Uncharted 4 Multiplayer: New Mode, Weapons, and More on March 17

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Uncharted 4 Multiplayer: New Mode, Weapons, and More on March 17

Naughty Dog continues its rollout of free multiplayer DLC with new permanent game mode: King of the Hill.

As Uncharted 4‘s one-year anniversary approaches, we’re continuing to release new content for Multiplayer, as promised in the roadmap we shared just before launch. It’s been an incredible DLC update season so far and we’ve got more to come, beginning this week with an all-new drop this Friday, March 17 that includes a new mode, new weapons, new vanity items, and more.

First up, we’re introducing a new permanent game mode: King of the Hill. It tasks two teams with fighting for control of rotating capture points in order to reach the score limit. King of the Hill requires careful coordination and skilled use of Multiplayer’s core combat and movement systems.

However, even if victory seems assured, King of the Hill offers a unique twist — after the score limit has been reached, the losing team has one last chance to make a comeback through what we call the Victory Hill. The leading team must capture the Victory Hill to win, but if the losing team takes it, they get a second chance at glory.

Alongside King of the Hill, we’re also introducing an array of new vanity items and three new weapons: the INSAS and Type-95 long guns, as well as a scoped Competition Pistol.

Fans of The Last of Us may recognize our new Savage Starlight character skins. Inspired by the in-game comics strewn across the world of The Last of Us, you can now customize select characters in Uncharted 4 Multiplayer with Savage Starlight outfits.

But these are just some of the highlights in this week’s DLC drop — be sure to visit UnchartedTheGame.com to see our full list of new content and changes.

As always, all of our DLC for Uncharted 4 Multiplayer is available to all players at no additional cost with just a simple update to the game. Keep an eye out this Friday, March 17 for our 1.21 patch to get King of the Hill and all of the latest content.

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  • New Trophies though?

    • No new Trophies in this update, however, we introduced a new set in December with our Survival update.

    • Thank god. Because Survival trophies ruined my percentage with that stupid 3 stars on Crushing trophy.
      ND should be ashamed of these DLC MP trophies…

      Uncharted should be remained a SP game…

    • @ FaLLeN_717 – What do you wanted?…they had to keep their notorious and poor habit of making the main trophies with easy online trophies but make the DLC trophies a torture.Only TLoU was spared of that.

    • id like to know when coming out with the single player side mission

  • ENDURE AND SURVIVE! Awesome love the multiplayer. Now about that Lost Legacy release date…. ;)

  • Can you post a picture of Elena’s new outfit please?

  • How does naughty dog Continue to Pump out content with pretty huge DLC updates and have it all free! you guys are amazing pass the word on Scott as I’m sure you all hear it all the time. There is so much fan service and good work going on over there.

  • No new maps?

    It’s incredible how bad this MP becomes day after day.

    First of all, I’d like to start this message by saying you’re my TOP5 favorite development studio, period. I follow your work since Crash on the original PlayStation, and abolutely love all you’ve done since then.

    I’m a HUGE fan of Uncharted, and Uncharted 4 was, unfornatunaly, a big letdown. The single player story was meh. The map was so big, that you easily get lost. Little set-pieces(little, but at least very good). But I’m here to talk about the biggest letdown of Uncharted 4: MULTIPLAYER.

    I see many players around the forums saying they hated the multiplayer, and I can see why: slow-passed, tedious and frustating gameplay, sidekicks(REALLY?!), little variation of game modes. Uncharted 4 multiplayer is nothing more than a The Last of Us with Uncharted characters. All the respect to Robert Cogburn, but since it was announced that he would be the Lead Multiplayer Design, I knew it would look VERY MUCH like The Last of Us, and captcha! I got it!

    • I have to agree for the MP. :(

      Love ND and the SP was an awesome thing to see and play (even if some fans of the series didn’t like it as much, maybe expectations got a little too high).

      …but the MP…yeah, SIDEKICKS…worst idea ever…

      And an Uncharted currency just like on mobile games, really? Why do ND don’t want to have the same success with their MP than with their SP…??? …it’s beyond me…they have the engine, the great animations, fluid gameplay, superb TPS engine but they do that with it…almost no mode, no classic for the fans than made U2 popular in the MP world…no barebones mode for competitives people based more on skill than micro transactions unlocks and AI kills… :(

      to be continued…

    • TLoU was an awesome MP but the worst part of it were still the same, too many micro transactions, more guns doesn’t make a game better, far from it, it’s just imbalance I think more…TLoU was a nice change of pace and the scarce ammos (and crafting make it different) but we can but a full automatic via an in-game store in a scarce ammo world?? We can buy weapons via micros? COME ON!

      ND, you are an awesome dev, please, take note of what some smaller teams make it their MP to achieve success…micros are for visual stuff only for all those successes…and in-game store is a no-show too…

      At LEAST, for TLoU 2 MP offers us ONE barebones mode without micros affecting gameplay and without in-game store and your game will get popular in eSports wich is always good for a game. U2 MP had this potential apart from 1 or 2 unfair perks that were straight-up “glitches” in the past in fact (SA!)

      I repeat it, ND, you are an awesome dev, but you gotta change your way to see MP…

    • You should be thankful to Robert Cogburn if you care about UC online cuz he brought the MP back from limbo which ironically ND themselves placed it there with UC3.

      “slow-passed,tedious and frustating gameplay”…this part is the most funny.You really haven’t played UC4 online if you think it’s like you described.

    • Everyone complaining about sidekicks and whatnot clearly hasn’t played the game any time recently.

      There’s literally Classic mode.

  • Continues..

    Compared with Uncharted 3 Multiplayer, U4MP is nothing. Uncharted 3 Multiplayer has a great MP, we don’t need to keep saving team member after they’re down(and don’t be angry when you’re down and a team member who’s on your side don’t save you by purpose!), it has a fast gameplay overhall(hello SPRINT!), it has variation modes(hello TEAM OBJECTIVE!) and it has a thing that Uncharted 4 MP desperately needs: A HELL OF FUN. If Uncharted 4 MP is a combination of everything you’ve leaned with Uncharted 2, 3 and The Last of US MP, then it’s clear you only learned with the last one.

    We all know that at least half of PS4 user base is made by Wii/Xbox360 players. These people never touched Uncharted 3 MP, and I think that’s why they like Uncharted 4 MP. I’ve asked many players about this, and no one, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE who played Uncharted 3 MP, liked Uncharted 4’s.

    Sorry to say this, but the only thing that’s good about Uncharted 4 MP is that it runs at solid 60fps. Period.

  • Continues..

    see that the Uncharted base are split: Uncharted 3 MP Players VS Unchated 4 MP Players. Well, I’m not here to cause any short of confusion or hate speech. I’m here trying to find a good term for both parties. We need to try to satisfy all players.

    So, I humbly like to suggest one thing:


    This would be WONDERFUL. Naughty D said that the main reason why Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection has no MP, is because it didn’t want to split the bases. Well, if the studio brought The Last of Us, and it is playable on both PS3 and PS4, i don’t see why U3 MP could not be.

    Sony and Naughty Dog could outsource the project to Bluepoint Games, who did a magnificent work on the collection. This doesn’t necessary need to be a “remaster”. JUST BRING IT EXATLY LIKE IT IS, WITH 60FPS.

    I for sure would gladly spend $20-$30 on it, and i think other players too.

  • Continues..

    Well, that’s it.

    Sorry if I disrespected or offended anyone, that for sure was not the intention. I love and respect Naughty Dog and all it’s staff. Sony and Naughty Dog don’t need to say “Yeah, we will do this!”, but I ask both parties to at least think about it and consider this.

    Thank you Naughty Dog for taking a time to read my message.


    • Just so you know…you made clear that you know nothing of good online MP.

    • Uncharted 3 was the worst game in the series and the Multiplayer was just Call of Duty, it was terrible. I like U4 multiplayer until that first update where when either grind out random drops to get a “free” new overpowered gun or pay up with Uncharted points. The game isn’t balanced and with so many guns, it never will be. I tried playing a few times after that update, but the thrill was gone.

  • I had to delete Uncharted 4 from my system to make room for Horizon, Nioh, and Nier Automata.

    Need bigger hard drive

    • What’s funny is there is a video online of how to swap out a PS4 hard drive – starring (ahem) Scott Lowe (The Tech Tower) and Greg Miller! (I used it on my launch PS4 – thanks Scott!)

    • Your PS4 supports external Hard Drives now btw, up to 8TB.

  • Can we ever expect to see any story-based co-op? The Survivor mode was pretty cool, but nowhere near as awesome as the story-based co-op from UC2 and to a lesser extent, UC3.

    • that’s exactly what i’ve been waiting on as well. I love coop story missions the most about the uncharted multiplayer options.

  • Sweet! Thanks for supporting the game! What would make really happy though is Free-for-all. That and 3TDM were my favorite modes in Uncharted 3. So intense and fun!
    We also need more vertical maps like Yemen and Museum. I miss that type of gameplay… Most of our current maps feel more like TLoU maps, sadly.

  • Why can’t we listen to spotify while playing online in this game would be nice all other games have this option for online play except this one.

  • Nice very nice,never expected Savage Starlight themed clothes,this is a pretty cool idea and lol I bet 90% of people won’t understand where those clothes come from.Anyway I’m glad for another update but I’m more interested in knowing if this update will fix the absurd of how we unlock the colors.

    Also ND…please warn us when your updates will erase our protected videos from the cinema.I already lost videos 2 times and in one of these had ma best match so it was quite a lost.I don’t understand you guys…y’all warned about erasing the cinema in the 1st time,why you didn’t in the other ones?….what a shame.Guess I’ll just record on the PS4 the videos I have protected before this update just to be safe.

    PS:Will repeat again…a nerf for the super god mode OP P-90 is much needed.

  • Talking about free, why is PS Plus required to play it online if the multiplayer is P2P?

  • Interesting how no one from ND ever replies to any of the critical views on their MP and Survival modes., and worse none of those inputs are taken into consideration on update after update.

    How these two modes have been effectively turned into a Pay-To-Win concept, how they are plagued with micro transactions, how buying 100 DLC vanity chests will land you no real content in 95% of cases (with those ridiculous color pallets), how Survival boosters can only be bought with real money, how all good weapons to be used in Crushing and Hardcore survival have been unnecessarily nerfed, how usage of mystical against bosses has unjustifiably been disintegrated, how score breaking glitches still plague survival (like extra treasures appearing after 100 have been collected in treasure runs, helmeted guys using djinn get their helmet back after it was taken off and they go through a djinn animation, how one player taking out the helmet off a helmet guy will sometimes not reflect for another player in the party,

    • how people getting randomly kicked out of hardcore runs cannot get back in, how two people melee-ing the same npc will cancel each other’s hits instead of complementing them, how sometimes revive all players will only revive one of two team mates, how lock and load often does not put a bullet back in your clip per headshot etc), how the 50% promotion on all items a couple of weeks ago was not in fact 50% for some products and also left out relics purchased items, how mp is basically a F-fest of P90 blindfire and people using modded usb sticks for faster fire rates and recoil reduction, how ranked matchmaking is totally screwed, how cover and cover/blindfire mechanics are defective, how the ledge grab is defective, with no balance to it whatsoever, when a guy on the ledge will be able to grab an enemy that has since moved away from the ledge and pull him back from several feet away etc etc etc.

      But ND has adopted (and increasingly so in the past few years) am approach that reflects a “it only matters if it can make us more money” mentality. No consideration for players and fans whatsoever.

  • Will there be a level increase in Survival? I mean it seems pointless by the time you try to Three Star Crushing you are already maxed out and then doing Hardcore runs getting 100ks worth of experience for nothing. I’d like to see a level increase but don’t need to add a player buff which each level but maybe relics or one use booster chests each level and maybe a Vanity or two. Something so it’s not all that experience for nothing.

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