An Android’s Guide to Nier: Automata

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An Android’s Guide to Nier: Automata

Six tips for new adventurers wandering into Nier's bizarre sci-fi world for the first time.

Nier: Automata, the latest from Square Enix and PlatinumGames, is out now on PS4. If you’re looking for an engrossing RPG and you don’t want to skimp on intense combat, this might be the game for you.

After spending the last fortnight trekking across Yoko Taro’s wonderfully bizarre sci-fi world, there’s several things I’ve learned along the way. Here are six tips to help new adventures, and best of all: no spoilers ahead!

1.) You Don’t Need to Play the Original
Yes, Nier: Automata is a sequel. But it’s still a perfect place to start.

This game offers a brand new story set thousands of years after the original Nier. In this new instalment, Earth is at the hands of machines from another world. 2B, the main protagonist, is an android sent to Earth by a unit force named YoRHa to help humanity reclaim the planet from invaders. While fans of Nier will notice a few nods to the original, knowledge of the first game is absolutely not required to enjoy Nier: Automata’s story.

Nier: Automata

2.) Experiment with Different Weapon Sets
In true PlatinumGames fashion, the combat of Nier: Automata is full of over-the-top combos. You can equip up to two pairs of weapons at a time, and even toggle between these sets mid-combo for more variety. Feel free to experiment with these sets and the combat system; there are many opportunities for diverse play styles with different types of weapons equipped.

3.) Collect and Install Computer Chips to Alter Your Abilities, Change Them at Will
The main characters of Nier: Automata are androids, and their combat abilities can be conveniently customized with plug-in chips. You’ll find a lot of different chips during your journey, and you can allocate them to 2B to give her new abilities and skills.

You can slow time when bullets come your way, get health points back as you inflict damage on your enemies, or even add shock waves to your attacks. Alternatively, you can play for fun, and add a distinct — and highly comedic — sound effect for individual enemies when you strike them!

Nier: Automata

But be wary: each chip has a storage value and will take a certain amount of space to be allocated, so you’ll need to carefully pick which chips you prefer to use within that space. You can change your set at any time, and upgrading your android’s space is easy. You can also fuse chips together to make them stronger or prioritize smaller storage values, so dive into the system to find the perfect balance for your gameplay style!

4.) If You Need Extra Money, Go Fishing
Nier: Automata’s underwater world is full of all kinds of fish just waiting to be caught. If you find yourself short on money and really want that new weapon at the shop, take a small fishing trip for a fun mini-game. It’ll be well worth it!

5.) Explore to Find Secrets!
Nier: Automata isn’t just an action game — it’s very much an open-world JRPG, so don’t forget to fully explore it. As you travel, you’ll stumble on hidden shrines that will reward you with new weapons, as well as hidden areas with unique NPCs and even Easter eggs.

6.) The Ending Credits Are Only the Beginning
Most importantly, Nier: Automata isn’t finished when the credits roll. Similar to the original, your first playthrough reveals less than half of the full story. Keep playing: there’s much more to discover.

Nier: Automata

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  • Yeah the best way to play this is go explore everything. I played the first game and hopefully this one has 4 endings. Do what you can and if you need any abilities come back later. I know this is going to be a time sink.

    Any chance of running into pieces of lore from the first game?

    • There is an ending for each Letter of the alphabet. However some of them are obtained through weird means. Such as eating a Mackerel in game. Also subsequent playthroughs vary, rather than having you play through the same exact thing over again.

  • Do you retain stats and equipment after each play though? Do enemies change or scale? I hope there’s a way to identify what’s new or missed from before. Sounds cool.

  • I have about 7 hours in Automata so far. It is so insanely fun. This is the PS4 RPG that I’ve been waiting for since I bought the system 4 years ago.

  • Been streaming this and having an absolute blast.

    Just beware: the opening scene is REALLY rough on hard difficulty.

    But on topic, if I were to offer one piece of advice to a player looking to get the best experience out of the game…. pay attention to the music. It won’t help you play better, but you’ll get so much more complete an experience if you REALLY listen to the music throughout. The soundtrack is so dynamic and well handled, both in terms of the songs themselves as well as the way they alter the songs throughout the game, that you’re really missing out if you don’t give some of your attention just to the game’s music.

  • I loved the music when playing the demo. Does the drone get more powerful? I wanted to learn the combos better. I felt the tutorials disappear early. I was a little scared to button mash not knowing how to switch up on weapon styles. The game is fun for sure.

    • all I know is that if you rub your finger back and forth across the touch pad you pet your pod. it feels like I am power leveling him.

  • First game for me by him, im scared but excited.

  • Hi PlayStation, i want to say THANK YOU! thank you for bringing Nier to PS4.I loved this game so much! I know words aren’t enough to show my thanks, it got 2B done through action. I bought the digital ver of game through PS Store and the blackbox ver through SE store, i will be going for the soundtrack next! but I have one small request for you, please PlayStation! Please make 2B&A2’s PSN avatar available on NA PS Store, cuz i totally fell in love with them! and i will be supporting it via action as well!!!THANK YOU FOR THIS AWESOME GAME EXPERIENCE!!!

  • Loving this game so far. 40 hours to finish my first play through,

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