Marvel Heroes Omega Coming to PS4 This Spring

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Marvel Heroes Omega Coming to PS4 This Spring

Earth’s mightiest action-RPG brings the Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, the Avengers, and more to PS4 this spring, with a closed beta on the way.

On behalf of everyone at Gazillion, I’m excited to share news that we’re bringing Marvel Heroes Omega to PS4 this spring. So what is Marvel Heroes Omega? Marvel Heroes Omega doesn’t really fall into typical genre categories. It draws inspiration from both action-RPGs and MMOs, making it a truly unique blend of non-stop action and near limitless progression!

If you’ve got a favorite Marvel Super Hero, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to play as him or her in Marvel Heroes Omega. It’s got one of the largest rosters of playable Heroes that pulls from all corners of the Marvel Universe. Play as Spider-Man, the Avengers, the Defenders, the Inhumans, the X-Men, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and so many more!

Marvel Heroes OmegaMarvel Heroes Omega

Lovers of lore can also expect a fantastic tour through famous locations, from the dark streets of Hell’s Kitchen to the mystical realm of Asgard. The nine-chapter story campaign will also find players facing off against some of Marvel’s most infamous Super Villains, including Doctor Doom and the trickster god Loki. But finishing the story is really just the beginning! Like many great online games, we think Marvel Heroes Omega is best played with others – and players can look forward to joining forces with fellow Super Heroes in the game’s many Headquarter areas to tackle the game’s most challenging end-game content.

There are so many more things I’d love to tell you about Marvel Heroes Omega. Like many other notable action-RPGs we love, we think it plays great on PS4. And with so many great Super Heroes, locations, stories, missions, modes, features, and literally thousands of hours of replayability, who could ask for more? But we don’t expect you to just take our word for it.

Marvel Heroes Omega

Keep an eye out for more details soon on how to secure your spot for the upcoming PlayStation 4 closed beta and try it yourself!

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  • This is awesome, I was an early adopter on PC and can’t wait for it to come to PS4 as that’s my preferred platform to play now. Will the pricing structure be the same?

    • This and the new Avengers game by Square Enix and Marvel VS Capcom Infinite and Exclusive Spider-Man game, this will be great for all Heroes Lover.

    • I must be dreaming!!!! Move over DCUO Marvel is coming!!!!

    • Ok so i read that the founders pack is available on the PS store can anyone varify what its under or ss it. I only ask because the ghost recon wildlands beta was under a different name

    • Is the Founder Pack available for purchase in the PS store yet? I can’t seem to find it in a search.

    • Unlike ESO that offered a one time xfer. Gaz is going for the Cash grab. As usually they are good to free player and rancid to those that pay. I am about 1000 dollars into the PC game and I too like the like the PS4 formate. But they no doubt want another 300 bucks for an ultimate founders pack. I put both games on complete spending lockdown. They need to stop being anti consumer.

    • DCUO is going to lose so many players to this game. Especially when they even get the graphics to look as good as Marvel plays.

    • So like when is the official release date . I’m like so ready

  • Been waiting for this news. Is there any word regarding players who have put in the work on PC? Will their progress and purchases carry over to the PS4 release?

    • Hey RADRAD1985!

      The PlayStation 4 version and PC version are different from one another so progress and purchases can’t be carried over. What the exact differences are will be provided at a later date. Thanks!

    • I really hope they figure something out. I doubt they will but I’m not buying all the characters I have all over again. I like the game but not enough to do that. As expensive as they are on pc I dont see them doing a pay 30 bucks for all characters the way Smite or some other ftp games do on ps4. It would be more like hundreds of dollars at the going rate for characters right now. Yeah you can get them free but that takes too long and i have too many games to play.. Without that I’ll probably download it just to see the differences and then just playing with the starter before giving up and going back to my main account on pc whenever i do decide to get back into it.

    • No, it won’t transfer

    • It would be highly unfair if everyone starts from scratch, yet the few who have the game on PC get to bring all their progress along. The two platforms should stay apart. If you’re happy on PC, why not just stay on PC? You should be expected to start all over like the rest of us.

    • I really hope they figure something out as well. I own every character, sidekick, most costumes, and a very…. VERY large vault. Yes it cost a lot of time AND money. Like others here, I truly do not want to lose all that by switching over to the PS4 version.

      I am not saying “Treat PC better”, but what am I saying is, “Treat your loyal customer base since launch better”.

      Do I expect to have all the characters and sidekicks? Well. yeah. But all my loot and progress? Of course not.

      Gaz, you guys have been reasonable with your Free to Play game… please continue with that common sense approach, and think about those loyal customers.

      Why would I play on my PS4? Ummm playing Marvel on my recliner kicked back? Yes please!

  • Will I be able to link my PC account and keep all those charactes I have ?

  • Looks good. I hope they have a bets too.

  • I’ve been waiting so long for this! Don’t see the blog post in Europe? Please say it’s coming to Europe too!

  • AvoidTalkingMice

    Like others I’m hoping pc progress is transferable at least once if not cross play. I have 15 characters and like 90 hours.

    • I read on their own page they won’t cause we getting a reduced version at launch similar to star trek online which still doesn’t have account transfer and still doesn’t have certain content pc already got

    • Only 15, I stopped playing after Ultron came out. I had everyone up to that point level 60, Spidey and Juggernaut at cosmic 60 and well over 1000 hours on it. With that said I’m pumped and only really sad that I won’t have my STASHs and my battle damage Spidey costume

  • Please, please let us transfer our accounts i have like most every hero and over 500 hours in the pc version. I’ve spent a ton of money too.

  • I play the pc version a lot i really like this game But.

    I wonder if the game will have cross save with the pc version because i have a lot a lot of thinks on my pc version and i don’t think i am able to start again?

    • Sadly there will not be a cross-save feature, and nothing will carry over from Pc to Console as it’s two different games, Marvel Heroes 2016 and Marvel Heroes Omega. The first “red” post confirms this.

  • It sounds like a lot of the people in the comments have already played this on PC. Can you guys answer a couple questions for me?

    1. Is this a Free-to-Play game?
    2. If so, how do the micro-transactions work?
    3. What style of gameplay is it? It looks like a top-down isometric view, which reminds me of Diablo/X-Men Legends/Ultimate Alliance. (Which would be rad)
    4. Is this… a MMO?
    5. I gather this game already exists on PC as ‘Marvel Heroes’? I guess I’ll head over to the YouTube next.

    • 1. Yes, it is Free-to-Play and one of the better ones out there. If you play regularly you can unlock any hero you want without spending a dime.

      2. Just like any other game, there’s a wide array of hero skins for every character, some change the character look and feel like Spider Gwen, female Deadpool, female Loki have different voice actors, animations etc. You can buy heroes, bundles, costumes, pets, there’s a lot of things you can get. Inventory is a big one as well but you can live without any of that.

      3. This is like Diablo, one of the founders of the game was a lead designer on Diablo 2 even. It’s very much like Marvel Ultimate Alliance with the isometric view.

      4. Yes, this is a ARPG MMO. You can play with many people, there’s raids you can do, dungeons and events. There’s also guilds you can join to hang out with like-minded individuals.

    • That’s fine, thanks man.

    • What a weird auto-correct. I meant to write “That’s rad”. Simply saying “that’s fine” doesn’t accurately portray my enthusiasm.

    • Howdy jrodfantastic!

      The answer to your questions are…

      1. Yes! It is entirely Free-to-play.
      2. We have an in-game currency that is referred to the G system which involves micro-transactions. We also have a currency in-game called Eternity Splinters which allows you to purchase a ton of items that fall under the micro-transaction section. More info to come.
      3. You are correct. Very much in that vein.
      4. It is!
      5. You are a smartie. Yes, on PC we are Marvel Heroes 2016.

      Also appreciate you answering Ashalan.

  • When will it be released? Any Demo?

    • There will be a beta no demo seeing as it’s free to play the full game is there for you to just try it nothing to loose.

      As someone that has played the PC version since beta i’m glad to see this come to PS4 it’s a great game, I play via controller anyway and it works well so I can’t see a problem there, As for PC cross play or Character transfers I would be very surprised if they did that They would most likely have separate servers like all the other MMOs that have come to PS4.

    • No demo will be done jaretgnyc but be on the lookout for our closed beta dates. Thanks!


    but can we link it to the PC account, to buy all Heroes again would be stupid?

    • Ok i read it now, other Servers, and not the same Version of the Game so no Transfer between the Pc and PS4 Version

  • I got to wonder how they work something like that with the often wildly varying power levels on Marvel Heroes. I mean there are many of them that have limited or downright weak power sets in comparison to Cosmic ones like Thor, Hulk, Phoenix. Still since its F2P I’ll doubtless at least check it out.

    • They all feel different, can’t really explain how but you can tell a difference between hero levels. Phoenix/Jean Grey have different damage type depending on which form youre in. Jean does mental while Phoenix does fire. Hulk is deff feels stronger than most. In my opinion Juggernaut is the strongest hero in the game but that could just be my build.

  • 1. Will Helldivers and Dead Nation fans enjoy this?

    2. How many players can play online co-op?

    • I personally wouldn’t say it gets as stressful as Helldivers(but still very fun) but we do have a ton of heroes that use long-range so you can get the vibe from our game.

      Our game will be Free-To-Play so once it releases, I would say give it try! We will be providing more details in the future. Thanks!

  • I’m glad to see a Marvel MMO come to PS4! How does the game differ from DC Universe Online? Is there a subscription model with a player queue for F2P members?

    • I’ve never had a Queue for Marvel Heroes 2016, there isn’t a sub model, it’s 100% free to play, it’s not as flashy as DCUO (which is more action), Marvel Heroes is more like Diablo.

  • Will local coop be available?

  • 1) Will there be local coop? (i.e. COUCH COOP)
    2) Will characters, or at the very least stuff that was bought, transfer to the PS4 version? This is super important as I don’t think I’d be willing to buy stuff a second time, but I would rather play on PS4.

  • I’ve not played, nor am I familiar with this game on PC. Noting the comments and replies above, it would seem that this game is a Free-to-play game with freemium/microtransaction content. Not really my thing, hence the reason I play on PlayStation as opposed to Facebook, iOS, etc.

    However, I did enjoy another Marvel game, not in any way related to this, but it was a Free-to-play style of game with micro-transactions; Marvel Puzzle Quest. I was happy to pick up Marvel Puzzle Quest on PS4 because I was able to simply purchase the game outright, without all of the microtransaction/pay-to-play, sorry, BS. Will there be an option to do something similar with Marvel Heroes Omega?

    If not, how “bad” are the freemium aspects of the game?

    • I have been playing MH on PC for years. You literally don’t have to pay a dime to unlock anything. You used to be able to get costumes for free in-game but now you do have to buy them with G…that is the only exception!

    • Ok thought id put my 2 cents in, this game is by far one of the most fun mmo’s I’ve ever played….
      Enjoyed it on pc for 2 years before my pc burned out so im truly excited its coming to ps4 since it is my gaming platform of choice, so ive been reading the questions as to if you have to purchase heroe and i didnt see the biggest response to help…. Yes it can be a grind BUT…. you DO NOT have to purchase anything you can unlock every hero with splinters and random drops same as with the costumes.
      Hope this helps

  • i wanna play this game i would love to go on the close beta if there is one plz

  • Nothing like Marvel Puzzle Quest or Avengers Alliance. If you’ve ever played Diablo2/3 or Marvel Ultimate Alliance you’ll be right at home. This is an ARP MMO, and as such it’s always online. It is not “pay to win” or even “pay to progress”. The store is only really used to buy new costumes and release new heroes using Gs(the store currency). There’s also an in game currancey that is dropped by most baddies in the game called “Eternity Splinters”. These can be used to unlock new characters in the game, as well as different item/power ups.
    So you see, if you don’t want to, you never need to spend a dime. You can go from 1 to 60 and only use Splinters.

  • But you might want to eventually….something I forgot to mention was “team ups”. Team ups are heroes that once released will follow you around, and fight with you(some are even on the playable roster). Team ups are only released by using Gs in the store.

  • I wonder how much control you have over the combat.

    More specifically, is this exactly like Diablo (or the usual MMO combat like Neverwinter or Star Trek Online), where you control your position and the rest is done via automated actions and button-triggered abilities with fixed animations, with damage done and received not really affected by things like dodging or blocking or aiming?

    Or do you have actual control of combat and can dodge or block specific attacks, aim where you want to shoot etc.? If I remember right, Marvel Ultimate Alliance gave you at least some control and action-RPG like combat (I think).

    • It’s more akin to Diablo III, pressing a button will perform whatever skill, in D3 you can assign the skill to whatever button mapping you want, I’m 100% sure it’ll be the same way as the UI and layout reminds me a LOT of D2.

  • Bit of a logical question though I noticed you mentioned Doom earlier but… are the Fantastic Four playable? I know in the last few years Marvel has been a little… antsy due to certain overseers who don’t like the success of certain movies under certain franchises they don’t current have the movie rights to. So I’m just checking whether the First Family of Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny are there to help the Avengers, Guardians, Inhumans and more deal with the villains? I could also ask about the X-Men but I see there’s plenty of them in the trailer so that’s fine.

    Also is it true there are lots of missions based on different Marvel comic storylines?

    • Yes you can play as the FF as well as many of the characters owned by Fox, such as Deadpool, X-Men etc..

    • Thanks! I had a look at the Marvel Heroes website after I posted and saw there was a pretty nice range of characters! Maybe a few logical missing modern ones like Kamala’s Ms Marvel and Spider Gwen but otherwise pretty impressive. :) Will certainly consider giving this a chance now, especially since I have gathered it’s not too pushy with the cash grabbing like some of Marvel’s mobile games are.

    • You can literally unlock every character for free. The good thing about this game is that it’s not really a “Pay to Win” game. You pay for skins for other characters or Characters that might be harder to obtain. But in the end the abilities are what they are. Sure it’s nice to start off with a character like Hulk or Thing, but as you get further you’ll want long range characters like Cyclops, Storm, Human Torch etc… I love the fact you can just log out and switch characters as needed and get right back into the game. Missions do take a lot from comic storylines, while it is it’s own game, it draws a lot of inspiration from the past storylines that we all know and love.

    • So it may appear that the FF characters are not in Marvel Heroes Omega, there’s no confirmation on the official forums if they are or not. Which does kinda make me sad as Thing was a powerhouse.

  • Having played the Pc version since Beta, and probably spending close to $400 on the game over the course of the past 4 years I can explain things a bit better. It plays exactly like Diablo except there are more than 4 players on the screen. There is no Couch Co-Op for Pc, so I highly doubt there will be for Console. there is a massive ton of characters to play as, you will start off with your choice of a few like Hawkeye, Scarlett Witch, Black Wido etc…. but you will gain more characters as you progress or if you spend real world money to purchase them. There’s multiple costumes/skins for almost every character, so if you own Spider-Man but want say the 2099 outfit or Scarlet Spider you can purchase them if it’s available.

    • Usually for movie releases there will be bundles that you can buy for the “movie” versions of each character. When Age of Ultron came out you could buy that version of Thor, Captain America etc… As you level up, you get talent points to spend in specific skills, more akin to Diablo II than Diablo III, as the skills have multiple ranks. It’s not uncommon to see 5+ characters as Deadpool or Wolverine running around while you are the Hulk, people play as their favorites. Playing in a group is pretty much just like Diablo III, you get loot, you have objectives and you can take out stronger bosses. Crafting is pretty cool, I won’t lie, as I haven’t spent a ton of time on it because some of the materials are a lot harder (different version of Pym particles) to get but it can help you with upgrading your gear (think of the gear upgrades like a Marvel Future Fight, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes or DC Legends. Your look will not change unless you purchase the costume skin. I hope this answers a lot of questions if you have more please reply and I’ll do the best I can to answer them.

  • So does this play like Ultimate Alliance???

  • Is Adam Warlock a playable character? If he isn’t then why not?

  • I always thought this would fit better on console even with the time i sunk into pc.

  • I really like the sound of this game. Might even have to give it a try on PC first. Can someone give me a little bit of insight on the raids though? Always loved raids in most MMORPG’s. I guess my biggest question is, within these raids can anybody use the same character and still progress through the raids without a problem? Or does the character selection really matter in the end-game?

  • i have almost 700 hours played on the pc version, really bums me out that there is no way to link the platforms together. is it gonna at least be cross platform? (lots of games are going this route).

  • As a Marvel Heroes seasoned player this will be a nice change for a console release. Hopefully Gazillion sees this comment as some of those character models are not looking too pretty. The face on Star Lord and Storm, and even Loki are looking pretty rough in Marvel Heroes Omega.

    I’d definitely recommend some polishing in the looks department with a makeover. A lot of people don’t like how Storm looks currently with the changes in Marvel Heroes 2016 either. Jean Grey/Phoenix’ flame wings also need a better detailed texture makeover.

  • i’m sorry but this game is crap i bought my ps3 because of this game and gazillion was like, whooops sorry were not porting it to ps3 so then i went and got a new pc, brand new and the game barely run at lowest settings, i did play the dc one for a bit but it kicks you off at random constantly which this being nearly the same as dcuo i see continue to be a issue, also this game has like just a garbage plot and you dont get to have your own character dont get me wrong i love being able to play as joe fix-it and frank castle but the game is essentially diablo sans storyline getting a ps4 in a few days but i wont wait the 12 hours to dl this if its anywhere as big as dcuo

  • This is such great news! Been waiting for years. Thanks a lot!

    For everyone interested I have already created a community for the upcoming beta and later release of course.

    Name: Marvel Heroes Omega – Co-op and PvP

    Feel free to join!

  • Also one question @David Lee

    I found several PS blog entries announcing this game but it is not announced on the German PS blog.

    Is this an oversight or won’t it come out in Germany?

    • Hey-o MercwithMouth82,

      Stay tuned for more details regarding EU regions. Thanks for creating a PS Community!

  • Yall need to really consider to import pc account to the ps4 sure its not going to everything completely i would gladly pay to get my account transfer to console this is an awesome game I have put a good bit of money and would not want to leave one to go to another when many of us prefer play on a ps4 please look on ways to do this give it a thought throw out prices to see what the community would be will to pay if thats the problem ill be buying a founder pack for the ps4 when available but will be patient and wait to see if this ever will happen in time (hoping and wishing )

  • I can live in a Marvel world where the Guardians of the Galaxy is given higher priority than the Fantastic Four.

    • EDIT: I can’t live in a Marvel world where the Guardians of the Galaxy is given higher priority than the Fantastic Four.

  • Will there be a retail disc release or this is digital download only?

    • As awesome as that may be, we only have it planned as a Digital Download since it is a Free-To-Play title.

  • When will the founders packs be made available for console and any idea on pricing i checked the south african psn store but couldn’t find anything .

    • That’s a great question. I would love it if they did the same for the console release as they did for the Pc release. I doubt we will found out in the upcoming weeks as we don’t have much left for “a spring release”. I’m hopeful for a May release and maybe announcements next week

  • It would be cool if we have an alternative option to download just the essential file (small download size) from the store first. Install and then choose in the game which characters we want to download and play as. Instead of downloading the whole file size at once which will take hours when I know that I won’t be playing every single characters but my favorite ones only.

  • I loved playing this on PC, bit as primarily a console gamer, my pc was lacking in horsepower and the game lagged. Now on my ps4, i will have SO much fun playing this! I really, really hope i can get in on the beta!!!

  • Было бы не плохо попасть на бету и поиграть на ПС4,на компе наиграно 700 часов,буду рад понагибать и тут)

  • When will starter packs show up on the playstation store? The announcement says we can find them there, but they aren’t available yet. I’ve checked multiple times since the announcement. I loved this game on PC and can’t wait for it to show up on console.

    Will we have the raids? Those were very fun!
    Why only 38 of the 62 heroes at launch? (when will we get the full list of launch heroes? and will the free hero unlocks work the same as they did on pc?)

    • Regarding the Launch Characters, I’m guessing they don’t want to flood the game with all of them at once, but release them in waves like they did for PC. 38 is still over 50% of them, not including alternate skins/costumes for those 38. It would suck if the more “requested” characters are not a part of those 38, but I feel confident that we’ll get the more popular ones first then waves for the rest.

      Regarding the Founder Packs, they will probably show up once the date and registration for Closed Beta is released. Just like they were for Pc.

  • Perhaps the roster in this game are safe bets to be seen in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite as the initial roster and or DLC packs? Please let this be true.

    • What makes you think that either of these two games will be of relevance to one another? Both are from different companies and both are different genres.

  • I’ve played a lot on the pc. I would love to play on ps4 if there are account transfers, I’ve put in too much time to start over.

  • givemegivemegiveeeee me, seriously I have been playing this on pc since the beta era, will it be more like the beta version or the new version of the pc version since it a different version .

  • Will eternity splinters be as hard to get as it is on pc and how long would it take to get a hero

  • @David Lee, ive been on pc for marvel heroes for a few years and am really looking forward to playing/ Twitch streaming this. how do we go about getting into the beta? can we stream beta? if i buy founders pack will progress be wiped after the beta? will there be any community support for streamers. (not alot of streamers for mh on pc)

  • ironjehoshaphat4

    What do I need to do insure that I get information on the beta?

  • I hope we get to transfer our progress from the pc the computer. This is a very enjoyable game that I’ve played since its release on pc but it takes very long to progress

  • The beta will be available for psn Br? And when can I sign up?
    I am very excited and anxious … always wanted to play but only now will I have the chance.
    thank you for your attention.

  • Is this version of the game going to be a Playstation exclusive? Or will cross platform options be available?

  • Great news, not a huge fan of the birds eye view camera angles but overall this is a great game. For all of you ultimte alliance fans buckle up cause this is the game for you. (+steroids) Nothing like leveling up as Juggernaut or Hulk. Ghostrider was very cool also. Every character plays differently than the next as they should, making this games replayabillity a 10 out of 10 for me. Still have my fingers crossed for Sabretooth or Omega Red as future playable villains. I no longer have access to a pc to play the original version. And i understand the whole different server aspect. But is there any chance that I’ll at least be able to use my G’s from my existing account on the new ps4 version?

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