There’s Always Something Bigger and Hungrier in Rain World

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There’s Always Something Bigger and Hungrier in Rain World

Learn to survive in an ecosystem full of dangerous creatures and incomprehensible mysteries. Start your adventure today on PS4.

Imagine yourself as a little, lost creature. Something strange, fragile, and… squishy? You’ve been separated from your kin in a traumatic flood; washed away to an unfamiliar land filled with dangerous predators and incomprehensible mysteries.How will you survive? Where will you take shelter when the rains come again?

In Rain World, we want to put the player into the mind of this creature, a young slugcat, as it sneaks and stalks through the eroded structures and broken down industrial ruins of an ancient and unfathomable civilization.

A stranger in a strange land, you must learn to understand this new ecosystem around you in order to survive. As you hunt your prey, larger predator creatures will be hunting you. But those predator creatures are themselves looking over their shoulder — in Rain World, there’s always something bigger and hungrier…

As you interact with the beasts of this land, they will also learn from their experiences with you. If you play aggressively and pose a danger to a creature or its pack, it will remember that in future encounters and might become more dangerous (Or depending on its personality, run away in fear!) Similarly, if you can understand its needs you might find a way to forge alliances or even befriend what was formerly a deadly foe. The slugcat may be weak, but it’s clever, and your observations of how the creatures in this world interact will be the key to survival.

However, dangerous creatures are not your only concern. Even if you’re nimble enough to avoid the snapping jaws of hungry neon lizards, the dangers of starvation and the looming threat of deadly rain is ever present.

As you consume foods and hunt prey they are depleted from the world for future gameplay cycles, forcing you to journey deeper into the vast interconnected world in search of sustenance and shelter. Along the way you might begin to wonder what happened to the previous inhabitants of this strange land, with its towering ruins and rusted machines. Twelve diverse regions await, each with their own unique ecosystems to explore, tallying more than 1,600 hand-crafted rooms total. What will you discover? What bizarre mysteries are waiting to be uncovered?

The slugcat’s journey to find its home may be epic, but the development process to bring this world to life was no less wild and perilous! Our small, four-person team has been working on Rain World for almost six years now, from locations all over the world, and we’ve put all of our experiences as well as our very hearts and souls into this strange game.

We’re extremely excited to show you our world, and we are equally excited to announce that Rain World is launching today, March 28, on PS4.

Thanks for checking out Rain World!

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