InnerSpace Coming to PS4 This Summer, Sample the Soundtrack Today

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InnerSpace Coming to PS4 This Summer, Sample the Soundtrack Today

What started as a small game jam between friends transformed into an exploration of an inverted world, rife with secrets.

It started small. A game jam between friends from college. The idea was simple: a world of inverted physics. Gravity would pull outward instead of in. Then they wondered, what would be the best way to explore these strange new bubble worlds? How about a flying game? A flying game where you could freely explore this realm — now called the Inverse — so different from our own. A place filled with monolithic ruins and the mystery of the ancients who came before.

It was different. It was fun. It was trippy. Whatever it was, this was a game that needed to be made. And so, this group of friends from Dallas created their own development studio, PolyKnight Games. They shared their vision on Kickstarter, and they quickly hit their goal. InnerSpace was born.

Flash forward a year. We, Aspyr Media, descended on PAX South to get our hands on every single unique game we could find. We came to InnerSpace. A crazy little plane was flying around and somehow diving underwater. The art was ethereal. The music was otherworldly. We didn’t know quite what we were seeing. We just knew this was a world we wanted to explore. We sat down with PolyKnight and started to talk.

Back then, InnerSpace was set to release on desktop with just a couple of levels. We wanted to know if PolyKnight had the extra time and resources, what the best, fully-fleshed-out version of InnerSpace would look like. PolyKnight shared their vision, and their vision became ours.

Hands were shook. Documents were signed. Drinks were poured. And today, after countless hours of work — and so, so much play — we are proud to share with you that InnerSpace is coming to PS4 this summer. Greatness awaits! To celebrate, we’ve got three InnerSpace songs for you to check out, right here on PlayStation.Blog

From the very beginning, InnerSpace had very specific design goals. The focus would be on discovery, those small and grandiose moments that are player-driven. An ancient world of gods and mystery, that reveals itself at your pace. The end goal was to encourage experimentation, exploration, and epic encounters with enormous creatures. Inspired by the likes of Proteus and Shadow of the Colossus, but with, you know, airplanes that turn into submarines.

We can’t wait for you to fly. This summer, your greatest journey is within.

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