Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial No Longer Time-Restricted

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Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial No Longer Time-Restricted

You can now play the free trial for Square Enix's hit MMORPG as long as you'd like up until level 35.

Good news – the clock isn’t ticking anymore!

The Final Fantasy XIV free trial has unequipped its 14-day time restriction. Free trial players are now able to access all content up to level 35 without any clock ticking the play time away! Adventurers can try out awesome jobs, test their skills on the first 10 levels of the Deep Dungeon and indulge in all the activities the Gold Saucer has to offer, such as Chocobo Racing!

The time restriction has been removed from all free trial accounts – even the expired accounts will be brought back to life, allowing players to continue their previous adventures. If you tried the free trial before but time flew by too fast, you can come back and pick up exactly where you left off with the same character!

Perhaps you played the free trial three years ago and didn’t have the time to try out everything you wanted, well now’s the time to return! Polish your skills in the Hall of the Novice and learn how all of the different roles work. Take your time, sit on the pier admiring the sunset at Costa del Sol whilst levelling up your fisher. Got an ache for new shiny weapons? Try out blacksmithing! If you want to truly test your skills, you could face the hardest battle on the free trial and overcome Titan, the Lord of Crags, himself!

Eorzea is your oyster! You can level up all classes to level 35 – you have all the time in the world. Click here to download the free trial client from PlayStation Store!

See you in Eorzea!

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  • 14 days wasn’t enough. I wanted to get more feel of the game and so this is pretty cool. I’ll get back to it for sure!

    • Hi there, I’m glad you like it! I do agree with you, FFXIV is massive and so is its free trial so 14 days isn’t always long enough to try out everything you want to.  I hope you enjoy your time back in Eorzea!

  • Well till this day I still cant play it due to the game thinks I played the trial when all I did was play the beta. And it was never fixed.

    • Same here. It says “You are not able to purchase this product for the following reason(s): You have already purchased Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.”

    • Did you use someone elses Beta Key? Otherwise you might actually own the game. I can’t think of a way you were allowed into the beta without using someone’s key that owned it… So you’re probably just better off creating a new account. EXP is a lot easier to get, and money is a lot easier to get, you could probably get past where ever you were at in a day or a weekend on a free trial.

      Check the Mogstation for more details. Maybe creating a second service account in your actual account (a second service account is like a brand new account, none of my stuff transfers to my second service account.)

    • I completely agree. I don’t see why there must be limitations on owning the game previous to downloading the FREE trail. Anyone and everyone should be eligible but because I bought the game to support the industry I lose out on the free aspect of the services… this to me seems backwards. I hope Sony and/or Square Enix resolves this issue because I cannot enjoy the context until then.

    • Same for me as well. Already left a comment of my own. I tried out the PS3 and PS4 betas years ago. I have not been able to choose the “Free Trial” version since. My account thinks I already “own” and have “purchased” the game. I have already looked at my Square Enix Mog account thing, or whatever it’s called. There’s no option to choose a “free trial version.” It asks for license keys. I tried to momentarily suspend that account and make a new one; unfortunately, I cannot use the same email address; the same email address linked to my Sony/ PlayStation account. It’s a Catch-22 I have going on here.

    • Same here. I never tried it before but when I did DL the game for a trial it told me that my period had expired and won’t let me try the new free demo.

    • Lol, I use to have this problem and it seems a lot of people still do so I’ll help you out. Go to your library and check “purchased”. Most likely you’ll not only see ffixv beta but also ffixv a realm reborn. Download the FFixv arr item it says you purchased. Now once its done you can start it up and purchase or subscribe from there. I think the problem is that the client is considered the game in the ps store and to prevent a lot of people from rebuying a game twice the store doesnt let you buy things that show purchased.

    • Take faraway25’s advice, that’s how you solve the problem. Also had that happen awhile back.

  • Hopefully this leads for it to be free2 play sometime. I have the disc version i cant get rid of because i used the 14 day free trail.

    • I hope not. Free to play MMOs always have awkward microtransactions that impede gameplay.

      I much prefer the way pay to play MMOs tend to be designed but I’m really glad to see that they’re removing some of the limitations on the free trial.

      FFXIV is a really well designed MMO in a lot of ways.

    • It’s free-to-play for the first 35 character levels on all classes, but they put WAY too much time, effort and money in this game for it to be free-to-play. They haven’t even made Final Fantasy XI free-to-play and that game.

      The problem is that if they make this game free-to-play they can’t add new content every 3 months, because the subscription is how they do constant game development adding onto the game every 3 months for 2 years then an expansion. If they make it free-to-play there goes their incentive to make additional content, and now you’re paying for new dungeons, and then not everyone has access to new dungeons and then it just becomes a cluster….truck… we’ll go with that.

      There are other options for MMOs on PS4 that don’t have a monthly sub. They aren’t as good, well reviewed, etc… but there are other options. would it really hurt just to sub for a month or 2? If they make it free to play you’d be paying a monthly fee for bonus exp, and bonus seals, and bonus high end gear purchasing items, and it comes to the point to where you just waste all of your time in order to make up for the money you probably should have just spent.

  • 1. Can you still earn trophies from the free trial version?

    2. Once you have reached level 35, will the game automatically end then or can you carry on playing without being able to level up anymore?

    • You can still play the game after reaching lvl 35 but without being able to lvl up.

    • 1 character can have every job in the game… so you can level up everything to 35.

    • Heya!

      1. I’m afraid you can’t earn trophies on the free trial, however after upgrading into the full game the trophies should unlock as soon as you perform the same action again, e.g. if you have killed 13 000 monsters during the free trial, the trophy “To Crush Your Enemy” and “To Crush 10 000 Enemies” will unlock as soon as you defeat the next monster in the full version of the game.

      2. The game won’t end when you reach level 35 but you won’t be able to proceed in the story or level up further.

      I hope this helped! :)

  • You have to go to your library then down to purchased. It should be there if you played the trial it was for me and i played the trial like 3 years ago

    • OK, I went to Library and Purchased and lo and behold the game is downloading (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn).
      This poster should get a job with SONY. If indeed I can get back into the game. It’s been a long time and I did talk email with Square Enix and they were of some help in telling me why I could play anymore. I hope this works.

      marqsupream said:
      March 28th, 7:11 am
      You have to go to your library then down to purchased. It should be there if you played the trial it was for me and i played the trial like 3 years ago

  • Dear Square Enix,
    when is Star Ocean 3 coming to PS2onPS4?

  • Aaaaaaaaand downloading.

    Now bring us Dragon Quest X. Thanks!

  • Would have been so much funnier if your opening remark had read “Good news – the clock isn’t blocked anymore!” because that’s how I read it.

  • I have the same issue. I played the beta one day and now locked out of the free trial. It says game already purchased but doesn’t offer a download link.

    If I go to my library to download FF from history won’t that be the old Beta client connecting to UAT servers? Please investigate.

  • Thanks Square-Enix I may give it a try.

    I’d like to give Square-Enix my full support for a Musashi 3 and Musashi 4 for PS4. I would have really liked there to be one new Musashi game per Playstation home console, but I suppose it’s too late for a PS3 release. I’ve really enjoyed the previous Musashi games- Brave Fencer Musashi, Samurai Legend Musashi. And I enjoy the idea that he is summoned into different worlds with different art styles in each game. You still know it’s Musashi, but the design and art direction are fresh every time. Please continue this as you continue the series on PS4. And please, continue this fun series on the PS4! Thanks!


    It does not work for me, I see:

    “You are not able to purchase this product for the following reason(s):

    You have already purchased”

    There is clearly a bug on your side Sony (or Square-Enix).

  • I tried out the PS3/ PS4 betas years ago. I have not been able to choose the “Free Trial Version” since. It claims I have already “purchased” the game. After downloading the “purchased” version from my PS4 library, I tried to log in, but cannot choose “Free Trial Version.” I’m slightly irritated that I cannot take advantage of this non-timed free trial because I tried the betas years ago.

  • I made an account back during the beta. I recently bought the game when it was on sale. Unfortunately for me, I just couldn’t remember my account email and password. I tried customer support but they told me there was nothing I could do to fix this apart from buying the game again on a seperate account. The fault definitely lies with me for being dumb enough to forget but still, why did they have to tie that account to my psn id? At least now i’ll finally be able to try this game, on a seperate account.

  • It’ll be done downloading before I get home from work. Then it’s on.

  • But I still need to pay to download game?

  • I can´t play, it said that i need some code including in my purchase. too bad i really want to try it.

  • What marqsupream regards to downloading the game from Purchased History. It took a long time but I did get it.
    However, in trying to sign in I get nothing but password errors every time I tried to change it because I forgot the original.
    There was fun to be had in the game till I lost the right to play it anymore even though I paid $20 for more playability.
    I GIVE UP! IT’s DELETED! GOODBYE! Too bad cus it was fun.
    Some people have told me that they did not like the game but have it because their friends have it and the liked the social application.
    I’ve also been told that FF 14 has nothing to do with FF 15.
    Guess it’s not meant for me. Too bad :(

  • Does this also apply to the PS3 version?

  • Question. Does the trial put limitations on the advanced classes? Got the requirements for dragoon but get no quest choice is given.

  • Nevermind. It just activated. Sweet

  • So my friend is having a weird issue. He’s doing this free trial and decided to buy the game through the PSN store. But even though he’s now paid money for the game, it’s still telling him he’s on a trial account. He even has Heavensward on the PS4 as well. Is there anything he can do to fix it? This seems like kind of a huge oversight if you can’t upgrade from the trial.

  • Just want to add that I’m still waiting for them to ‘remove limitations’ from my account that had previously been in beta, per the information in their post

    Contacted their support, and when they finally got back to me, they basically reiterated what is said in the linked Lodestone post.


    • I spoke to a Square Enix support person today, over the phone. They said that they currently do not have plans to remove the limitations from accounts that had previously participated in the beta. The support person then suggested that I could create a new PSNID if I wanted to give the free trial a shot.

      It was a good conversation. I’m glad that I finally have that question answered. :)

  • ThatGuy196196196

    I could not find the game FFXIV : A Realm Reborn in the PS game store to download the game, may I know why?

  • Like every one else, try the 14 days free trial game on PC years back, buy ps4pro, “purchase” the FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, try to log in and voila “Square Enix accounts that have already registered for a FINAL FANTASY XIV service account are not eligible for a free trial”, so what now Square/Sony?

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