PS Plus: Free Games for March 2017

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PS Plus: Free Games for March 2017

Hello PlayStation Nation — ready to game? This month we have the action-packed Disc Jam and the beautiful Tearaway Unfolded for our PS Plus lineup.

First up, Disc Jam, which is an insanely addicting cross between air hockey and tennis. Players scramble to retrieve and throw a glowing disc while unleashing powerful abilities and defending their end zone. This game is just launching on PlayStation Store but is available to all PlayStation Plus members as part of your membership. It’s a must-have in your collection!

We’ve also lined up the gorgeous Tearaway Unfolded for PS4. Tearaway Unfolded is the expanded retelling of the BAFTA award-winning PlayStation Vita game Tearaway, where you are placed in a magical papery world and tasked with delivering a top-secret message while collecting papercraft models.

Full Lineup

  • Disc Jam, PS4
  • Tearaway Unfolded, PS4
  • Under Night: In-Birth, PS3
  • Earth Defense Force 2025, PS3
  • Lumo, PS Vita (crossbuy on PS4)
  • Severed, PS Vita


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    • Anyone else wonder when they games like this (I have a ps4 so the two games for me personally is lackluster) how much it would cost just to play online and not get the free games that helps warrant the price of ps plus.

    • @BeerManMike, LOL! Spot-on for this sad line-up.

    • Good lineup. I had only played the tearaway demo on vita so this is nice, severed looks good, so with 2 games I want that’s a win. EDF 2025 is a bit sad when the vastly improved EDF 4.1 on ps4 is the same game but with more content and far less slowdown on single player. Maybe it’ll be a stealthy cross buy….That’d be awesome then because it’s a great game to play with friends.

    • I don’t agree mainly for Severed. Yeah, I paid for it already, but it was an amazing game and among the best ones I played last year. Sometimes I regret getting a game for free when I already paid for it, but not this time. The devs totally deserve the money on this one.

    • Agreed

    • Yeah Online play would be nice … and could potentially lower the cost

      good Idea !

    • @ WanderingRoxas

      The price of PS Plus would be, as it was, the same. The games are simply an added bonus [sometimes]. Sony doesn’t have to offer games. They didn’t in the past. While it’s often unfortunate we don’t get what we want it’s as much so that gamers don’t buy what they want simply because they hope or feel it may come to Plus for free. Anyway, fact is the games are a bonus so if Sony removed them PS+ would still cost the same.

    • Hey come on, the games actually look pretty fun.

    • I agree @WanderingRoxas they need to have a membership for just online at one set rate then another for online with free games at It’s own set rate for the PS4. Cause these games there dropping, indie or not are just terrible in my opinion .And honestly i Was shocked that lbp3 was on there for April. An actual well developed game lol,sad part is i added it to library cause i dont even play it but i also couldnt pass up the opportunity stashing it for future play.Rocket League was my only other favorite in the last 2 yrs for PS4 plus membership. They have to give us more games on that level (LBP3,etc…) rather than what there giving us monthly.I would rather pay more for the membership if the game line up monthly was better. Because at this point id rather pay to just play online than pay to play the free games they offer with said membership monthly cause it doesn’t entice or interest me enough to look forward to. “Real Bars”

    • Sometimes I miss the free games line up on Xbox. Every now and again Sony has something decent like How to survive. I’m just not an indie player kind of guy. I wish we had pricing for just online playing because it’s gotten too expensive for getting free games I have no interest in

    • Disc jam looks somewhat interesting, don’t care for tearaway and PS VITA is dead (both figuratively and literally because i can’t find my charger and i can’t be bothered to look for it) so all in all a pretty disappointing lineup

    • I’d rather just pay for online if they’re just gonna bring us low class games for free, I don’t see the point. Ps3 was great with the free games, true free games that were more than 10GB. Now on ps4, you would think they would advertise the power of the console by dropping a meaty game on us every month, but instead we are getting games I could probably run on full graphics on my mobile phone, it’s ridiculous when you look at how much money they’re making anyway. Drop the low class games and charge me cheaper for online membership and I’ll be happy. Up to now I have been disappointed big time by the free game line up, lbp3 is probably the best to date and even that has nothing on the likes of witcher 3 for example. Sort it out Sony ffs

    • Sarges24 said:

      March 2nd, 7:56 pm

      @ WanderingRoxas

      The price of PS Plus would be, as it was, the same. The games are simply an added bonus [sometimes]. Sony doesn’t have to offer games. They didn’t in the past. While it’s often unfortunate we don’t get what we want it’s as much so that gamers don’t buy what they want simply because they hope or feel it may come to Plus for free. Anyway, fact is the games are a bonus so if Sony removed them PS+ would still cost the same.

      that sounds like a x-box er answer.u must be new to PlayStation. ps plus started on ps3 when online was free plus was a membership for free games and discounts nothing was not until ps4 did they try and boost ps plus sales by forcing plus to play online.they can easy add a online pass only for way i dont understand how u say they didnt in the past.x box started the pay for play no games and just started competing with sony for free u got it backwards.plain and simple we are forced to pay a membership fee to play.sure they can get even more greedy and remove free games but would completely reverse the whole purpose of why they started plus to begin with.

    • BedpanJiggyBones

      @WanderingRoxas It would be free.Like it used to be.

    • I’m about to cancel my membership. They jack the price up on us and we get beta **** and indie games that will be 2.50 on the ps store in 6 months. Wt actual f. How they can they possibly justify this bs? It’s insulting. As a consumer I feel insulted. The mobile app is trash as well as the messenger app (for android anyway) so where is the money going? Remember when they announced ps4 and told us all it was going to be a paid ps plus subscription now so they could bring us BETTER CONTENT and a BETTER EXPERIENCE? Well I’m getting tired of waiting. The games I play online most don’t require a ps plus subscription so… why the hell am I still giving them money?

    • I agree with some of the statements here. Sony listen to your user base, give the option to drop the crap line up of games every month and make an online play only option. You still make money on the side of those who would like to play online and the users might actually not feel like they are been ripped off month after month like I do now by been offered subscription games they have no interested in.

    • Thanks for the same old B.S sony havet had any good games in 2 years on plus and ooooo 4 triple A titles only 1 was good just because you own the market now once the Scorpio drops guess where the pro Cod players are going to go and the i gotta have the top of the line gamers are going even the sony fans are mad you guys are being dumb !

    • I have unsubscribed last december… And I don’t mind. I play Nioh offline just fine, played Yakuza 0 for a long time and now there’s some stuff I wanted on steam that are on sale, which has free online.

      As a statement, everyone should just unsubscribe. I know I have 0 incentives to get back on ps Plus.

  • What the hell, we just got Lumo a couple of months ago. It wasn’t a great game then, I don’t expect it’ll be much better this time around. Maybe you should have given us Earth Defense Force for Vita instead, that would have been nice.

    • Lumo has never been a PS+ game.

    • Are you thinking of limbo

    • Sony doesn’t redistribute the same games ever on Plus

    • Lumo was also released in august 2016. That is officially not a couple of months ago if you were referring to the release date. Also plus does not repeat so it wasn’t a pus game either. You seem confused and need a hug.

    • @Mando44646 and whereymyconary

      The only gripe I’ve ever had with ps plus is that Sony gave the same games away, multiple times. Within the first 2 years, they gave away repeat games 2 or 3 times. Maybe they haven’t done it recently, but it has happened.

    • @dac2u no they didn’t. The first couple of years many games were constantly available and were never taken down. Like gravity rush. That probably has you confused. Also the format was completely different. If you remember there was no strict rule of replaced games. We may have had the same vita game for two months, or two weeks before another replaced it. The system now is regular and evenly distributed on a monthly basis.

    • @veryhoudini11 Nope, I’m not confused I think your memory is a bit fuzzy, check the link below and it shows I’m right. I was a member of PS Plus for the first 3 years and now again this past 6 month. The PS Plus games were not constantly available, they were available for around 2 months; in some rare cases a while longer.

      I stand by what I said earlier, the only gripe I’ve ever had with PS Plus is the repeat games they’ve issued in the past (first few years). Otherwise, I’ve been completely happy with the service and have always felt I’ve received more than my money’s worth. But, when someone says “Sony doesn’t redistribute the same games ever on Plus” they’re 100% wrong.

    • They never gave same gave repeatedly. They haven’t even gave remastered version of games on ps4 which they gave on ps3

    • @Dac2u PS Plus has never repeated any games. Like veryhoudini11 said, for the first while the time a game would be up for grabs was indefinite, and maybe it was there for a month, maybe 6 months, maybe 2 weeks. I’ve never seen a repeated game, ever.

  • Oh man, Severed for free. I envy all the people who get to play this for the first time. :)

    • True! Severed is great. I bought it when it released so I kinda glossed over that. I played Tearaway on Vita as well, fantastic game. So it’s not all bad by any means.

    • Oh hey! That’s me! I’ve glanced at it several times and even had it in my cart once, but somehow never pulled the trigger. Can’t wait to play… saved the March line-up for me, if I’m honest (bought Tearaway Unfolded on flash sale a couple of months back…)

    • Agreed, getting Severed is awesome.

      A bit surprised we didn’t get the Vita version of Tearaway as well though.

    • For the life of me I can’t understand why THIS isn’t the headline. Servered is an amazing offer. Happy to see it in the lineup. Plus there are SO man new AAA games out that a more chill indie focus is most welcome between my Horizon and Nioh gaming this month.

    • That’s definitely a minority opinion. Severed is a knuckle dragging Indy title. Tired of this garbage month in and out. All they listen to is curators that dig this short, cheap and lazy gameplay and story telling.

    • Are you guys kidding me? Severed looks like a game made for kids. If you’re a kid, then that would make sense. The entire visual style looks like a free flash game you download for free online. The fighting scenes look simplistic. Nothing about this game looks good.

    • @l337AZN I played through Severed while I was on vacation. At first I didn’t think much, but give it a try and you’ll see it’s actually a great game. I platinum’d it and enjoyed it very much, definitely one of my favorite Vita games so far.

  • I literally should just stop buying games. Especially Vita games considering how small the library in the west is which means it’s just going to be offered on PS Plus. Smh. Already had Tearaway on Vita as well as a severed. For once I’d just like a good month where I don’t own any of the games already.

    • Yeah, just stop buying games then lol. Unless it’s a new AAA release.

    • Logically if you buy lots of games Ps plus is bad deal. If its games you want, you probably bought them already. On the other hand if you didn’t want it before you probably don’t want it now. It is not all bad, sometimes games debut on plus and sometimes you get surprised by a game that previously didn’t interest you.

    • @NEOMERCER I also have both Tearaway and Severed on Vita, but that doesn’t make the lineup weak. PS4 lineup on PS+ has been crappy since day 1, but I must say, although not incredible, LPB3 and Tearaway are a change in the right direction. I was used to getting good, quality games on PS3 and Vita, at least every couple months you’d get a big hitter. With PS4 that rarely ever happens… but, I think Tearaway and Severed saved this month for PS+.

  • This lineup looks interesting. Disc Jam is brand new so what a debut plus the gorgeous Tearaway: Unfolded looks amazing so let’s see how other folks will like this cause I, for one, am interested. :)

    • Agree!

      Some people in the comments here don’t get the fact that’s it’s not a beta, there was a beta recently to test the online matchmaking and infrastructure.

      But this Disc Jam included in PS Plus on LAUNCH-DAY is a 15-20$ game, with more features than the beta, and garanteed updates to come too, read it from the devs. The game have a lot of potential, hope people will try it, the game deserves it just for the fact that it’s based on skills and not not on perks or p2w like so many modern games that are really hurting gaming!

      If you like retro gaming in term of games being harder and more “fair” for every player, try this guys!

  • What an amazing lineup this is this month. Tearaway Unfolded is such an underappreciated gem and after playing the Beta I can say Disc Jam is a ton of fun too. Severed is one of the best games on the Vita and the PS3 lineup is great as well. Keep on giving us great lineups like this guys. A good mix of AAA and Indie.

  • Welp, I already have Severed, but it’s a grat game, glad more people will be able to play it for the first time

  • Severed was $4.49 for Plus members less than 2 weeks ago. So much for that purchase.

  • Can’t wait to play Disc Jam! I beat Tearaway on Vita and it was a lovely game. Still going through Severed right now. Pretty good month!

  • Under Night is a fantastic anime fighting game but it sucks the new update is only in JP arcades :(

  • Aman yarabbi bu oyunlarda ne böyle

  • Windjammers, huh?

  • Severed is great, been considering getting it and boom! But my God, the rest of March’s selection is garbage, at this point Xbox are far outstripping PS4 on this style of service… Do better… I think my year sub is coming up so i may cancel auto renew until I see some serious improvements.

    • JremmyTheCreator

      Both PS4 games are very good featured games. A BRAND NEW game in Disc Jam (which is a lot of fun imo) and a game that i’ve never played, but excited to try in Tearaway Unfolded.

    • ExplodingJuice82

      Look everyone! Someone else threatening to cancel their PS+ sub if they don’t get things they want. Nothing new. Another entitled baby whining here. Move along….

    • Lol you gotta be joking… I have both services (with 360, xb1… And ps3/vita/ps4) and my XBLG service was set to end in December… Nothing in in the last 3 months convinced me to restart gold… And march is no different. So have fun with your outdated terrible xblg games… Ill keep ps+ going… And maybe when xb1 gets something other than some junk indies, DLC (seriously KI dlc was our one of our jan games lolol) or failed games (evolve… LOL) and old titles (usually games that ps+ got years ago) then MAYBE ill rejoin. But dont lie to people by pretending xblg is any better than ps+ because it really isnt.

  • Disc Jam has been great to play in the beta, can’t wait for the entire PS4 audience to check this game out. Disc Jam has Rocket League level of community written all over it. Great move to make it a plus game.

  • I’m never one to actually complain about this stuff, but Severed was literally just on sale last week and I grabbed it. I like that I was able to support Drink Box, but that’s a pretty crappy thing to do.

    • Sony likes to do that A LOT so I would be weary of buying any more games when close to the end of the month like that. Especially Vita games.

  • Nice garbage! As always !

  • Good list, definitely excited to finally try Tearaway on PS4! I only have 1 question though. For EDF 2025 on PS3, this game has a PS4 version called EDF 4.1 and it’s basically a remaster with some new content. It’s the same game but with better frame rate which is important because the PS3 version runs kind of poorly. Will this version for PS4 also be downloadable when the PS3 version goes free next week? If not that kind of stinks, but it’s fine. Thanks!

  • Been looking each month for a reason to renew the membership I opted out of 2 years ago.

    Still waiting….

    • There’s no good reason to sub on PS+, personally I’m kinda forced to sub cause my friends are playing on ps4 online, but for sure it’s not worth… Specially if you hope to get good games… Cause nope, series Z Indies, and even more disappointed on Vita relases, but afterall, I don’t care much PC is my main gaming platform.

    • ExplodingJuice82

      Stay away then. No one cares.

    • PS+ Is to play online, the free games are just a bonus :) if you only pay PS+ for the free PS games please don’t pay it more this subscription :D

    • @explodingjuice- And no one cares about your fanboy sheep devotion either

    • Guess you don’t have any friends to play online games with considering thats what a PS Plus subscription is for. And all you ridiculous tween babies crying because you dont get the new Cod game are getting tiresome. Boo hoo my 6 free games arent all brand new AAA titles! I want my money back! Oh right, they are FREE.

    • @TukeerCcs actually, up until PS4, PS+ was $50 a year JUST FOR GAMES. So yeah, it’s not “just a bonus”, it’s an important part of the PS+ subscription. They realized they were not taking advantage of us enough, like Microsoft was doing with their users, so they decided to start forcing people to subscribe to play online. Throw a $10 increase on top of that.
      So yeah, let’s not pretend like the “free” games are a bonus, they’re not. That said, PS4’s lineup has been extremely poor since it started, but this month is not as bad as previous ones. Tearaway and Severed are both great games (I already have them, but glad others get to enjoy them now).

  • I criticize when it’s deserved, but I can’t do it this month. Good, varied selection.

  • Give us FIFA

  • Easiest decision ever was deciding I won’t renew my subscription to PS+ when it expires in a few months.

    • Thanks for sharing, babe.

    • Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • PS+ Is to play online, the free games are just a bonus :)

    • Have you ever bought games that were on the many MANY sales they have each month for sometimes up to 90% off….that is worth far more than the 10 bucks a month you spend on Playstation Plus. They dont HAVE to offer free games but they do. Most AAA titles are clones of other games. I have been greatly surprised more often on how good an indie title is than I have been with a lot of AAA titles. Plus with all the AAA titles I have got for free on PS3 more than pays for a lifetime subscription

  • How is the fact that SEVERED is free this month not the headline of this article?!

  • I’m actually impressed. It’s not like back in the day when we got infamous or DMC days but compared to the last few months, not bad at all. Glad to see a variety this time….and I’m one of the bad Plus critics

  • Disc Jam looks fun and Tearaway is a game I’ve always wanted to try since I love the LBP series. Not a bad month!

  • Got the Plat for Tearaway on Vita, great game. I bought Tearaway shortly after not realizing until after the fact that it’s the same game. My fault for not reading. Severed looks amazing and curious about Disc Jam. Thank you Sony!

    • Maybe I understood it wrong, but Tearaway PsV is not thesame as Tearaway ps4. Sure, they share a similiar story and locations, but the leveldesign is fresh and you can say the same about the abilities. Also there are a few new locations added. So it is still worth to be played.

  • The only worth games in the list I already own it and made all the trophies -___-

  • OMG I bought Severed when it was on sale a few months ago, but didn’t play it yet lol. Oh well, at least I supported them. Same with Tearaway Unfolded. I got it on sale last year for $8 CDN. I loved the Vita version, and this version is great too.

  • Tearaway, Disc jam, Severed, Earth Defence Force and Lumo. WTF this is a great line up full of great games and not so long ago ones at that. anyone who is angry are stupid people and only play one genre for their whole life

  • JuggaloHomie4321

    Yea this month is a bust luckily Mass Effect Andromeda is making up for this lineup when it releases can’t we get a FPS or a third person open world game please next month? I hope they take opinions into account

    • is it because you dont own a PS3 and PSvita? because all these games are great and have good reviews.

    • ^ Yeah it really sucks for those who only have a PS4 with the subscription lol.

    • You realize Mass Effect doesn’t launch until the end of the month, right? It’s weird that somebody who doesn’t appreciate stories in games would act interested in a franchise like Mass Effect.

    • So you just want a CoD game or a GTA game? Goes to show the type of gamer you are. Very close minded.

    • I like games like Mass Effect and I just wish we were offered games like that and I don’t own my ps3 anymore so it’s a disappointment to me and I thought they rid the ps3 already and no I’m not close minded it’s because there’s a bunch of titles that should be free like Killzone or Infamous

    • Ps4 games are awesome too, disc jam is a excellent game and Tearaway Unfolded is amazing and beautiful this is a great lineup i love it :D i cant wait to play Under Night In Birth, Disc Jam, Earth Defense Force 2025 and Tearaway Unfolded :)

  • Finally, a good month of games compared to the crappy offers for the last 6 months.

  • I want to play Under Night: In-Birth so bad! I wish it was available on PS4!!

  • If you haven’t played Under Night before, read this review. It’s easily one of the best fighters of the last generation, and if you have PS+ and a PS3, buy it.

  • Always wanted Earth Defense Force. And fell in love with Disc Jam the moment I started playing it. I hope whatever we have from beta carries over

  • Excited to try out Disc Jam! Woot Woot!

  • Sony is now too lazy to upload a video about it.

  • Nice lineup. Disc Jam looks fun and while I’ve played Tearaway on Vita that was a long time ago so I’m looking forward to checking out the PS4 adaptation. I already have Severed, but that’s s good get for others. Lumo looks fun too.

  • This month… like all months, is TOTALLY AWESOME! These are all great games! No complaints here! PS+ continues to be the best value in gaming today.

  • Well, it’s good for me this time.

    Thx for Under Night: In-Birth!

    But Disk Jam….It will be free2play this year, you will see.

    • As long as you dont have any insideeinfos your “will be free2play” is a pretty useless thing to say. Sure, may be. But tbh, doesnt make much sense. And what matters the most: Right now it is not f2p (ok, it kinda is like every plus game but I guess that is not what you mean).


    • EDF was a terrible game. It was the reason I stopped buying brand new games and waiting for reviews. Its sad to see someone enjoy that pile of garbage.

  • Awesome!

  • EDF! EDF! EDF!!

  • All we get are indie games, which are fine to a certain extent. Is a AAA title so much to ask for every now and then?

  • Great lineup!

  • Incoming butthurt people over how this is a horrible month for PS Plus IGC. You can never please people, I swear. However, this is actually a very good month. Tearaway and Severed are great titles. Disc Jam sounds fun, and the other titles are not too shabby either.

    • It’s just poor people and squeakers who care about $50 a year. If I drop $50 I don’t even pick it up, not worth the wear and tear on my knees

  • I rather have Earth Defense Force on vita and what the hell, I bought severed the last week -.-

  • What horrible games… PlayStation is losing the free game lineup “battle”. Charge people more for the same cruddy network and still can’t give us anything worth having. So tired of this crap service you all are supposedly providing.

    • Don’t like the games? Don’t download them. That simple. HOwever I am pretty sure you will download them anyway which makes your bellyaching moot.

    • NOPE!!! no downloads here…didn’t get last months and won’t get this months either. Just because you like to pay for really bad indie’s doesn’t mean everyone else does.

  • Wow trashed games again

  • Overall, better line up than before. I definitely will buy tearaway unfolded. But, disk jam could be success like rocket league or fail like hardware: rivals. Skeptical about that, not sure yet how I feel. Tell me severed is also cross-buy!

    • No need to buy Tearaway Unfolded; you’ll have free access. Severed does NOT have cross-buy because it is only on Vita for PlayStation consoles.

    • Lol, by buy I meant take. And tanks for clewrifying on severed. Wish that was available on ps4 as well :/

  • The Reddit leaks were right. Great month. The Disc Jam beta was awesome. Cannot wait.

  • LittleBigPlanet 3, and now Tearaway…Hopefully we’ll get the Dreams Beta next month! :)

    *And yes, I know MediaMolecule didn’t dev LBP3.

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