MLB The Show 17 Goes Full RPG with Road to the Show

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MLB The Show 17 Goes Full RPG with Road to the Show

Customize your player, make tough choices, and chase the big leagues in one of The Show's most prolific modes.

We’re taking our first steps towards a bold new direction for Road to the Show, the third-person baseball RPG that ships as a part of the full MLB The Show 17 experience on March 28. Let’s get into it.

Prepare for an Epic Odyssey

Road to the Show is generally considered the most popular of our three main modes of play. In this mode, you’ll guide a baseball player on a personal journey through the professional baseball world, going from a newbie in the minors to becoming a legend in the majors. Within this mode, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a player from scratch. How tall is he? Freckles? Don’t forget the facial hair! We have 22 new facial hair styles, 35 new hair styles, 49 new head shape archetypes, plus a larger palette of color this year to give your guy extra style.
  • Prove yourself in the Minor Leagues and earn training points along the way. Use the training points to make yourself stronger, faster, and more capable. New interactions can kick off 2x Training Point Earning periods that help you get stronger, better, faster. Want to be a bomb hitting fireball pitcher? No problem.
  • Unlock and activate Perks, which can help with hitting more home runs, putting the ball in play, and more opportunities to steal a base.
  • Earn and equip various stat boosting equipment, and rituals to also help you perform better each game.
  • Leverage your abilities to rise through the ranks in pursuit of the dream of playing Major League Baseball. Get a sports agent to represent you and put him to work to help pave your path.
  • If you have what it takes to make the big leagues, you’re one of a select few, but you’re not done yet. Turn your sites on the record books. Build yourself into a true legend, one epic moment to the next, to be exalted in the halls of Cooperstown.

Nothing is a Promise on Road to the Show

But this story isn’t all about you. Professional baseball is a big world, and you’re just a speck on the map. Each organization has unique needs. And coaches, scouts, agents, the media — they have their own responsibilities, too.

This year, Road to the Show will now sprinkle in true-to-life interactions in a documentary-style presentation. As your career unfolds, you will occasionally interact with coaches, managers, representatives, and more, facing choices that can influence your future path and your road to the show. Your actions, their effects, and the narrator’s insights explore beyond not only your on-field performance, but also your off-the-field aspects of being a professional ballplayer.

One Door Closes, Another Opens

During interactions with other characters in your baseball world, you’ll make choices on how you engage in dialogue. Bluntness or honesty is up to you and the possibilities are vast, but your future at your position, the public’s perception of you, and your role with the team hang in the balance. Will you help the team out and change positions to fit an organizational need, or stick to your guns on your personal mission to be the best left-handed shortstop of all-time?

As you play and make choices, a documentary style voice will narrate the twists and turns as though you’re watching a baseball documentary unfold live before you. To make the experience as realistic as possible, these interactions take place in settings never before seen in Road to the Show, like team locker rooms and managers’ offices.

This is just the beginning of MLB The Show’s non-linear narrative with Road to the Show. We’re looking forward to players enjoying all that this mode has to offer, and we can’t wait to see all the paths that you’ll blaze through our baseball world.

Share with us which paths you chose in your road to the show by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram when the game comes out on March 28, and join us for our livestream on these new features and more this Thursday at 2:00 PM Pacific Time on Twitch!

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  • The minority, I know, but I would like the MLB series to still continue on the PS Vita. Or could we have an MLB version on the Vita that just continues to update the roster every year? I would even be willing to pay for DLC pack for that every season.

  • Certainly looking forward to this bold story line type move onto MLB17 RTTS. The question I have is, do we still have the freedom of transferring our MLB16 RTTS player into this newly installed RPG offering or are we subjected to having to start from scratch?

  • Got the MVP edition paid off already!

    Definitely liking everything about The Show this year. From Retro Mode to Griffey Jr. to these awesome additions in RTTS. Great to see more in-depth RPG elements being used.

    I dunno what mode I’ll play the most. I played a lot of Conquest in DD on The Show 16, that was really fun!

    P.S. – I know the team at San Diego Studios isn’t the biggest and I also know resources are allocated in tons and tons of different ways.. But I would love to see you guys at least look into the idea of providing or trying to get local commentary markets as DLC or something.

    I mean the usual commentators are good and the improvements are better each year. I just would really love to hear the local market commentators.. Like the Orioles for example – Mike Bordick, Jim Palmer and Gary Thorne… That would be amazing!!!! and I mean Bordick and Palmer are both former MLB players, so I don’t think it would be that hard to get them in for a audio recording session. But yeah, I don’t make the games or know the in’s and out’s of the business. hahahaha.

    Just a thought! I think tons of people would love local market commentary… It would give the game a more personal connection IMO.

    • I am getting the hall of fame edition but you know RBI baseball suck! I cannot wait to see it run out of buisness with retro mode! It is like the best version of rbi! I mean the game is good only in the 90s! I wish they put a game like 2k or mvp back on xbox.

  • “Should I try and hit bombs, or what?” – Has a prospect ever said that to a coach in the history of baseball?

    • It’s possible. Maybe the guy wants to show his coach that he is a Power Hitter and his ego led him to say that. The other alternative is to simply say “Okay”… but the guy I created in MLB The Show 16 would definitely ask the coach if he could hit “bombs”

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Bryce Harper said or pulled something like this when he was in the minor leagues.

  • Local commentary markets would be a nice addition for future MLB The Show games!

    Like the Orioles for example – Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer.. That would be amazing and add a personal touch to the game fans would love!

  • Please add a face scan feature like 2k

  • You never go full RPG!

  • Great i cant wait for my pre-order

  • Will I be able to bring my character from MLB 16? If so what choices are pre-determined/pre-selected for me?

    • You could always do that! I love starting over from scratch but those year to year saves are a cool feature but i wish madden do a feature like that

  • This sounds and looks great. But at the same time I seriously hope the game developers at Sony San Diego got it right and transferring our RTTS players from The Show 16 to this years version made it work seamless and there aren’t crazy issues when importing your players. Last year I remember after transferring my RTTS players from The Show 15 to The show 16 the player stats & settings were all over the place incorrect and wrong.Also the season schedule and the current live rosters should be up to date when importing past RTTS players to this years version. This may sound hard but should not be impossible.

  • Looking forward to the game and speaking of Forwards, hockey great Wayne Gretzky said his childhood dream was to play Shortstop for the Detroit Tigers. I hope we can create him in the game and have his name said. Or at least “The Great One”, I intend to put Gordie Howe of the Redwings in as Gordon Howe. Gordon is the way he spelled his name.

    HEY! Maybe ya think I’m crazy but you San Diego programmers are the ones who put President Barrack Obama in the game. Oh! Oh! Now I’m wondering if President Donald Trump will be in with his name being said. I think I’m in trouble now.

    I had the Washington team loaded with former Presidents including, yes, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. President Washington chopped a cherry tree with an ax so he can swing a stick. And President Lincoln split logs.

    I am done. For now anyway. ;)

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