The Universe is Yours to Control in Everything, Out Today on PS4

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The Universe is Yours to Control in Everything, Out Today on PS4

Become singular atoms or entire galaxies in the experimental work from David OReilly.

Hey friends, David OReilly here. I’ve been living in a cave for a while, and I’m back to let you know that Everything is finally here — you can get it on PS4 today!

We had a huge response to our announcement last year and have been hard at work ever since. This game has evolved into something I couldn’t have imagined. There were many things which seemed impossible to pull off in the beginning which we managed to do — and we’re really excited about getting it into your hands.

As you may know, the game is centered around being things, and creating an experience where you can not just be things in the world, but you can be the world itself. You’re both the foreground and the background.

You discover abilities as you progress through the game, and whatever you can do with one thing you can do with everything. So even though what you are is always changing — and each journey through the game is different — the core experience is structured and designed.

Everything is narrated by recordings of the great British philosopher Alan Watts. He was an incredible mind and had an extraordinary talent for describing the indescribable. I hope when playing this you’ll find that philosophy isn’t something trapped in books, but something you can experience directly, without using anything but your own imagination.

Aside from the core adventure, it’s also a giant sandbox — an interconnected universe which you can explore intuitively as well as design yourself. Just by playing the game you change its level design. Say you travel into a particular galaxy and you keep scaling down until you’re a single atom. You can travel all the way back up to the original galaxy — it all connects to itself.

Also, you can transform into anything you’ve already been before. Say you didn’t like trees and wanted to change all the trees into horses; you can do it with the tap of a button. You can change every single object in the universe to horses.

This goes even further. You can transform the atoms inside a galaxy into other galaxies, and keep traveling into those, and keep going and going and going.

Maybe you don’t have time to do this. Everything has a default 0-Player mode, so if you let go of the controller, it plays automatically. And it’s controlled by rules which you can set. If you want it to do a certain thing more often, you can tell it to. Everything can play itself automatically for weeks at a time. It will get itself really mixed up, and you can come back to it whenever you want.

Because of the huge creative potential of these systems, it’s impossible for us to know what’s going to happen when it’s in your hands, so please share any interesting moments from your experience!

Everything is a very new kind of game, and it’s something I truly believe games are great at, which is giving us a different way of looking at our own world. Creating this feeling of freedom to move around, explore, talk to things — to really enjoy getting lost. A game where you cannot make a mistake, no matter what you do.

Our colossal development team of three people worked really hard on this, and we can’t wait to see what you do with it. Everything is out today; we really hope you enjoy it!

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  • What’s the perspective on this? You say you can be anything… does that mean whatever you choose to inhabit you view from first person… or is it more of a floating camera style perspective? Birds eye?

    Just curious because the images don’t really make it clear. :)

    • From what I saw of the trailer last week (a really good 10 minute trailer that made me immediately want to pre-order this game…and I did!) it’s more of a third-person camera. You can see the animal or thing you are inhabiting. When controlling animals or insects or anything like that the camera didn’t seem to be too awful far away from you but when it zoomed out so you could be a planet or a star or a galaxy it definitely got further away.

      I don’t think there’s a first-person camera in this game at all though. I could be wrong but nothing I’ve seen leads me to believe that’s an option.

    • Thanks Droogie. Appreciate the answer. I’ll take a deeper look into the game then. First person is a surefire way to make me not interested, but if that’s not forced on you… then I’ll definitely give it a look. :)

    • hey this game is awesome doing a stream. the cool part is i wont be playing the computer will be from the start see what happens at steel style gaming@youtube hopefully this will be a cool experiment<<<<<<<

  • How much does it cost?

  • Does this support PSVR, as it’s listed as a PSVR title on the UK store?

  • Discovered the 10-minute trailer last week, immediately preordered, and am now patiently waiting to go home and check it out. Cheers!

  • Now if only I could get out of my own mind, and do things differenrltly, maybe be happy with everything we have before getting stuck always wanting more and more?

    I need to figure a way out. :p great learning tool and visual aesthetic. :)

  • Ohhh, my poor wallet! Wish I could afford this Day 1…

  • I’m confused what do you do where is the game or is this a screen saver or something. Can a ps4 even be left on for weeks.

  • doing a stream the game will be playing itself from start to end> hopefully this tuns out good steel style gaming @ youtube

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