Jak and Daxter PS2 Classics Coming to PS4 Later This Year

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Jak and Daxter PS2 Classics Coming to PS4 Later This Year

Naughty Dog classics Jak and Daxter, Jak II, Jak 3 and Jak X: Combat Racing get an HD upgrade later this year.

The dynamic duo is back!

We are delighted to announce that Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3 will be available on PS4 via download at PS Store later this year! Longtime fans and new players alike can experience the incredible exploits of Jak and Daxter as the duo sets out to explore ancient lands and unravel the mysteries of the Precursors.

Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Jak & Daxter: The Precursor LegacyJak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Images and video footage from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy PS2 game on PS4

And we’re not done… ready to get car-Jakked?

Jak X Combat Racing

Image from Jak X: Combat Racing PS2 game on PS4

That’s right! Jak X: Combat Racing, Naughty Dog’s wild vehicular combat PS2 classic will be available for the first time anywhere since its release back in October 2005. Originally released for PS2, Jak X will make its way onto PS4 later this year. Play Adventure or Exhibition mode in this no-holds-barred buggy brawler for hours of challenge and fun. Although there will be no online features you can still battle against your friends via splitscreen.

Experience these Naughty Dog PS2 classics with 1080p up-rendering and Trophy support. Additional enhanced features include Shareplay, Remote Play, and Activity Feeds (an active PlayStation Plus membership is required to use certain online features).

We hope you are as excited as we are about these games — stay tuned for more news as we get closer to launch!

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  • As PS2 Classics, I love it! Will the trophy lists be the same as the PS3/Vita collections?

    • AH YEAH!
      Jak X Combat Racing. Finally, it was missing from the PS3 remaster.
      It’s too bad there isn’t a true remaster of the Jak series like Ratchet and Clank had.
      I want more Jak X Combat Racing with modern graphics and same cool music.

  • Looking forward to reconnecting with the franchise. Any possibility for a physical release of collection of the four games (probably not, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask :)?

    • You have reason, my friend, as well as many; Jak and daxter marked my infancy from the 8 years (for beech of 2010) with jak 3 not to mention that remasterizacion for Ps3 was the perfect excuse to save and buy it … now can play this saga in Ps4, Until I would like a physical form xD

  • This makes no sense at all. Why not just port over the remaster from the PS3?????? What a wasted opportunity. Cool for Jak X: Combat Racing but why for the rest…..why?

    • Because ported games have a tendency to be complete ****

    • Well not really. They would need to get all the games up there for us to buy them again lol. In the last year and a half there hasn’t really been much big Sony PS2 games put up in the “PS2 HD for PS4” range.

      It works for Xbox too though. Look how excited and overhyped people are getting for the exact same kind of HD upscaled, same assets, port of Phantom Dust. Its THE upcoming game Microsoft has talked about most this past 2 months.

  • Rapturesassassin

    The real reason why PlayStation 4 doesn’t have backwards compatibility. Sony wants your money again just like Nintendo. I think i still have the Ps3 Version of the HD collection. I think i’ll play this series on my PlayStation 3

    • @Rapturesassassin At least Nintendo charges only a legacy cost if you had the VC game for Wii and you buy it again for Wii U. In Playstation that’s no existent and I’m tired of it. Always the underdog makes things better for its users, that was Sony last generation and now that the tables are turned they abuse us.

    • @Darkwolf99

      Actually, many PS4 games that were on PS3 were given for free when ported via crossbuy, not to mention the VITA editions. You can literally buy Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time on 4 different Nintendo platforms, as different versions, with no discount for having any of them. That’s absurd. Nintendo has only done a sort of crossbuy thing as a limited promotion, and the price is typically more than it would be on other platforms, for 3rd party games.

      Not saying I agree with having to buy this again, but PS2 games not being crossbuy from PS3/PS4, while pretty ridiculous, has been argued by them “adding additional PS4 features”. I get that’s just the game emulator, not the games themselves. The only thing they really did any work on is trophies, which for this they already have from the collection. Considering this is a special-case, I don’t think it’s right…Even more so than the other PS2 games.


      Twisted Metal: Black shouldn’t have to be bought twice on PS3/PS4. If they make God of War 1/2, Ico/Shadow of the Colossus, Ratchet and Clank collection, Sly Cooper and others available on PS4, they better not just be the PS2 games ported as well. At least them give them some improvements. We don’t need the games running like some of the ports. Some of the games, like Star Wars Racer’s Revenge chug, especially in splitscreen. That’s bad optimization, and not “right” to make us pay for it again.

    • PS3 backwards compatibility just isn’t plausible. That would be one heck of a feat to get this hardware to emulate 8 processors running concurrently, from a different architecture, while also dealing with the install data from the discs in a way that makes sense and then they have to figure out if htey want to let you wear out your BD drive faster by having you play a bunch of PS3 games off of it or if they have to create a virtual cd, and reroute things to deal with the install data. It can’t be that easy to do.

      Fact is as much as you want backwards compatibility, or claim you do, the PS3 did not suffer greatly as they removed PS2 backwards compatibility, and no backwards compatibility on the 4 didn’t make people avoid it. The PS3 did great last gen coming in second to exercise toys, and the PS4 was the fastest selling console ever.

      Corporate programmers aren’t cheap. They can’t just look for bugs in hundreds to thousands of games that are created due to emulation issues just so they don’t piss off a few overly vocal members of the community that will buy a PS2 game for $50 but not a digital game for $5-15.

      These games go on sale and you’ll probably pick it up when it’s $5. That’s kinda just how this goes.

    • Agreed. I already bought these games on PS2. Then I bought them again when they came out on PS3. Now Sony wants me to buy them again. No thanks. I’ll hook the PS2 or PS3 back up. This is starting to get out of hand; I wonder if they’ll try to sell them yet again on PS5?

    • @Darkwolf99

      Well at least Sony typically has crossbuy. Nintendo wants you to pay again if you want a virtual console game on 3DS that you already bought on Wii U, no discount or anything.

    • @MakaiOokami Microsoft originally claimed backwards compatibility wasn’t plausible on Xbox One, and yet they made it happen.

  • please do a physical release of this collection, Jak and Daxter has been one of my all time favorite collection

  • Finally!!! I remember playing this game when I was 7 y/o with my sister <3 BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES!

    Thanks Naughty Dog

  • Aww, it’s a shame that Jak X won’t have online multiplayer! I never got to play it online… =\

    But still, thank you SO MUCH for remembering the Jak and Daxter series! These are some of my favorite game of all time, and hopefully Naughty Dog will release a brand new entry soon! Jak 4 E3 announcement? *wink wink*

    Now the PS4 needs Spyro and Sly Cooper to return, and then finally the 5 holy PlayStation 3D platforming mascots will be together again! \o/

  • Why not just port the ps3 remasters since that work was already done? Seems silly to me.

  • I still want a PS4 convert of Persona 3….

  • OMG YES! These are my favorite games ever! Have been wanting to play this, but I rarely touch my PS3 anymore. My little brother loves Jax X and he is going to be so pumped!

  • Never played these. Will definitely pick up at least the first one to try.

    • I would say there’s more action in the second one but for u to understand that one u do need to play the first one as well.


  • I know it’s a 1080p uprendering, but I’m expecting the PS3 HD collection to still look better. Still have to play mine; got it for $4.99 a few months ago.

  • YES!!! Jak X FINALLY. I’m not that bothered with the trilogy since we got it on PS3 in HD before and then you “Cross Buyed” it over for the Vita too. It would be great if we, who already own the Jak Trilogy digitally, wouldn’t have to pay for it again.

    Does this mean you are getting the finger out and are going to bring us other “Classic” Sony PS2 titles also? Why is it that Rockstar Games is the only big publisher that wants to take our money for PS2 Classics for PS3 and now PS2 HD Classics for PS4 also??? They have just about every one of their biggest games on it already after a year and a half.

    Where is The Getaway 1 and 2, Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier, Gran Turismo 3 and 4 (could have filled the great GT void this past 3 and a half years you know), Ratchet and Clank Size Matters (and every other R&C game for that “matter” lol), Syphon Filter Dark Mirror, Motorstorm Arctic Edge (pretty much all of those PSP games that were later ported to PS2).

    And STOP releasing PS2 HD classics WITHOUT Platinum trophies. If it was a full retail priced game at the time, like Primal, why treat it like a smaller downloadable title with less trophies???

    Phew, still, excited for Jak X: Combat Racing. :)

    • I agree – I can’t wrap my head around why they aren’t adding platinums for games like Twisted Metal Black or Parappa the Rapper 2….I know they say it’s because they don’t feel like they are full-scale worthy, but to me it just seems like laziness. Coach your employees on how to make trophy sets, or hire new ones. Every time you do it, that’s another slap to the face of the consumer.

    • My Name is Mayo.

      Any argument Sony has against putting a platinum in any PS2 game is irrelevant.

    • Can’t speak for most of this list, but I’d guess that the delay on more R&C is because the “reimagining” completely altered the story and the later games don’t actually work plot-wise in conjunction with it – at the very least, they’ll have to “reimagine” the second and third games, and possibly Deadlocked, as well, then meaningfully tie the new versions of the original trilogy into the Future games. No point in rereleasing the original PS2 versions if the new version of the first game doesn’t actually lead into them in a plot sense.

      Also, in the case of Size Matters specifically, that’s probably more because Insomniac has declared it and Secret Agent Clank non-canon, and those two games weren’t particularly good anyways.

  • For those crying about no physical or just buy the PS3 version, just wait for a sale. PS2 games for the PS4 usually go on sale majority of the time and I’m sure if they’re asking 10 dollars or 15 dollars for each game, it’ll end up being 5 a piece or less in the future. I won’t buy these day one but I will def. get them when they go cheap or least throw a free one for Plus members.

    • Very true, I’ve bought all my PS2 emulated games on PS4 for $4.99 lol. Patience is key.

    • They really should be using these PS2 HD games as preorder incentives. For example, Rockstar Games could giveaway Red Dead Revolver PS2 HD for preorders of Red Dead Redemption 2.
      Same here, of the PS2 HD games I’ve purchased, its when they came down in sales that I grab them (like most digital titles I ever purchase).

  • The remastered edition on Vita was a hot mess, so I am kinda glad we are getting the ports on PS4.

    • because of this we should get these for free as they have trophies and basically look the same as them, just wont crash and be bad.

  • HYPE!!!

    Although I am worried that the PS3 version will look better than this new PS4 version.
    Ah whatever, Jak and Daxter has and will always have a special place in my heart so I will buy this day 1.

    • Believe it or not, it could look better. Apparently there are graphical features missing in the PS3 conversion ports, like the shiny shade effects (NO surprise there, even the latest version of the crappy PCSX2 emulator STILL can’t emulate Naughty Dog’s games properly with characters missing eyeballs and stuff lol, its quite nightmare inducing to behold).
      These PS4 ports are practically the PS2 games running flawlessly at 1080p. :)

  • Yeees!!! Crash and Jak in the same year!! Be happy people, Naughty Dog said earlier this year they wouldn’t release the games, but they will. Happy days

  • WTF is “up-rendering”? Also, are we ever gonna get Jak X for PS3 (I guess it seems unlikely)?

  • What about Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier?

  • Do i smell a new sequel announcement soon??

    • Apparently they are not making Jak 4 as they’ve moved on which is why they’re releasing these again

  • And if we already own the remastered PS3 version, will we have this for free ? I already bought these games twice, even if I absolutely love them, I don’t really want to buy them a third time ….

  • I loved these so much, I re-purchased them on PS3 and Vita. Will be purchasing them again. And finally Jak-X, that’s awesome. Curious: how will these compare to the PS3 versions?

  • will they make these free for the Trilogy owners as they both have Trophies unlike the other PS3 classics which dont have trophies which is why the PS4 classics werent crossbuy with the the PS3 classics. now that these did will we? just a question will be ****ed if not, as i hardly play PS3 and the jak collection is crap on Vita,

  • TheRaddestSkater

    Kind of a shame it won’t be the remasters. I would pay 25$ jjust for Jak X remastered, but at least the option is there.

  • Great for Jak X. What about Ape Escape 3?

    • And the US Ape Escape 2, but that’s probably up to Ubisoft as they were the ones who localized it for America. Then Sony returned for Ape Escape 3.

  • YEAHHH!!! Thank you playstation for these awesome classics definitely looking forward to these soon.

  • Jak X with trophies! Yes. Wonder if the trophy lists are the same. Given how they were designed, I don’t see why they would have an issue being the same.

    I hope Sly is next, and Ratchet and Clank. And if R&C, I really hope that Size Matters comes. Because I’d love to play it with trophies even though ti’s my least favorite game in the series. And Deadlocked again [with fewer technical problems!].

    Also… please finally release Ape Escape 3, it’s been rated fifty billion years ago. Where is it? Why’s it taking so long? :( I need to capture more monkeys. :'(

  • This is all great. Let’s get the PS2 version of The Lost Frontier on PS4 now.

  • This is awesome. Now do the same with Crash Team Racing, please.

  • This is great. I really hope we can get SOCOM back next! It’s been a long wait!

  • so these arent ports of the PS3 remasters?

  • so 15 bucks each game?

  • So i’m confused is this a PS4 port of the PS3 HD versions or are these emulator PS2 games? Also what about Lost Frontier that came out on PSP/PS4. Have it on Vita but never got to play it on consoles.

  • Good, I prefer sony remake/remade it like ratchet & clank though.

  • While this is great news, I do have to wonder why not have Mass Media (Devs behind the PS3 remasters) churn out a new version for PS4?

    Still awesome too see some more PS2 classics getting released, here’s hoping Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank are not too far behind
    And because I dont have or ever intend to use twitter, heres my #PS2onPS4 list that I hope Bryan Pardilla sees’s.
    Devil May Cry 1-3
    Shadow Hearts 1-3
    Xenosaga 1-3
    Dragon Quest 8
    Beyond Good & Evil
    Phantasy Star Universe and its expansion
    Every PS2 Shin Mgegami Tensei game
    Timesplitters 2 & 3
    Shadow of the Colsous
    Max Payne 2 (Whats been the hold up anyway?)
    God Hand
    Tekken Tag, 4, & 5
    The entire Burnout franchise (Or at least 3, Revenge and Dominator)
    Tales of Abyss

  • Hrm, why not port the PS3 collection? I’d rather have the remasters of them

  • I’d also kill for Atlus classics with trophies! Those are my most wanted PS2 Classics

  • Although it’s great to see the Jak and Daxter PS2 games come to PS4, it sucks that Jak X won’t include online multiplayer like it does on the original disc. Which is why I believe that the original Star Wars Battlefront games on PS2 is not worth coming to PS4 because none of us will be able to play them online on the PS4, instead we’ll be stuck with the god-awful EA game (hopefully the sequel will have major improvements and EA learns from what made original games awesome).

  • Very awesome! I already own the original PS2 titles, the PS3 collection, the Vita collection, might as well add the PS4 titles to my list as well!

    I hope this is a sign of more PS2 Classics on PS4 to come!

  • Remaster SOCOM 2!!!

  • As one of the biggest Jak fans out there, I appeciate this highly. I’ve voiced, modded, written, shared, moaned, purchased, whatever anything Jak related for many years (over a decade). Ive Platinumed every single game Jak is in (PSMH and PSASBR included), purchased the highest quality statues, worked on other Jak projects, consistently wear his avatar (Aloy is special and has only recently replaced him. However my system avatar is Jak and my PS3 theme has been the Jak one for consecutive years). Jak is lastly my favorite all time video game character… AND… franchise (no exaggeration). Uncharted, GoW, Crash, Ratchet, TLOU, etc DO NOT come close. Ok, point across, right?

    Among all things, my biggest WANTS in gaming have been-
    1. Jak X: Combat Racing Remastered (with trophies and) with online support.
    2. Jak (IV or V) Sequel. TLOU2, GOW4, Crash 4, I dont care, they’re all secondary, fillers.

  • I like how Sony developers bring back classics for later consoles honestly. I personally have numerous series I want remastered for ps4 such as Dot Hack, Xenosaga, Atelier Iris, Mana Khemia, Shadow Hearts and other single titles. Just so many wanted but will never get.

  • why? its the same games as on the ps2 en ps3 hd remake. i do like the franchise and yes JAK X is a nice bonus, but again… its the same so why buy it again? it would be much better if they used the time and money to make a new game.

  • Ugh why don’t they just release the HD Remasters for the PS4?

  • Suck no MP would been cool. What about getting ratchet skin, in ratchet deadlocked HD you can get jak skin .

  • The Issues-
    This PS2-PS4 Em brings trophies.. but no online. This is the same half-assed decision that was done via the PS3 HD Trilogy when Jak X was left out. This did not happen with R&C:Dl nor TLOU:R. My Point: Being Jak’s franchise is.. always given the short end of the rope — ND didnt even lead the trilogy remaster, unlike TLOUR, and it never got bonus content, unlike UC & TLOUR. Theres a Sly movie in development, R&C released last year, Jak has nothing of sorts. Theres a Sly 4 & R&C Reboot game, but Jak.. nothing. See my point?

    Jak X among all deserved a full remaster. The online would have been phenomenal, especially with PS4’s Playerbase & Online Services to, and it wouldnt have even suffered from poor balancing that ND have corrupted in all there MP games (U2/U3/U4/TLOU), somehow. Stripping away some of that greatness, potential & replayvalue via no online is a very poor decision imo. Just needed to voice out these consistent biased decisions via such a great franchise.

    Now some important QUESTIONS I have-
    1. Will all 4 games run at 60FPS?
    2. Will Jak X have a Platinum Trophy?
    3. Will all 4 games be bundled together, as an “option”? I dont need a price, just want to know if a bundle will be a thing.

    • Just needing to point this out. Running online for any game requires a dedicated server to that game. TLOU: R was able to be online as well because it was running off of the same server that the original ran on. For them to put Jak X Racing online would require them to set up a new dedicated server to this one game that is 12 years old. Even if every hardcore Jak fan buys the game and plays it, it will still not end up being worth the cost for them to run the server when the game is selling at less than half its original price. Old games pretty much never get servers set up for their remasters. Just be happy we get to play the game again at all is how I see it.

    • Alidrin, it costs $60 a year to play online. I don’t want to hear any bogus excuses about how “it’s not worth the cost to run the server”. They are charging people money to play specifically to counteract that.

    • Just use Share Play? Not entirely the same, but allows you to play splitscreen online.

  • They should have included Crash: Team Racing with the Bandicoot remakes.

    • Well the remakes are only the original trilogy that Naughty Dog actually made. Every other Crash Bandicoot game was made by a different company after Naughty Dog sold the rights and moved on to Jak and Daxter. Since the remake is basically paying homage to Naughty Dog’s past it wouldn’t really make sense for them to include games that they technically didn’t even make. However, I do feel your pain – that was a fantastic game.

    • That awkward moment when somebody basically says Naughty Dog didn’t make Crash Team Racing.

      (look it up they diiiiiiid)

    • @Ali. New servers to 1 game is nothing ultra rare. New servers to an old game is not either. Why do I have to bring up Twisted Metal, and tell you this? It was further ignorant to underestimate the Jak X fans. Online would be populated enough to warrant online servers. Also PtP would also be fine, it doesnt need to be dedicated. Im happy were getting JX obviously but I have a right to complain about only getting part of the full game/exp.

      @Elvick, pls. JX had a lot of online content that was just rracing against each other. Second, SP limits sessions to only 1 other player. A racing game with only 1 online opponent, does that sound fun? I want parties and full rooms. Thirdly, SP will force split screen, an irrelevant issue if there was online play. Fourthly, SP has non viable input delay, practically unplayable.

  • Please bring Scarface the game ps2 to ps4.

  • Here’s my biggest question with Jak X: Combat Racing:

    How will we be able unlock the secret characters that you can only get by having saves of different games like the different versions of Jak? How about Ratchet from the Deadlocked version? Hopefully there is some way you can update the game to include them automatically otherwise it’s impossible to ever play as them.

    • Hopefully the saves from PS2 classics Jak 1-3 will work with Jak X.

    • That has to be how it’d work. Daxter will have to become a generic unlockable, or be tied to J2 (most sense) with Future Jak or J3. Deadl Rat will have to be the same as Daxter.

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