Haunting Platformer The Deer God Coming to PS4, PS Vita on April 25

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Haunting Platformer The Deer God Coming to PS4, PS Vita on April 25

Inspired by a childhood awe of the forest, this gorgeous pixel art game is rife with quests, battles, and an undercurrent of power.

Hey, it’s Ben from Blowfish Studios. We’re happy to finally bring Crescent Moon/Cinopt Studios’ The Deer God to PS4 and PS Vita on April 25, 2017!

The Deer God is a breathtakingly gorgeous pixel art game, but in a 3D world. It has an amazing soundtrack, brought to you by Evan Gipson. You will platform your way across various landscapes, do story related quests, battle huge animal bosses, and find various powers for your magical antlers to unleash on enemies.

The game is very much inspired by things that we loved growing up (not just video games). Being outside in the woods, building forts, seeing deer standing motionless in the forest and chasing after them. Building bows and arrows, pretending to hunt. We miss those days, but the feeling is here, inside of this game.

So how did it come about that Blowfish is able to publish the game on PlayStation?

Blowfish Studios and Crescent Moon Games have had a long-standing friendship that started with CM Games publishing Siegecraft (with Blowfish as developer) on iOS back in 2011. Since that time Blowfish Studios has branched out into self-publishing games on PS4. The Deer God caught our attention when it first launched on Kickstarter and PC, and we have been able to convince CM and the other developers to let us bring the game to PlayStation.

Using our previous experiences when releasing Gunscape and Siegecraft Commander on PS4, we were able to plug in a lot of our console specific modules to help produce this version more efficiently. We’ve used that time to make the PlayStation version of The Deer God the most refined version to date, with extra polish and fixes since its original launch.

Another great thing about this project was that it was a great fit for PS Vita and we dearly wanted to release our first game on that platform. We think Vita fans will love this version of the game!

Anyway, we’re super excited to finally get The Deer God out on April 25, and we hope you all enjoy it!

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  • I have this game for XBox as it was a Games With Gold offering. It is objectively not good. You move right to left and try not to starve to death. Very little variety in gameplay makes it dull. I don’t think it’s even worth playing for the trophies.

  • I’m so excited to see it hit the Vita! Ever since The Deer God came out, I always felt like it. would be perfectly suited for the PS Vita. Thank you for making it happen!!

  • Awesome, to see a Vita version. Own the game on Steam, hard as nails.

  • Day 1. I was jealous when it came to XB1. Vita support only makes it better! Big Gunscape fan btw :)

  • While this game doesn’t seem like my taste, I appreciate seeing the Vita get a new game. I finally got one for myself towards the end of 2016 and haven’t seen too many new games hit the store (though maybe I haven’t been looking out enough.)

  • is this influenced by princess mononoke?

  • Will this be a digital only release or will it be released physically? Hoping for the latter!

    • For the moment it will be digital only. We’d love to be able to afford to do some physical releases in the future though!

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