Mafia III Story Demo, “Faster, Baby!” DLC Now Available

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Mafia III Story Demo, “Faster, Baby!” DLC Now Available

Play the entire first act of the campaign and carry your progress into the full game

It’s time to pack your bags and get back to New Bordeaux!

When we shipped Mafia III last fall, we were humbled by the community’s response – so many of you really dug into Lincoln’s revenge story against the Marcano crime family. But if you missed out on the gritty tale before, now’s your chance to check it out for free.

Today we’re introducing a story demo for Mafia III that lets you enjoy a little bit of southern hospitality for yourself. The demo includes the entire opening act of the game – centering on an incredible bank heist sequence – which sets the stage for the rest of the Mafia III story. Discover Lincoln’s history with the mafia and witness firsthand the catalyst for his pursuit of revenge against the Italian Mob.

It’s available right now for free download, and your saved progress will transfer to the full game.

Today’s other big news: The “Faster, Baby!” DLC is available today, offering up high-octane chases and new ways to create vehicular mayhem.

“Faster, Baby!” takes place alongside events in the game, but in an entirely new area with new gameplay experiences. A civil rights leader is murdered while investigating small town corruption in Sinclair Parish. Other activists are next on the list, and it’s up to Lincoln and Roxy Laveau to get to the bottom of what’s happening on the outskirts of New Bordeaux.

To get some behind the scenes perspective, Senior Writer Ed Fowler talked with us briefly about his favorite parts of the “Faster, Baby!” DLC.

Mafia 3: Faster Baby DLC

When you first came up with the idea for the story for “Faster, Baby!” what were some of the inspirations?

EF: One of the major things we were trying to do in “Faster, Baby!” was channel that classic muscle car chase movie vibe. Lots of classic – and modern – movies served as points of inspiration along the way. We also pulled from real world events to reinforce the time and place of the story. We clearly personify this in Sinclair Parish’s top law man, Sheriff Walter “Slim” Beaumont. So combining these influences, one being what we refer to as Hollywood action driving, and the other being a strong sense of time and place, formed the perfect core for the story that grew into what is now “Faster, Baby!”.

This is a different kind of experience than the main Mafia III game. What was the biggest thing that sets this apart?

EF: With “Faster, Baby!” we were looking to tell this badass, standalone story that teams Lincoln up with someone who you quickly realize can hold her own and then some. So for me, the biggest impact, in gameplay and in a story sense, is the introduction of Roxy Laveau. Lincoln and Roxy meet under less than ideal circumstances, but as the story unfolds, they push past any misconceptions they might have of each other as they make their way through Sinclair Parish.

Let’s talk about designing Sinclair Parish for driving sequences and how to make it seem natural. What should people look for in the environment?

EF: I grew up in a small town in Ohio, so I understand the type of layout you should expect from an area like Sinclair. And I think the design team did a fantastic job of making the entire parish feel connected. One of the most effective ways we achieved this was placing these amazing billboards throughout the parish — from the farm country, to the town square and letting you slam your car right through those things. It’s an absolute blast to drive through them – especially the ones with Slim’s face plastered across them. So keep your eyes open for anything that can potentially be a ramp. And when you do find one, crank up the radio, hit that ramp full speed and have a blast.

What is your favorite part of “Faster, Baby!”?

EF: I love cruising around Sinclair with the Sheriff’s Department on my tail and hitting crazy jumps at full speed. I’m so happy we were able to expand on Lincoln’s story and introduce people like Roxy and MJ into his life. His relationships with them over the course of “Faster, Baby!” reminds us of that warmer side of Lincoln Clay.

Can you give fans a tease of what to expect in the next DLC, “Stones Unturned”?

EF: Oh, man. I am so stoked to get Stones Unturned out there to the fans. You’ll get some insights into what makes Donovan tick, and discover what motivates the man. And while I don’t want to give too much away, I can say that Lincoln and Donovan running and gunning side-by-side is a force of nature I would not want aimed at me. Those two can do some damage.

Remember: As the story of “Faster, Baby!” unfolds, you’re unlocking new cars for tooling around New Bordeaux, new outfits and new gear for taking down Slim – as well as the Marcanos. So, if you’ve never played Mafia III, now’s a great time to get a free look into Lincoln’s world with the Mafia III demo. And if you’ve already played the game, we’ve got more great content coming.

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  • As of Patch 1.06, the following trophies are glitched:

    Baby You’re A Rich Man
    Hole in Your Pocket
    Shh, Shh
    The New Boss
    No Loose Ends

    so the Platinum is unachievable for this game

    and the latest patch with this Dlc didn’t fix those trophies

    you should fix your game before releasing more content for it

    • Who cares about trophys just play the damn game

    • Rapturesassassin

      maybe you don’t care about trophies and i can respect that
      but you should learn to respect other people opinions

      there is huge communities for trophy hunters in
      for example has more than 200,000 members

      i usually play and finish a game and afterwards complete the trophies for it

    • no platinum no game

    • Maybe, just maybe, the game making process allows for teams of people to work on different things. The broken trophies(or any glitch) wouldn’t completely stop their DLC schedule. The Witcher 3 had quite a few patches and CDPR still released DLC and expansions. Ask them to fix stuff. Don’t tell them how to do their jobs, you clearly don’t understand.

    • TJ_Solo

      we asked them many times. they don’t respond and don’t care about it
      they have a very bad customer service

      also the witcher 3 wasn’t broke just some small glitches

      but mafia 3 for me and anyone want the platinum is broke

      the game is out for 7 month
      couldn’t they spare sometime for this problem

  • I am beyond excited for “Faster, Baby” tonight after work! I re-visit Mafia 3 a couple times a week to do some side missions I haven’t yet completed and to enjoy just driving around listening to the great 60’s music while taking in the gorgeous world of New Bordeaux.

    Thank you, Hangar 13, for giving me one of the best games I’ve ever played!

  • I really enjoyed the game, but for me to love the game I would love for the trophies that do not pop to be fixed. Game is great still little buggy I would love to have those glitches fixed before buying any DLCs.

  • Any chance of a sale? It’s 50% off on Xbox “Deals with Gold” this week.

  • If you check out the free demo and you should, be advised that the game is NOTHING like the 1st chapter at all. The variety and excitement in the 1st set is nothing like the rest of the game. 95% of the game is going to a locale shooting up the place and repeating, literally you will go back to the place you just cleared to clear it again.

    Also a serious question: Were the writers aware of the irony in making a game showing the racist south, yet the only things Lincoln can really do in the game aside from standing still is murder people, trespass to steal and now sell drugs in the newest DLC? I can’t be the only person who sees the irony.

    • I didn’t played the game but if thats true then well…thats how the world works ma friend.This is 2K’s game,they’re clearly stealthily passing a message…thats how media works.

  • Thanks for the demo. With all the games coming out nearly simultaneously a demo is a good way to see if the game is worth the money. Wouldn’t mind more of this.

  • Played after patches and added cloths and enjoyed Mafia 3. The repetitive play i found not as bad as reported. I would like a higher ammo carry limit and more choices of cars i can own, but the cars and weapons and ammo delivery is great. Really want to own a Thunderbird like i do in Mafia 2.

  • This is just wrong it’s 2017 and these people can’t be bothered to fix trophies? Really? Sure they can release dlc, but not a patch for their game. These are the type of game developers I completely hate, no respect for their players at all, I definitely don’t feel respected.

  • thanks for the info playstation. time to jump the hills into the sunset

  • Thanks for that demo,really appreciate it.Mafia 3 was already a must-buy for me but it’ll take a while for me to buy it and a demo never hurts.

    Also the DLC looks nice,will be picking it up as well.

    And yo fix those trophies,ain’t nothin more troublesome than glitched trophies.

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