Nier: Automata Was Fueled by an Unknown Passion

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Nier: Automata Was Fueled by an Unknown Passion

Hello, I’m Yoko Taro. I’m the director for a game called Nier: Automata that launches March 7 on PS4.

The reason why I’m writing here today is because I received a question from the PlayStation.Blog team:

“The original Nier has become a cult classic, but what does it mean to you, and what were your goals for the sequel?”

But… it’s hard to answer because I didn’t have a noble vision for it. Rather, it was more like a force of habit.

When I created Nier, it was getting harder to create games within the business structure of the company that I was working for at that time, and I thought to myself “This is so tiresome, maybe I’ll just leave the company.” The concept document that I wrote at that time, thinking that it would be my last, was the prototype for Nier.

After many twists and turns, the previous Nier became a title that I like, although it did not sell too well and I did end up leaving my previous company.

However, fans of the previous title have continued to support it for a long time after that. This reached the producer’s ears, which led to the start of the Nier: Automata project… this is the sequence of events leading up to our release of this game.

Everyone at PlatinumGames who developed this game respected the previous title and created a spectacular game for us. I was in charge of the scenario, but it’s all poop so I don’t want you to expect too much from it.

Sorry, I went off track there.

What I wanted to say was that both the previous Nier and current Nier: Automata are games that exist due to the constant support of fans. The true nature of a game is not a strong and charismatic director displaying his or her vision, but instead is something formed by some kind of an unknown passion felt by a greater number of people.

And after being formed in such a way, I’m not quite sure what kind of result Nier: Automata will bring about. I do think that there will be all sorts of reactions to it. Some may think that it’s fun, and others may think that it’s boring.

But as someone that took part in the creation of the game, I do hope that it would hold some kind of meaning to everyone that plays it.

Alright then, goodbye.

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  • Can´t wait for the poop.

    • Nintendo fans are talking about stagnation. With the games Playstation has gotten in the past few months and the rave reviews this game is getting, it feels like they are the ones stagnating. I get that BotW is an amazing game but it’s the 25th installment give or take of a series, meanwhile we’re getting this amazingly well reviewed poop, and somehow our platform is the one that is stagnant?

      I hope the people that couldn’t get the Switch day 1 will look at this game or Horizon and give good poop a fair shake rather than just decrying that only Nintendo has any real innovation. Let’s get past the talking points and back to playing all these truly unique experiences. I guess I gotta pre-order this game asap.

    • To each his own, but I do agree. I don’t get how people can go by with pretty much 3 or 4 games being re-released again and again for the 20th time and not having any other games to play…

      What I don’t get is how anyone can talk about stagnation ? PS4 had the best, most exciting games lineup in the last X months and it is still going strong

  • Everyone who I know who has played this poop(the Japanese version specifically) has loved it, so I am definitely looking forward to experiencing a new form of poop myself next week.

  • Already playing the asian version that include english subtitle. All i can say is…..thank you for the poop Yoko Taro-san

  • You’re such a nut. Please never change

  • Yoko Taro, never leave the game industry and drink more.

  • I still had fond memories from the original Nier after all these years thanks to your unique storytelling style, Taro san.

    Please never stop.

    And please keep delivering final bosses like those in the Drakengard series.

  • I Was done playing the Game its such a great Experience, Thanks for you hard work and passion Taro-san.

    Also i’m gladly Sacrifice my data For the Glory of Mankind indeed

  • Yoko Taro, your games are the most unique examples of of works of an auteur in this industry. They are really special. Drakengard changed the way I viewed games. I’m really happy that Square Enix (and maybe Sony in a way) keep giving you space to create. I still haven’t played nier automata, but I’m already sure I will love it. You know why? Because this is a dream come true. My favorite auteur just came to make a game with my favorite gameplay-focused developer: platinum. I couldn’t imagine, even in my dreams, that this would happen some day. Thank you for your work.

  • Taro you are amazing. Please remaster original Nier with improved combat and improved fishing :)

    I hope everyone had a chance to play Nier

  • Nier is one of my favorite games! Can’t wait for this one!

  • Taro-san, please make drakengard 4 with platinum games, it seems you both are great at making games together. Meanwhile, I can’t wait to play nier automata this month :)

  • Sorry gang but this game is in my backlog. Horizon: Zero Dawn, Tom Clancy Wildlands and Mass Effect: Andromeda have my march Covered. I’ll get to this sometime during the summer. But enjoy thoses who are getting it day 1 :)
    PlayStation – “WHERE THE GAMES ARE”

  • Fake exclusive.

    This game also available on PC

    Sony should be sued for lying to us

    • Console gaming and PC gaming are two different worlds. When one refers to a game as exclusive, one usually means ‘console’ exclusive.

    • Wow. This post is bollocks, I hope it isn’t intended to be serious. Even as a PlayStation fanboy myself, I’m happy, that it’s not exclusive and more people get to play it.

  • This guy is so cool. I am glad I pre-ordered.

  • I missed out on the original Nier. Any chance of a remastered version? Will definitely check this one out.

  • NieR is a game I will always cherish the moment I experienced all of the endings. I will forever keep both the original NieR and NieR: Automato in my gaming collection. Don’t stop pooping Yoko Taro.

  • I’ve never had a more emotional response to a game than I did with the original NieR, there is nothing else quite like it and I try to recommend it to every gamer I know. Never in a million years did I think it would get a sequel and am so happy to see it being well-received, soooo friggin stoked for the western release. Thank you, Yoko Taro!!! All the best!

  • Can’t wait until my Black Box Edition comes in the mail. Keep making crazy games Yoko Taro!

  • its fueled by the time traveller from the future. Life as he knows it….

  • PPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPP! The first was one of the oddest games, that had it’s problems but it has stuck with me more then any game I played on my PS3 due to it’s truly odd nature. Excited to see it again, and the reviews from Asia have been great.

  • Drakengard 1 is one of my most memorable experiences in gaming in high school, as it showed how far a team could actually push writing and a message to the player through interactivity. Only games like Undertale and Spec Ops the line have tried to communicate this in the same way Drakengard and Nier have been able to so effectively through the expert writing, atmosphere and characters.

    Yoko Taro, i salute thee, for the Glory Of Mankind.

  • I love you, Yoko Taro !

    Nier: Automata is one of the most fantastic games I’ve ever played, congratulations and thank you !

  • Can you please hold my hand, Yoko? Lets be friends.

  • Also Yoko Taro, can you get us some NieR Automata PSN Avatars? :)

  • Agent_Red_Bullet

    So, excited for this game, I just love this guy he’s such a odd person who makes the best poop games.
    Please never change.

  • All of my money, Yoko Taro… TAKE IT ALL!!

  • This is the most BIZARRE post I’ve ever seen on PS Blog. Super insecure sounding game director admits people may find the game boring? What the hell. Not encouraging since I just digitally pre-ordered the game.

  • Cool that games really great games

  • Ha what a nice reading…I loved the demo,the game is right up ma alley gotta say I wasn’t expecting much from this game so it surprised me.The far view camera from up was the only downside but anyway this is already a must buy for me.Glad to see platinum back on the rails cuz in the last years you guys were doing only crappy games lol.

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