  • I’m ok with not getting Jack & Daxter for buying the Triple pack (which is what I did) but it’s absolutely ridiculous that we can’t get the theme. These kinds of themes are locked forever if you miss the preorder and forever inaccessible. That’s completely unfair. I demand a better solution to this. I couldn’t preorder the digital if I wanted because it’s already bought. Why should that disqualify me from the theme?

  • It doubled posted because I didn’t think the first went through and I can’t delete the others…

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