PS Plus: Let It Die Booster Pack, 3 Bonus Months

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PS Plus: Let It Die Booster Pack, 3 Bonus Months

Starting today through April 18, every PS Plus member can download an exclusive booster pack to give them the edge in the deadly Tower of Barbs.

Greetings, PlayStation Nation! We’ve got two awesome pieces of news to share with you.

The PS Plus team has teamed up with GungHo America to provide the Direct Hell Booster Pack Plus to every PS Plus member. Starting today through April 18, PS Plus members can download an exclusive pack that will help them survive their perilous climb up the Tower of Barbs.

Here’s what the Direct Hell Booster Plus pack ($20 value) includes:

  • Death Metals (10) — These allow you to continue upon death and expand your storage.
  • 1-Day Express Pass (2) — Passes provide a small taste of what our 30-Day Express Pass offers.
  • Kill Coins (20K) — Kill Coins can be used to purchase weapons, armor, and Skill Decals.
  • SPLithium (20K) — A special resource used to craft equipment and strengthen various elements of your Waiting Room (home base).
  • Solo Shelter (2) — A tent-like item that can be used to take quick breaks from gameplay preventing enemy attack while replenishing HP.
  • Barbmeat Full Portion (3) — This full portion of meat replenishes 100% of your max HP.

Never played Let it Die? As Uncle Death would say, “What are you waiting for?! Just try it out…”

Let it Die is a chaotic bloodbath of completely over-the-top, hack ‘n’ slash fun. A typical gameplay session consists of battling your way through procedurally generated floors while utilizing scarcely-available items and equipment. With Death as your guide (literally) you’re tasked with making your way up to the top of the Tower of Barbs. What secrets will you uncover when you reach there? You’ll have to survive long enough to find out…

Let It Die, PS4

Additionally, starting today for U.S. Plus members, if you buy one year of PlayStation Plus through PlayStation Store, you’ll get a bonus three months of PS Plus. This promotion runs through March 31, 2017. To see the full terms and conditions of this offer, please visit our website. Oh, and don’t forget — Drawn to Death is coming to PS Plus as a free game next month! We’re excited for this title, and hope you’ll like this special treat for PS Plus members.

We’re continuing to make PS Plus a best-in-class membership program for all our fans, so we hope you’ll enjoy these announcements. Thanks so much for your support, and we’ll see you online.

Update: the three bonus month promotion applies to the U.S. PlayStation Store only. The article has been updated to reflect this.

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  • this also for EU/UK?

  • Ohhh, very tempting on the PS+ 15 months deal…………..but I need to spend my $60 on Mass Effect Andromeda after I see some console fixes come through.

    • Oh yes, almost forgot, I will most definitely take advantage of the Let it Die PS+ deal as well. Thanks!

  • Nice, more Death Metals and Express passes for when I get some time off.

  • I highly recommend Let It Die. As a Souls fan, it scratched that same itch, but with a sense of humor, amazing music and superb sound design.

  • Is the bonus 3 Months of PS+ offer also valid in CANADA?

    The last such offer was not valid in Canada.

    I followed the “please visit our website” link that you provided and it has no mention about any bonus months (for either .com or .ca website) Please provide us with a working link that outlines this PS+ promotion.

    As a Canadian i am waiting for such a bonus promotion in order to update my PS+

    • Click on the “please visit our website” link in the last paragraph of the above blog post. In the link page, scroll down to the last paragraph. It says:

      “PS Plus is only available to legal U.S. and Canadian residents with a SEN account who are 7 years or older, and legal residents of Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Peru and Brazil who are 13 years or older.”

    • That link and your pasted text does not have any information pertaining to the 3 months PS+ bonus promotion that was advertised on this blog post. What you pasted and what is on that link is the standard PS+ information and TOS.
      Please provide us with a link that specifically has details on the 3 months PS+ bonus promotion, so i can see if it also applies to Canada, since the last time you had such a promotion ( last month with PS vue/Showtime) it did not apply to Canada.

    • Okay, I’m a fool. I should have read your entire post before commenting, Mr-interested. I hope you’re able to get a proper answer to your question.

  • Oh, a PSPlus promotion? Yes, I will buy that.

  • Thanks that sounds like a good deal. Hey does Let it Die support co-op between friends?

    1) Is it easy to join or invite live play sessions?

    2) Do friends share in the loot spoils? If the above is true?

    3) Are players allowed trade?

    Thanks for the Plus booster pack I’ll have to check this game out soon. It’s already installed.

    • 1,2,&3 = No.
      It is asynchronous multiplayer where you attack other players bases where you battle their AI fighters.
      You can join premade teams named after State/Region/Country which you don’t have to live in the location that team is named after.
      Teamsmates battle alone, but wins generates hate points for the whole, and winning team win in game money split between the teammates.

    • Hopefully the next iteration (if there is one), will take advantage of more features with friend match-making and trades. Maybe they didn’t do so bc the system might be easily abused.

    • Lore-wise it wouldn’t really make sense to have any kind of cooperative activities since everyone is looking out for themselves in this “kill or be killed” environment.

  • Well shoot. I renewed my PS plus for a full year about 2 weeks ago…….

  • Where is it in the store? Dont see it on NA anywhere.

  • If i have ps plus can i make a renewal to get those 3 months bonus? My plus expires on may but i eant to know if i can get this promo

  • the psn store won’t let me download this free pack bc I already bought it (with real money) during the first month of Let It Die’s release. How do I correct this issue, as an existing PS Plus subscriber?

  • Any news on Lily Bergamo?

  • Hello. This pack isn’t available for the EU store?

  • i checked the store and it isint there.

  • Hey add me

  • “Plus members, if you buy one year of PlayStation Plus through PlayStation Store, you’ll get a bonus three months of PS Plus.”

    Do Sony Rewards purchases of PlayStation Plus also get the extra 3 months?

  • Hi everybody…. anyone has purchased the 12-month subscription and got the 3 months extra?

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