Here’s How to Score Big in Disc Jam on PS4

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Here’s How to Score Big in Disc Jam on PS4

The fast-paced competitive sports game is still free for PS Plus members through April 3. Come out on top with pro tips from the devs at High Horse Entertainment.

Hi everyone! Jay and Tim here with some helpful tips for Disc Jam, our arcade sports game that joined the PS Plus free games lineup for this month.

In our previous post we announced the beta and detailed the updates to our doubles game mode. Now that the game has launched, we’re going to dig into some core mechanics and give an overview of our key design pillars to help you get the winning edge against your opponents!

Scoring System Basics

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, we want to talk about how scoring works in Disc Jam.

You win a rally by either getting the disc behind the other team or getting the disc to hit the ground on their side of the court. Longer rallies are worth more points; each time the disc is thrown its top speed increases and the value of the rally goes up by one.

Although rallies start at five points, aces are worth double if you’re able to sneak one by off the serve. First team to 50 points wins the set, and best two out of three sets wins the match. Now that we’ve covered the basics of scoring, let’s talk about the keys to success in Disc Jam.

Increase Your Throwing Power to Win Rallies

The two fundamental pillars central to Disc Jam’s design are timing and positioning. Every mechanic in the game is related to these principles in one way or another.

You execute “perfect” throws by timing your input just as you catch the disc. If you throw three perfects in a row, you become “juiced” which significantly increases throw power across the board and is often the difference in who wins the rally.

If you’re out of position and forced to slide, you won’t be able to achieve a perfect throw which in turn breaks your juiced streak and gives the upper hand to your opponent. If you find yourself getting beaten often, remember to center up after making your shot! With the exception of juiced throws, every shot in the game can be retrieved from the center dot on the court. Once you’ve mastered these fundamentals, it’s time to move on to advanced throw techniques.

How and Why to Curve the Disc

There are several ways to negotiate the disc about the court. Although we’ve already covered perfect throws and getting juiced, we have yet to touch on curving the disc.

In Disc Jam, there are two ways to apply spin: Skill Curves and Quick Curves. Skill Curves are performed by rolling the left stick after you press the throw button (X by default). You aim the left stick as usual and then immediately press throw while rolling the stick in the direction of the desired spin.

Quick Curves, on the other hand, are easier to execute and have less windup than Skill Curves, but take a more predictable flight path. To Quick Curve, simply aim left or right to control how wide you want the disc to curve and then tap the corresponding Quick Curve button (L2/R2 by default).

Finally, Wall Skip throws are performed by executing a Skill Curve into the near-side wall. If you apply enough spin (about 75% of the maximum curve), the disc will skip along the wall. This can be a useful mix-up when your opponent isn’t respecting the wide lanes.

That about wraps it up for this update! Thanks for checking it out, and be sure to grab your copy of Disc Jam if you haven’t already. It’s free for PS Plus subscribers this month and we have a lot of exciting updates planned for the months ahead!

See you on the court!

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8 Author Replies

  • This game is great but I hope matchmaking would be faster

  • Wait does this mean they’re taking it away from us after April 3rd???

  • You can read this post or go play both Tutorials (Comes with 2 trophies).

    Ridiculous fun, please add more trophies. I seriously wish this had a Platinum… addicting as Tennis Elbow 2013 for me.

  • You can read this post or go play both Tutorials (Comes with 2 trophies).

    Ridiculous fun, please add more trophies. I seriously wish this had a Platinum… addicting as Tennis Elbow 2013 for me.

  • The game is really GREAT FUN based on SKILLS! (and quick reactions on the controls)

    …wich is a nice change from way too much games since a few gens that are axing too much on perks/powers that give advantage to a player over another one (and worstly sometimes via microtransactions! Micros are ok for cosmetic stuff only IMO).

    Can’t wait to see live stats in the games and ranked modes mainly but…also looking to all the upcoming additions to the game that will surely be a lot of fun! :)

    • Thank you! Stats are going live in the next updates with skill-based matchmaking so players will be paired against better competition!

    • omg this is fantastic news

      Please tell me you’re not wiping our stats hahaha

  • Absolutely loving this game so far! Any kind of leaderboard/statistics in the works?

  • This game is ok to me some people compared it to rocket league but I don’t think they are the same kind of gameplay.

    • For me they are comparable in 3 aspects:

      1. Most IMPORTANT one: This is a “fresh” game from what we see 99.99% of the time in today’s gaming.

      2. It’s a “futuristic” arcade sport game based on skills (precise controls, quick-reactions, no boosters/perks to unlock to “cheat” over other players…).

      3. It’s an online competitive game for 1vs1 and 2vs2, wich also can be played splitscreen and is pretty fun even for beginners. :)

      So, for me, yeah, they’re comparable. …but I understand the fact that the gameplay is pretty different and the learning curve is even harder on RL because of aerials…but it doesn’t mean there is not some depth to DJ controls… ;)

  • I really have enjoyed my time with Disc Jam. Recently I got into a pretty good series with 3 other people online and after a few rematches felt like I was really learning some more advanced doubles techniques. I feel like if everyone wants a rematch after a game, even the losing team, that’s a sign they all had fun.

    The one thing I’d like to see is more variety in the courts and music. Even if they all perform the same, it would be nice to mix it up a little. Also, maybe long term some variant matches would be fun where you encounter modifiers like perhaps:
    + points accelerate faster than before (or slower)
    + 100 points sets
    + no one can slide
    + once you receive the disc you can no longer move
    + using the shield subtracts points from your score
    + you have to alternate which players receive in doubles (like ping pong)
    + no passing allowed
    + 1 pass required (like volleyball)
    + big head mode ;-)

    • We agree! We have more courts and modes in the works and we’re also looking to grow our team to hasten our turnaround on this content. We have some really fun minigames to play as well so stay tuned for those!

  • When can we play !v1 against bots offline.

    • We are rolling out our patch with skill-based matchmaking and stats/leaderboards first, then offline modes vs AI will drop in the patch that follows! Thank you for your patience

  • Hi
    this game is ridiculously fun
    Love it
    but Matchmaking takes forever (for me more than 20 minutes to find someone)

  • Amazing game. Showed it to my girlfriend and my other friends and they love it.
    I don’t mind the match making bc it’s pretty fast on my 120/20 mbps 9ms but I do get some lags sometimes but quite rare. The other thing is the prize machine, it kinda sucks that me and my gf play on both accounts and only one shunt can unlock with the game currency.

    Other than that, thanks for a great article and awesome game. Maybe you can show us how to do power ups? I get it sometimes when people throw a lob but charging my Shields never worked. What’s the right way to get both everytime? Thanks

  • I’m really liking the game since the beta although there are 2 things that lose me. First, how strength affects the throw speed or affects something during a match. For example, how the throws are different between Stanton and Haruka. Maybe going into detail about those could help differentiate the characters. Second, not much of a game issue, what is the currency called? My friends and I chose to call it Jams because it sounds fitting. XD Thank you guys for bringing an entertaining and fun game!

    • We figured the differences were subtle enough that they didn’t warrant a full info description, but it seems that perhaps we were wrong on this! We get this request a lot.

      The currency is called Jamoleons!

  • This game is wonderful. Too bad there’s never anyone to play online, at least here in Brazil. I already thought about erasing the game from my library, but I regret it and hope that one day it will work here in Brazil. I have tried to look for matches on all continents and never find anyone, I think even nobody liked the game.

  • I couldn’t find a game after initially downloading it, but I later played some private matches with a friend. They were fun, but the fact that we could do practically nothing to change it up or keep it interesting (no maps, Towerfall-esque Variants, power-ups, etc.) made it boring too soon. It didn’t help that we could only play private matches together (without any currency reward), since you apparently can’t play Doubles with an online friend (which is pretty peculiar in my opinion).

    Adding four-player local and AI is likely the greatest way to secure the game a permanent spot on my PS4’s limited space. I’ll keep an eye on it in the future for improvements.

    • You can matchmake as a doubles team! Just party up via invites before you search for a doubles match. You and your friend will be teammates. 4 player local is also already supported. Just button-in 4 controllers and you’re all set! Offline vs. AI modes are coming soon as well. Thank you for your patience

    • Oh? Sorry, I must have missed it, then. I tried a few times, but the invite button wouldn’t appear before selecting mode and after selecting the mode it put me straight into a search (at which point I could no longer invite). I’ll have to try again and see if I can get it working.

      It’s nice to hear that 4-player is already supported! I only saw one extra controller symbol and assumed that it would be limited to that, but it’s nice to hear that I was wrong!

  • Tried this game out a couple nights ago. Couldnt get in to any 1v1games. Finally got in to one online 2v2 game. Once those players left, then couldnt find another game. Seems fun, but noone to play with (or terrible match making)

  • The game is great but i can’t enjoy it. Can’t find online players and i can’t play.
    Is it me or someone else has this issue? Since the release i couldn’t play the game because i can’t find players online. That’s a shame… :(

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