Battlezone: Climb Back Into Your Cobra Tank With New Update

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Battlezone: Climb Back Into Your Cobra Tank With New Update

Rebellion rolls out free content today with gruelling Extreme level difficulty, new enemies and environments, and a devastating Railgun.

A mere five months ago PlayStation VR launched and Battlezone was right there alongside it! Since then we’ve seen so many of you strap yourselves in and obliterate legions of evil AI enemies, hopefully feeling like you’re right there in our tank. It’s been such a blast seeing you all enjoy our very first venture into virtual reality… it might have been yours too!

But the battle doesn’t have to stop just yet. Today we’re bringing a ton of new content to Battlezone, much of it completely free, because we want to give you as many reasons as possible to hop back into your Cobra tank.

Whether you’re a seasoned tank commander or thinking about picking it up for the first time, here are some of the great new things you’ll find in Battlezone!

New Difficulties, New Challenges
Whether you’ve conquered the volcano endgame many times or are still struggling to reach it, we’ve got you covered. Today we’re rounding out the difficulty modes with a more lenient Beginner level and, for the experts, a gruelling Extreme level — both free. Extreme is such a massive challenge that we’re rewarding those mighty enough to beat it with a new Trophy, as well as three new tank loadouts — though you’ll have to beat it three times to earn each loadout! That said, they’re 100% worth it for advanced players who want a complete four-player team of tanks…

More Missions, New Environments
Since launch we’ve added new missions, maps, and events to the Battlezone campaign, again all free, and we’re doing the same with today’s update. The new levels we’ve added this time around are all swimming in lava, so you might imagine when you’ll start seeing them (Hint: near the end!). We’ll let you find out for yourself what awaits you in our new King of the Hill and Conquest missions…

A New Threat, A New Weapon
Starting today, if you look up to the skies you’ll see a new foe to take on — the Jet. This fighter plane may look a little light as it curves gracefully around the arena, but you don’t want to be on the wrong side of its machine gun!

So, to balance things we’ve added a brand new weapon to your arsenal, and it’s a bit of a monster! You’ll now be able to equip the Railgun, a beast of a firearm that you have to charge up before letting rip with a big, single shot blast that can do some serious, serious damage.

Both the Railgun and the Jet are in Battlezone starting today, and yep, they’re free!

Play with the Devs
Make sure to keep up to date with our Events calendar, which you’ll find in the Battlezone live area on your PS4. We’ll be posting community events there, including tomorrow’s Play with the Devs session, starting at 9:00 AM Pacific. Ride out alongside the creators of the game in four-player co-op during this special two-hour event. For more info, hit up Battlezone’s Events tab on your PS4.

Go Retro with Classic Mode
In case you missed it last December, it’s well worth checking out Classic Mode, another free addition to the game. Separate to the main campaign, this mode answers a simple question: what would the original 1980 arcade Battlezone look like in PlayStation VR? The answer is stunning green wireframe visuals, optional retro controls, online leaderboards, and generally a whole lot of awesome!

Get Your Bobble On
Finally, we know plenty of you are fans of the tank skins and bobbleheads we released on PlayStation Store last time around, and we’ve got a whole new batch of them to bling up your tank with. You may know that we, Rebellion, have recently announced Rogue Trooper Redux for PS4, a remaster of our cult comic book shooter from the days of the PS2! Well, you can celebrate the news with a brand new Rogue Trooper bobblehead, looking fine in blue on your dashboard.

Of course, there are the myriad other ways we’ve refined, tweaked, and added to the game since launch to ensure Battlezone is the best it can be. Now that we’re settled into 2017 and with some great PS VR games on the horizon, now’s a really great time to hop back into the Battlezone cockpit — or pick up that copy if you’ve been eyeing it up on the shelf!

We’ll see you on the battlefield.

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