Farpoint Launches May 16 on PS VR, Features Online Co-op

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Farpoint Launches May 16 on PS VR, Features Online Co-op

Face the dangers of an unknown planet with an Aim controller in hand... and a friend by your side.

More shocking than an alien spider jumping at your face, I’m happy to reveal Farpoint co-op! The undiscovered planet in Farpoint is unpredictable and dangerous, but no longer does it have to be a solitary experience. You and a friend can explore the planet together in cooperative levels.

Farpoint places you on on a distant hostile world with your only chance of survival and escape being to uncover its secrets and reunite with your team. In addition to the full single-player campaign, sharing the virtual world of Farpoint in co-op has been a key objective of the project from the beginning.

Farpoint features four new online* co-op levels at launch — each level designed to challenge the combined firepower of two players with teams competing for the highest score.

To help players meet the challenge of Farpoint, we have been working with PlayStation to develop the PS VR Aim controller which simulates the look and feel of a weapon in your hands right down to the virtual scope and built in haptic feedback.

Playing Farpoint with the PS VR Aim controller not only gives you precision accuracy and unprecedented immersion when playing through the campaign, but since the controller tracks the movements of your co-op partner, it gives their character a new level of expression. When your friend leans over to look through the virtual scope on their weapon, you’ll see their avatar do it as well!

To go along with the co-op theme here, I want to take this opportunity to tell you that fans who pre-order Farpoint will be able to suit up in the exclusive Red Planet Wanderer Spacesuit Skin.

Farpoint launches May 16, 2017 in the U.S. and Canada, either bundled with the PS VR Aim controller for $79.99 USD/$99.99 CAN (MSRP) or standalone for $49.99 USD/$59.99 CAN (MSRP) in both physical and digital formats.

For more information and the latest updates on Farpoint follow us @ImpulseGear on Twitter and Facebook.

*PS Plus membership required to access online features.

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  • Awesome to hear about co-op. Can you play with the regular Dualshock 4 controller or Move + Navigation controller/Sharpshooter? Or is the aim controller required?

    • You can play Farpoint with the PSVR Aim controller and the DS4.

    • I am wicked excited for this title on PSVR

    • Got mine pre-ordered. Really loving the whole VR experience and the endless possibilities developers are continuing to discover. From day one, the game, the world, the idea of using a gun as your controller in VR (beyond what sharpshooter did for ps3) I was sold.

  • Will the bundle come with a digital copy or disc copy of the game? Will there even be an option to get the Aim Controller bundle with a digital code for the game?

    • +1

      I’d like to pre-order the game and controller, but would rather it be a digital game code than the physical disk.

    • big-_-_-_-boss69

      Yes I agree with this. I would like a digital copy of the game as well as the controller, so if the bundle mentioned comes with a physical copy, please at least have a controller/digital code bundle on Amazon for the same price. Thanks!

    • Exactly! When will they learn that there are people who are enjoying buying digital. I stopped buying collectors editions due to this.

  • Will you be able to buy the Aim controller by itself if you want to buy the game digital ?

    • Yeah the pre order is already up for just the aim controller on amazon

    • Yes, you can buy Farpoint and the PSVR Aim controller separately.

    • Yes, but the bundle with the disk is a really good deal. The game is $50 and the Aim controller is $60, but the bundle with both is only $80.

    • Yeah But if you have amazon Prime you’ll want to get the bundle the Bundle is only $69 with Prime while the controller alone is $59. Just Preordered my Bundle I can’t wait!!!!

  • I’m wondering about the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter controller as well. This hardware was barely supported, it’d be nice to get some use out of it. If it’s not supported, then why?

  • I don’t have a VR but I was keeping an eye on this game. Having online co-op is AWESOME!!

  • So hyped for this!!

  • This game has been on my radar since the day it was announced. Interested to know when we can pre-order the game on the PSN store (I checked just now and it is not up yet) and the Aim Controller on Amazon Canada (it is not up there yet either). Thanks for making such a good game ImpulseGear and I can’t wait until May 16 (my outdoor cycling may have to be put on hold [or I can hope it is rainy month]).

  • Pre-ordered on Amazon. I have Prime, but didn’t see the 20% discount. I hope that is rectified and reflected in my pre-order price!

    Looking forward to this and Star Trek: Bridge Crew this May!!

  • I really hope there will be a way players intending to buy the digital version will be able to take advantage of the Aim Controller bundle pricing.

  • Super stoked for this (as you can probably tell by my PSN avatar)

  • SETH LUISI, u ruined SOCOM 4 with random headshots! I will never forgive u…unless u make Farpoint big & great with lots of challenging action. Btw, are u still gonna be a terrorist character in HHour, the indie SOCOM 2 successor coming to PS4 next year?

  • I was interested and now completely sold because of co-op. 8) My one longtime psn friend that has VR will be excited to hear this.

  • @ Impulse Gear : When Killzone 3 was released, it was also sold with a new type of controller (the sharp shooter) and despite its price (more than 50€) I bought it because I thought it was the beginning of a new area for FPS games … but unfortunately only 3 or 4 games were compatible with this accessory and I really felt screwed … I still possess it because I have always thought that, one day it will be useful again ! So, please Impulse Gear, be clear and honest with all the people like me who bought the sharp shooter : is it technically possible to make the sharp shooter compatible with Farpoint and are you working on it ? Thanks

  • Will be buying this with the PS VR Aim controller. Just hope I can find someone else to play this online with. Don’t know many that have PS VR.

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