Watercolor Adventure Rime Launches May 26 on PS4

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Watercolor Adventure Rime Launches May 26 on PS4

Set forth across a mysterious island in search of answers in this story of discovery and childhood.

When we had our big re-reveal of Rime at the beginning of the year, the response was amazing. Our puzzle adventure game, inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and watercolor paintings, really struck a chord with a lot of people. And for all the people working on the project, it was the first time that the reality of the situation hit — after nearly four years in development, Rime is close to being released.

And now we can be even more specific and are excited to confirm that Rime is coming to PS4 on May 26!

In Rime, you play as a young boy who washes ashore a mysterious island after a torrential rainstorm. You don’t know what’s going on; you simply see a massive tower at the island’s center, and you feel compelled to reach the top. As you progress, you (along with a helpful fox guide) begin finding clues about what happened, and what the island’s true purpose is. There are a lot of layers to the narrative, and it’s all told wordlessly through visuals and music. I can tell you that it’s tricky telling a story without saying anything, but it’s also satisfying — it allows players to discover the truth themselves.

Our goal with Rime was not only to create an enchanting and engaging adventure, but to craft a game where you see the world through the eyes of a child. We decided to move in this direction because there’s something so universal about it; after all, we were all children at some point.

Occasionally you’ll need to think back to how you would approach this mysterious world when you were a kid. You wouldn’t be scared of it; you’d want to see what was at the top of the tower. It’s been a very personal experience for us to create, and we think it’s all been worthwhile.

If you’ve been following Rime since the initial reveal back in 2013, we thank you for sticking with us through the years. And if you’ve only just heard of Rime, we can’t wait to welcome you to this amazing adventure!

We’ll see you on May 26.

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  • BigPapaGlueHands

    Congrats on the release, been looking forward to this since the initial reveal!

  • Got to demo this at PAX and immediately placed an order for it.
    Fun puzzles accompany very pretty visuals and music.
    Very much looking forward to the full release.

  • Is Rime no longer a PlayStation Exclusive like it was announced before? Or have I been wrong this whole time?

  • Very much looking forward to this! Can you give us an idea as to what the frame rate will be like on PS4? I’m not expecting 60, but a smooth, locked 30 would be great. I’m trying to decide if I should get this for PS4 or PC. PS4 would be preferable, so I could have a physical copy.

  • I’ve been looking forward to playing this ever since it was announced! Congrats on having a launch date and best wishes leading up to launch :-)

  • Yes I am getting this, ps4pro support?

  • Looking forward to getting my hands on this after all these years! Congrats on nailing down a date!

  • Since it’s now multi-platform, I feel no need to support this day 1. Will probably still get this way down the road, and depending on reviews. So far in 2017 and for foreseeable short-term, I’m busy with console exclusives.

    Good luck for your successful launch.

  • Wow I can’t wait to get a chance to play I am an upcoming game artist and woow this is amazing artwork.

  • I remember this game…looked and still look beautiful.Looking forward to try it out.

  • Guess my birthdays Monday this year. Perfect gift to myself if I can get through all these great games by then. ;) game looks incredible, can’t wait to enjoy it.

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