MLB The Show 17 Launches Tomorrow, 12 Steps to Get You Started

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MLB The Show 17 Launches Tomorrow, 12 Steps to Get You Started

Are you new to The Show? Don't sweat it. This year the team at San Diego Studio makes it easier than ever to play ball.

It’s been a wild ride this year following MLB The Show 17. Starting in October, we announced the legendary Ken Griffey Jr. as our cover athlete and a load of new features, such as:

So, where to begin? To help get you going in MLB The Show 17, we’ve compiled a list of 12 easy steps:

Step 1: Get MLB The Show 17. Can’t play if you don’t have the game, right?
Step 2: Kiss Griffey for good luck.
Step 3: Do 17 jumping jacks.
Step 4: Load up MLB The Show 17 on your PS4.
Step 5: Warm up with a few games in Retro Mode, kickin’ it Ken Griffey Jr. style. Mash that X button and hit homers all day.
Step 6: Boot up Road to the Show and start building your character. Will he get a gnarly beard or a good ol’ fashioned stache?

MLB The Show 17, Road to the Show

Step 7: Use training points to make him harder, better, faster and stronger.
Step 8: Roll out of the minors when your agent calls you with an offer to head to The Show. But be careful: the path to the majors may not always go the way you want, and is greatly determined by your choices.
Step 9: Want to play only the best bits? Jump into Franchise Mode and cut directly to those nail-biting, game-deciding moments with Critical Situations. Or use Player Lock to hop on the field and follow one specific player throughout the game.
Step 10: Build your Dynasty. Step up to the plate and compete against your friends in Battle Royale with short three-inning games to settle your grudges.
Step 11: Conquer the U.S. and take over rival territories in Conquest Mode. Dominate in quick three-inning games to energize your fans and take the world by storm!
Step 12: Do a victory dance. Repeat.

As you can see, there are many modes to try and tons of reasons to love The Show. Fun fact: ninjas and warriors love The Show, too. If you don’t believe me, watch the video below:

See you on the field!

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  • Midnight (EST) can’t come soon enough. pre-ordered, pre-loaded and ready for an all-nighter!

  • Cool story bruh i’ll wait till next month to pick this up on disc when are the bugs are fixed

    • Bugs?!? Lol.. it’s a baseball game you’re really worried about bugs, who cares.. there’s games that have been out for 5 plus years that still have bugs, but yeah, have fun waiting… your post is irrelevant. Thanks for coming out…

    • @x-RioTMaKeR-x

      If this is anything like MLB The Show 16. I hope u enjoy complaining about online and it being a broken mess. I’ll wait a month. And pick up the disc version. I’ll laugh when you cry at launch when the game doesn’t work right. Till then i’ll just redownload MLB The Show 16

    • Rapture is 100% on the nose. Can’t get online. MLB16 all over again. I should of waited. Fix your servers!

  • Many people are not receiving their emails from PlayStation and Sony. Many people are missing out on rewards that are given out through emails. Many people are missing out on the oppurtunities and promos that you also have.

    Please look into this PlayStation.. I’m waiting on my Bloodborne and Horizon Zero Dawn platinum trophy themes as well as other things that should have been emailed to me by now.

  • Many people are not receiving their emails from PlayStation and Sony. Many people are missing out on rewards that are given out through emails. Many people are missing out on the oppurtunities and promos that you also have.

  • Many people are not receiving their promotional emails from PlayStation.. We’re missing out on many promotions and rewards because we’re not getting our emails from you.

    There is a thread about it on Reddit called “How many of you aren’t getting the PlayStation Newsletter?”…..

    Please look into this… I would really like to get the PSN Codes that I know I earned.. and I’m not getting them because I’m not getting emails from you… All my communication preferences are selected to receive emails from Sony/PlayStation… I’ve tripled checked.

  • I have played this game since its first installment. I just cannot believe you have added so much stuff to it and yet you decided to take out RIVALRY MODE. There’s not a single mode option to let me play against someone in a series. I just CAN NOT BELIEVE you made a RETRO MODE instead of bringing back rivalry. Will people honestly play Retro Mode? Sure, we’ll give it a shot but damn, I don’t get the rivalry mode decision. By the way, do players still run into each other like ghosts like it has happen since the first game you ever made? No collision physics?

  • Does anybody know if your season /franchise on mlb 16 can continued on 17?

  • So what is the deal with the servers being down… trying to look in the roster vault and get some updated rosters from those studs who sit up all night and make sure the rosters are current. Keeps giving me the error message that the servers are down.?

  • The 13th Step is to get the servers running. Sad situation. If I like or think I’ll like a game, I’ll buy it and support it. Even bought disc and digital copy of this game. But… THE 13TH STEP of the servers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Another baseball game limited to one system which allows the creators to half ads everything as usual. Newest consoles with the faster processors and the load times are still terrible and the change of screens takes way to long. Nothing like have the best consoles in the last 30 years and the worst load times in the longest time. Gameplay is only slightly better then last years game, but the game is no real upgrade. So glad corp America can put out another game with a lack of changes and load times that kill the fun factor of checking stats or buying player cards or doing anything for that matter

  • I thought for once the graphics would be on top with the great game play but nope! Sad that a game like HZD has great graphics and its a more intense game. I dont want much but the grass should look like it has some life to it. instead of just painted on.

  • Can you please make a demo version of the the show 17

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