Steven Universe Save the Light Warping to PS4 This Year

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Steven Universe Save the Light Warping to PS4 This Year

The beloved Cartoon Network series fuses with an RPG combat system and an original story co-written by Rebecca Sugar.

While this news is not just for Steven Universe fans, it’s sure to get Steven Universe fans talking. Rebecca Sugar — creator of Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe, The New York Times bestselling author, Emmy-nominated writer/animator, beloved human — has co-created Save The Light, a new console game based on the global TV show phenomenon. It’s coming to PS4 this year.

Save the Light is a sequel to the mobile game Attack the Light from 2015 — both games developed by Grumpyface Studios and published by Cartoon Network. However, Save the Light was just too big a concept for mobile, pushing us to build a console-sized game for the sequel!

But what is Save the Light? What we can tell you is it’s a unique RPG that combines elements of real-time and turn-based combat. Players can customize their party using many of the characters from the show as they play through an original story co-written by the aforementioned Rebecca Sugar.

And since Rebecca had a hand in making Save The Light, you know that surprises await fans… gamers… all of us. Grumpyface’s Chris Graham said this game is “bigger, deeper, and has more epic adventures designed for consoles” compared to Attack the Light.

What does he mean? I’ll let Chris explain: “This time around we’re featuring an updated battle system with fully customizable character selection, more emphasis on exploration and puzzle-solving in 3D environments, and an all-new story from the brilliant Rebecca Sugar and her Steven Universe show team.

“Best of all: Save the Light has been designed to serve as an entry-point for players unfamiliar with Steven Universe, while also giving super-fans new surprises and insights into the show’s captivating world and lore.”

So what is this story? Glad you asked!

Save The Light begins when a mysterious warrior arrives in Beach City and steals a powerful weapon, and then it’s up to the Crystal Gems to embark on the magical mission to end all magical missions. Steven and the Gems must travel far beyond Beach City, battle an army of creepy creatures, and stop a no-good Prism-snatcher in order to Save the Light!

Everyone involved with the game is super excited to show fans at PAX East a first look at Save the Light at Cartoon Network’s booth. Gamers, fans, and looky-loos can also see a special gallery of concept artwork and meet the Grumpy team (Yes, in person!). Chris Graham from Grumpy (same guy giving you the inside scoop above) will also be on Cartoon Network’s panel “Going Indie With Steven Universe & OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes” on Saturday (10:00 AM in the Dragonfly Theater). If you can get up that early and join the panel, attendees will receive a code for a free download of Attack the Light on iOS and Android (We are not above giveaways!).

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  • Can’t wait for this to release, I loved the first one.

  • Steven Universe is the ugliest cartoon in existence. Its art style is above Problem Solverz and Alan Gregory, but not by much. It’s the awful fanbase that makes it number 1. Whenever I see a Steven Universe fan on Twitter (I shudder to think what they’re like on Tumblr) I usually find out they’re someone with 150k Tweets and 150 followers, a bio that has 15 rules on what you should call them, and overly long rants about inane things that make you question how they survive day to day life. They’re like the 2017 equivalent of Bronies.

    On one hand, I wish companies would stop pandering to these people. But on the other hand, Steven Universe going away means these people could possibly infect things I like.

    • Some things are better left unsaid…

    • Jez man, twice now you’ve commented on blogs that related to things you don’t care for. If you really don’t like OK K.O. and Steven Universe ignore the blogs about them getting games. Its not hard, I don’t comment on Call of Duty blog posts as I don’t care for them. Its really sad that you can’t even let others be happy about these games.

      “Please: be kind, be considerate, and be constructive.”
      There is ONE rule. ONE. And they even said please.
      Come on, man.

    • I miss the days when people put effort into messing with others online. You can’t genuinely say you hate those people and their long rants…by going into a long rant yourself on two different articles. You’re trying too hard homie, it defeats the purpose of the whole thing.

    • Man, I totally agree with you. This show is crap, and although most of CN shows are crap nowadays (Gumball, Clarence, We bare Bears, etc) Steven Universe is the worst crap I’ve seen in a long time. Wish they had made a Regular Show game, which was one of the best shows CN had for almost 5 years. Sadly they finished the show :/

    • You don’t like it, therefore it’s crap ? And automatically things you do like are the ones that are great and deserving of recognition and games made etc ?

      I get that you might not like SU, but there are others that do and I highly doubt they spend their days smearing all over the things you like – doubt they would care. Just play/watch what you like and leave others alone dude…

    • Im sure, you have never try to see a single episode of the show, but hey, its your opinion and i respect that.

    • Okay… so why are you here?

  • Nice! Looking forward to it. Something good to hold me over after Nier and Horizon.

  • big fan of the show. Will keep an eye on this.

  • After the disappointment that is Soundtrack Attack, I didn’t expect SU to get another game, let alone a console(!) follow-up to the excellent Attack The Light :D
    I know this is wishful thinking, but any chance of a physical release?

  • I really enjoyed Attack the Light on my phone. It’s one of the best rpgs on android in my opinion. I was hoping they would do a sequel for consoles. This looks pretty close. I would prefer it for vita, but I’ll buy it anyway

  • It’s always the whole licensed game played straight. It’s starting to get dull. Why can’t we ever have a self-aware licensed game based on a kids show?

  • Yes! I am so excited for this to come out! I think it’s going to be really enjoyable…


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