Welcome to the Unfriendly Wilderness of FlatOut 4: Total Insanity

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Welcome to the Unfriendly Wilderness of FlatOut 4: Total Insanity

Speed through claustrophobic canyons and dusty ghost towns in a racer inspired by the American desert.

I’m Alexandre Assier, Producer of FlatOut 4: Total Insanity at Kylotonn Games in France. I’m proud to give you some developer insight into this new version of the FlatOut series.

I’d like to talk about one of my favorite environments in the game: The Desert.

At the beginning of the project, we had brainstorming sessions as a team to work out where our new FlatOut game would take place. For us, one of the environments that was an obvious choice for the game was the Desert. When we considered the vibe of FlatOut — destruction, humor, places to do insane races — the first place in most of our minds was the American desert. There’s something particularly wonderful about smashing through desert shacks in a classic muscle car while firing off a magnetic bomb at your unwitting opponents in the all new Assault mode.

We decided to push ahead with this idea and started to design the different areas the player might encounter. The first one was the Canyon environment shown here in early concept art:

The idea was to give the player a variety of experiences and emotions. The Canyon area will give the player a claustrophobic feeling fraught with danger. It’s like an abandoned road that has been closed for some time. It’s a technical section, very difficult to overtake opponents, compared to other sections of the track where the player can rely more on their Nitro for gaining advantage.

The second area was the Ghost Town:

The different areas were intricately designed to create diversity of path and varied gameplay. You always have a main road, but if you try to go off tarmac you’ll be able to fill your nitro gauge with destructible objects. Sometimes you’ll also find shortcuts!

We fell so in love with how the desert environment started to come together as we play tested it, we decided to highlight it as our Main Menu environment — the first visuals of the game that the player sees when they launch the game.

We’d also like you to know that for the PS4 Pro version, we have pushed the visual quality of the game to be even more impressive.

We hope you check out FlatOut 4: Total Insanity and love it as much as we loved creating it.

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  • I remember playing the flatout games. i’ll be watching this one

  • Loving the aesthetic of that concept art. Will also be keeping an eye on this game.

  • Félicitations, it’s looking great! Can we expect supersampling @1080p on a PS4 PRO? Or maybe a 1080p enhanced mode?

  • Is there any chance for VR?

  • Sorry i at first originally read the name as Fallout lol

    • haha me too, that said after realizing that I remember I have played Flatout before. I can’t even remember what specific game or what platform even. I just remember it was really fun especially the weird mini-games involving throwing the driver out of the car. Darts stands out particularly as a hit in my mind haha.

  • Different developers. I’m a little skeptical but im definitely excited. Hope you guys pull it off <3

    For old-school Flatout fans, Bugbear's has a sweet came called Wreckfest. It's still in Early Access though

  • Awesome. Is this one going to have those goofy ragdoll minigames? Those were good fun.

  • Very Cool Looking Art Work.

  • I… think I’m gonna stick with Wreckfest, thanks.

  • All ready pre-ordered when i saw the release date. One thing i didn’t see hopefully you guys bring back bowling. That was my favorite thing to do in the old flatouts

  • I’m SUPER EXCITED about this!! Any chance of bringing back Flatout 1 & 2 as remasters? That would be awesome!! Those were my favorite racing games!!

  • Oh man, I remember playing a bunch of the original FlatOut on the PS2, and even a bunch of the psp demo! A different, but very fun racing game; I love all the vehicle destruction haha. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this one!

  • Oh man, I remember playing FlatOut 2 with my brother.I don’t like racing games, but somehow this one clicked with me, in spite of the sometimes floaty car physics and inconsistent destruction of road-side objects. The demolition durby was one of my favorite things, though. I’ll keep me eyes on this.

  • Whoa, spooky how eerily similar my comment is to the one above me.

  • Assault mode almost sounds like a Twisted Metal-esque car combat mode! Did previous FlatOut games have this? Am I hearing this right? If so, especially if the game has local multiplayer, I’m very interested!

  • Looks cool.I have some Flatout for PS2 but never really had time to play it,a friend once told me that it’s kinda like Burnout so I’ll give it a try…might be the Burnout fix I’ve been looking for.

  • Please put the classic Flatout version of the El camino ( lentus ) in this game. Such a staple of Flatout…especially the rocket powered one from Flatout ultimate Carnage.

  • Awesome to see a new Flatout game! Loved the older ones, especially on the PSP.

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