Fan-Favorite Rock Howard Joins King of Fighters XIV

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Fan-Favorite Rock Howard Joins King of Fighters XIV

Roster addition marks the character's first appearance in a mainline KOF title.

Hey KOF XIV fans,

We have some really big news for you today!

SNK has made a slew of announcements regarding our upcoming DLC over the last few weeks, but today’s reveal might be the biggest one yet!

The main character from Garou: Mark Of The Wolves, Rock Howard, is joining the battle in King of Fighters XIV!

Rock Howard made his debut in the last chapter of the Fatal Fury series, Garou: Mark Of The Wolves, and this release will mark his first appearance in a mainline KOF title. He is the estranged son of crime lord Geese Howard, having been adopted and raised by Terry Bogard from a young age. His fighting style is a unique mix of both Terry and Geese’s styles and he even boasts his own variations on some of their iconic moves, such as Geese’s Raging Storm and Terry’s Buster Wolf. His Crack Counter, for example, combines the reversal techniques from Geese’s Aikijutsu moves with Terry’s Crack Shoot attack.

This melding of styles results in a well-rounded fighter. He sacrifices both Geese’s dominating power and Terry’s simple and direct style for speed and versatility, creating a unique approach that stands on its own despite borrowing heavily from two disparate fighters.

As you can see in the above trailer, Rock Howard and all of his techniques have been dutifully recreated in KOF XIV with some slight adjustments to fit the new battle system.
The development team aimed to make his transition as faithful as possible, including small details such as how his shirt and jacket animates during his idle animation!

We have already announced a handful of other DLC content, such as new characters, stages and costumes!

I do want to emphasize one more important point! Fans of the character already know this, but Rock Howard was actually fairly weak and considered low-tier in Garou: Mark Of The Wolves. I can say with all confidence that is not the case with his appearance in KOF XIV!

Above is a peek at what Rock Howard looked like in the earliest concept stages for KOF XIV. During the creation of new characters, our senior artist Eisuke Ogura starts by drawing concept art for the modelers to base their work off of. Similar illustrations for the starting cast were part of the Premium Art book that came with the Burn to Fight editions of the game. However, this is the first time we are sharing any artwork for a DLC character!

If you missed our previous releases, the other three fighters set to join KOF XIV are Vanessa, Whip, and Yamazaki These characters will be available for purchase on April 5th, 2017.

The new stages and BGM tracks will also go live that day for all users for FREE!

These have always been fan-favorite characters, so we were very happy that we were able to add them to the game for the fans. We are looking forward to your support for KOF XIV at EVO 2017!

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  • No Terry MOTW costume in his trailer is pretty disappointing

    • You already know it’s going to come soon, we’ve been getting some costumes we want.. If they had shown that it would’ve been a hint to the silhouette perhaps.

  • Well done!

  • Does anyone know that this’ll be the last dlc. for kof? Or is this considered dlc pack 1 and pack 2 will come out later ?

    • They haven’t said anything about that at all, in fact as far as I know they haven’t they haven’t said anything about pricing or whether or not they will be sold as a pack with all 4 or not. There was a leak last year that listed a ton of dlc characters, and every released dlc character EXCEPT Rock was on that list. So there is some evidence saying yes, but with Rock making it into the game that list (obviously) may not be entirely accurate.

    • My mistake they will be 5.99 each, but still no word on a bundle.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I couldn’t be more pleased with this DLC lineup and the continued support of KOF XIV, I hope this is just the beginning. XIV is an amazing game, holding true and close to what a fighter should be about imo, DEPTH! Cheers to you and the dev team!

  • This is now officially my all time favorite King of Fighters!! Since Garou came out I wanted to see Rock Howard in KoF!! Thanks you!!

  • Hope there’s a bundle cause i’d love to support them, and show them support that the fans appreciate what they have done.

    • I hope for that too, I want to buy all of them, but in a bundle, I would pay $14,99 for the pack

    • Same here! Considering each will cost U$6.00 a bundle costing U$20.00 tops would be welcomed and I could pay with a single PS store gift card. U$15.00 and I could even get a costume or two for the characters.

  • Ehhh… I do appreciate the extra characters. And I know Rock isn’t -exactly- the same as Geese or Terry. But, if you guys do continue to add more, I think someone not as derivative would be good. Maybe Chizuru, Mary, Goenitz, Duo Lon, Lin, etc.

  • Really hope there is a bundle for all the characters, if there is I’ll pick it up day 1

  • Really like to buy this in a bundle, cuz I want to buy all DLC’s, please SNK give us a bundle with the 4 characters.

  • I’m kinda bummed he doesn’t have his MOTW theme, but hey, it’s freaking Rock Howard… I’m thrilled he’s playable! Can we also have a 1v1 Arcade Mode please?

  • This rounds the announced DLC characters out nicely. I hope they are a fair price and if they sell well enough that SNK considers doing a second round of them either later in the year or the same time next year.

    Keep up the good work SNK. You’re doing a high quality job with KOF XIV.

    これで、公表された追加キャラはうまく完成します。良い値段だと絶対買えます。もし上手く行けば,SNKさんはまた追加キャラを開発する可能性はあるでしょうか(例えば、オズワルド、リ.シャンフェイ、シェン.ウ、七枷 社、坂崎拓篤や草薙 柴舟などです)。


  • Would love for it to launch bundled for $20(USD). Since separately its $5.99(USD).

    Also hope all the characters get alt costumes and SNK adds color edit mode.

  • Take my $$$$$$$ SNK!!! Keep it going!

  • It’s really nice to see Rock coming back,always liked him…looks like KoF 14 is in full power,glad to see that.

  • Seems like SNK is aware that Rock was low-tier in Garou, so they decide to make him stronger in KOF14. Nice!

  • Everyone can rest easy. I just checked the store and they have all 4 characters in a bundle pack. $19.99 for all and $17.99 for PS Pro. So SNK did us right, they were obviously going to. They had to have them available separate because not everyone wants the characters. All 4 are great, but a lot of people really just want Rock and Vanessa. So the pack is there and available for purchase.

  • Great work on the game so far btw SNK! Would love to see Blue Mary, Rugal, and Heidern up next!

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