No Man’s Sky: Path Finder Update Brings Vehicles, PS4 Pro Support, More

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No Man’s Sky: Path Finder Update Brings Vehicles, PS4 Pro Support, More

Vehicles, PS4 Pro support, and a host of visual improvements arrive in Hello Games' vision of galactic exploration.

Here at Hello Games we’re excited to be launching our next free content update for No Man’s Sky. We’re calling it the Path Finder Update. It adds planetary vehicles plus lots more to our game, and shows the path forward for the future.

We were surprised, excited, and overwhelmed by the positive response to our last update (Foundation), and it made us even more passionate about continuing to update this game we love.

Here’s a summary of the things we’ve added:

  • PlayStation 4 Pro Support
  • Improved Visuals
  • Owning Multiple Ships
  • Base Sharing Online
  • New Vehicles — Exocraft
  • Permadeath Mode
  • Build Vehicle Race Tracks
  • Ship Specializations and Classes
  • Shop/Traders
  • Double the Base Building Variety
  • Multi-tool Specialization and Classes
  • New Weapon Modes
  • Photo Mode
  • Discovery Menu
  • Quality of Life Improvements
  • 50% more original music from 65daysofstatic

That’s a lot, but let’s give a little more detail about some of the biggest additions.

As the title suggests, Path Finder heralds a new era of planetary exploration in No Man’s Sky. New vehicles, called Exocraft, enable explorers to travel at great speed across even the most inhospitable planetary terrains. There are three Exocraft to unlock and collect through Base Building, each of which can be further improved with powerful weaponry, mining equipment, and long-range scanners to maximize their effectiveness.

For those seeking the ultimate challenge, we’ve introduced a brutally difficult new game mode called Permadeath. Not only does this mode mirror the high difficulty level of Survival mode (which, by the way, has been made harder with damaged ships crash landing on planets), but dying will also wipe your saves and start you from the beginning. Of course, this deserves recognition, so new Trophies have been introduced for Survival and Permadeath mode.

No Man’s Sky has never looked better, with a host of visual improvements including new high resolution textures, improved lighting, ambient occlusion, and of course PS4 Pro support. Players looking to capture their favorite moments can also make use of a new photo mode. This screenshot tool lets players change the time of day, increase or decrease fog and cloud levels, unlock their camera for the perfect angle, and even add filters to their screenshots. We can’t wait to see what the community can come up with!

Each ship and weapon in the game now has a specialization (like fighter, hauler, scientific) and class (A, B, C, and the ultra rare S). New offensive weapon types have been added for starships and multi-tools, and you can now purchase multiple ships and store them in your freighter.

The full patch notes are pretty lengthy, so head over to the official Path Finder website for more info.

Thank you again for your support. We hope you enjoy.

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  • Before the inevitable whining and self-entitlement begins…

    …kudos to you guys for sticking with this game and continuing to make a good thing better at no cost to us.

    • I second that sentiment. Kudos indeed.

    • Third. It is wonderful to see the team working towards their vision despite the initial reception. Also, to Sony who I am sure is helping this evolve and for supporting new ideas in gaming.

    • Fourth. Don’t care what anyone says, I’ve enjoyed my time with this game.

    • If my buddy Pendharker says this is good….then I may have to check it out. You may have another sale here guys!

    • I will share the sentiment of the well wishers here and say that this looks like a solid step in the right direction for NMS and if they keep up the pattern of improvements then the game will live up to a good standard and we can point to those that bailed ship early and tell them that they should have stuck around for the ride and see where it took us

    • I agree. I like that they keep giving me a reason to come back to the game.

    • WOW! You guys REALLY think we would have received this content if it had not received the backlash (legal & public) that it did???

      They’re fighting for survival as developers. If they hadn’t lied & misrepresented their game so severely. They wouldn’t NEED or be entertaining the notion of providing this support.

      Everyone makes mistakes, sometimes even huge ones like NMS release. If they do actually do enough to retrieve the faith lost on them then fair play, they’ll deserve it. However I’m not naive enough to be blowing smoke up them just yet.

    • Can we get a chest that stays in the space station so we can store certain items I’ll need for later
      That way I don’t always have to take up my inventory spots when I go exploring

    • I believe and love this game’s basic idea from the first day I heard. I bought the game with no hesitate. For me, now it’s out from the beta. Well played Hello Games.

    • Yeah like seriously! This game is honestly at least in my top fifteen favourite games!

  • Free is good. Let’s keep it like that.

  • I’m glad you guys are sticking with making this game better with each update. While I didn’t dislike the game but I shelved it once I heard of future updates.

    It’ll be a interesting revisit for me once this game hits the one year mark.

    • I hope they add more and new missions (something a little more deeper than a fetch mission) that is what I think will bring back a lot of players and add depth

  • I appreciate the amends being made. No Mans Sky is in no way a bad game, shame on me for joining the hype train. Look forward to this after a day of playing Horizon, something to bring the adrenaline rush down & relax with. Good job!!!

  • Awesome! Tuned for more updates! This game will become great with little more effort. My only wish is to explore together with friends :D

  • FIRST post aces it!

    Thanks for the update, Chris!

  • I’m all for the studio fixing their mistakes, but… C’mon, now. ‘Path Finder’? With Mass Effect: Andromeda right around the corner?

  • I loved No mans Sky as it was, I ventured to 3 galaxy centers over 600 hours of relaxing play time. With this update it’s time to add more! Whats not to like about cool free updates. Thanks Hello Games…

  • Will the new trophies be alongside the main release, as if it were DLC? I’m still going for the plat and I have no interest in super difficult modes, so I’m hoping that they haven’t been added to the main game’s trophies.

    Thanks for the great update! I can’t wait to head back in.

    • As with all post release content, I’m about 99.9% sure the extra trophies will not be require for the platinum. I am not really interested in extra difficulties, either, but I do already have the NMS Platinum.

    • As BBurgSteve said, additional trophies released due to DLC are often given their own sub section under trophies. Plat trophies are earned after collecting all trophies under the base game.

  • Sweet thank you hello games I love this game and am glad to see it grow and gain depth. I love the art style keep it up

  • Awesome to see so many positive comments here; it’s both unexpected and refreshing. #PSWELOVEYOUXOXO

  • With this update, I think i am going to download the game again and play a new save.

  • Pro support you say? Time to do some more exploration.

  • I’ve always enjoyed this game I’m glad you guys are able to work more with this game glad you have made this update, I am excited to play.

  • This update looks to be really awesome. My fingers are cross that Playstation VR support is something possible in the future.

  • Missing link should be to but if I make it an actual link this post will go into moderation hell.

    Had a lot of fun with No Man’s Sky at launch, then went back and had a lot more with the Foundation update. Super excited to explore this new update as well!

  • Looks like a great update, thanks for continually improving NMS! Now maybe VR support for the next update? :)

  • Wonderful. I got a PS4 a little over two months ago and No Man’s Sky was one of the first games I got. I’ve enjoyed every moment of playing and this will make it more entertaining.

  • People still play this

  • Build race tracks?

    To race against…. who exactly?

    • My guess is it’s more leaderboard-centric. Best times, maybe with a ghost mode.

      Unless they are hinting of some sort of multiplayer to come, but if that’s the case, I don’t expect that for several more months.

      Though if actual multiplayer does eventually come, I’m diving right back in. That’s what the vast majority of people really do want.

  • I’m happy to Hello Games making improvements to No Man’s Sky. The reason why I haven’t picked up this game yet is because of the controversy about the missing features that were promised before release that are not in the final version unfortunately. Hopefully once things start to clear up and all the missing promised features that weren’t added in the final version are added in, I’ll eventually pick it up.

    • “I’m happy that Hello Games” is what I was meant to type in, not “I’m happy to Hello Games”.

  • I had the game on day 1. Bought the “special” edition…and absolutely loved it. Got my fill after about 50 hours of playing, when I was 150,000 light years away from the center (still). So I watched the “end” of the game on YouTube…and decided I was done with the game. I thoroughly enjoyed about the first 40 hours of the game. then I think something else was coming up that I wanted to play, and I tried to jump closer to the center of the galaxy more quickly. Once the game turned into strictly resource gathering so that I could travel from system to system, it stopped being fun for me. Did it to myself.

    This update (and the previous one) has me intrigued about jumping back in…if the price weren’t $60 on PSN, I might actually do it.

    Then again, Mass Effect Andromeda is coming in two weeks! And it seems like it’ll hit some of the same exploration notes that I loved about No Man’s Sky, but will also have characters and story, etc.

  • Another awesome update! Something is missing though… more trophies. Please add more trophies that tie into the new activities with every update.

  • I know this game had a horrible launch and a lot of controversy around it, and for a lot of people that’s the end of it. They were lied to, let down, and that was that. Me, I watched Sean play it on IGN before buying, knew exactly what I was getting, heard about all the patches to add content, and decided I would buy in at the full $60 price point. The folks that feel they were cheated, that’s fair, no one can tell you how to feel. To anyone that hasn’t bought it and are worried, buy it next time it’s on sale. It’s more than worth it now.

  • Sounds great! I’ve enjoyed this game since release. Any word on VR support?

  • So no extra detail on ‘Base Sharing Online’ in the blog post… does this mean with the update, we will be able to teleport to friends’ bases and explore with them, or we will simply be able to see others’ bases if we simply stumble across them?

    Adding the ability to create race courses, along with new ship and weapon types, we are inching closer to some form of multiplayer…

  • Love the game! There may be other space exploration and battle games out there, but there is none where the struggle to survive in harsh enviorments is so crucial.

    My journey is slow, as I do have other interests, but my enjoyment of this game is enthusiastic! I am wholeheartedly looking forward to the latest update. Thank you, Hello Games!

  • Thank you, Hello Games. This game had so much unfulfilled potential, and you’ve stuck with it to deliver more and more. You’ve addressed the (at least in good part well-deserved) criticism and bad press in the best way possible: by continuing to work to improve the game. Good job and kudos.

  • Awesome update. Didnt get to read too much but is there HDR support as well?

  • Looked at the list of updates… didn’t see third person play support. Darn.

    Well, I’m glad that everyone who likes this game is getting more of it. Good to see a developer stick with a game.

  • I’m looking forward to this update.

    I’m still exploring and surviving the harsh enviorments of this fantastic game. My journey is slow, as I do have other interests, but my enjoyment is deep. Love the game. Thank you, Hello Games!

  • Path Finder? Really? I mean… REALLY? Path Finder? Isn’t there another game coming out in less than 2 weeks where you play as a… Path Finder?

    • Pathfinder is a Mars Rover. And a Nissan car model. It makes total sense calling this update Pathfinder.

  • Maybe it is a good moment to try this game.
    I mean it’s extremely cheap nowadays and it keeps getting support from the developers.
    It’s interesting to say the least

  • My first ever comment on something but I just wanted to say thank you for not abandoning the game and for continuing to update for free. I know a lot of what was promised wasn’t at launch, and you pushed up the deadline for launch way before you should have(the community threatening you probably didn’t help) but thanks for setting out to finish the vision you have. This new update, with new trophies and all, is Boss!

  • I really liked the new features in the Foundation update and this one looks to be another huge step forward. Looking forward to sharing my base with others, and even making my own race tracks (??) – fun stuff.

  • I have to echo what so many have said – it’s awesome that Hello has continued to improve and develop NMS. I enjoyed the initial release, and am reinstalling it for a second dip. Looks fun!

  • So, update that adds content that was never mentioned during any of the hype. Still don’t have any of the stuff originally promised. Such as lush planets, varried wildlife, Multi-player, and non-repetative planet. When every planet is identical to each other, what’s the point of exploring? Everything is a grind but you really don’t need to ever leave your starting planet… Ever. There is literally no reason to do any of the things this game is being sold as. Even the “story” is weak and does nothing to get you interested. They can throw all the updates they want at it, but until they address the real broken and missing parts, this will always be an absolute failure of a game. The photo stuff is in Horizon Zero Dawn, so technically they beat you to it. I am going to predict that the stuff I mentioned above is going to be added in the first “paid dlc” even though they originally said all updates would be free, then reneged and hinted at paid dlc right before the launch. Still disappointed in this game still an epic let down.

    • You clearly haven’t played the Foundation update, or you’ve just been exceptionally lucky. Many of the resources and NPCs you need to progress through construction cannot be found on one planet, or even one system.

  • Love the continued support! Need to get back into this soon

  • I’m very impressed with the constant free updates to this game. I think it’s worth buying if this is the kind of developer support we’re getting with No Mans Sky. Added to my Target cart. =]

  • Sooo… is there a proper story mode/point to the game now? I quit playing when I the game prevented me from getting the 10th stone, and I ended up having to buy one, and then it still wouldn’t register I had 10 stones. So in anger I sold the stones, and blah…..

  • Oh man! Galactic races, base visitations, multiple ships and terrestrial craft?? How am I supposed to get any sleep between this and horizon?? Hey! My PSVR is in the mail, any chance of getting that in the next big update? I can’t imagine a game better suited for a VR experience, to be frank.

  • The chest would be in every space station
    So I jump and everything I have saved would be in the next station

  • But love the game
    I can’t stand the hate this game receives

  • Massive credit to Hello Games, this game just keeps getting better! Thanks for sticking with us and improving upon the core game. Many of us love it as much as you do, and our shared vision is becoming clearer. I’m so stoked to play around with the newest features, thank you!

  • Nice! I just picked up nms. Have yet to try it, its next on the list, I hope this cool update is up a running when I start playing

  • NMS was already a lot of fun. I’m glad to see all of the additions and improvements to the game. I pity the fool that never played NMS!

  • OK, just to be clear! These screenshots are PS4 Pro im assuming right? Cause it looks really nice but im on my my phone atm… so everything is super hi-res.

  • Is anyone even playing this “game” anymore? I think everyone should just move on and let dead rest in peace.

  • Nice update,the vehicles look cool and like something that should’ve been in the game since the beginning.Anyway I don’t hate NMS or anything and may pick up in the future but lol I knew this game would be a flop…it was too overhyped.

  • Love NMS. Played a lot initially, a little after the foundation update. Will enjoy getting back into it again soon, playing Horizon now. Have a young daughter and looking forward to her playing no man’s sky in the future also. It’s just a wonderful game. I welcome the improvements.

    Promise me you will never, EVER, make it freemium! Ever!

    That is all :)

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