PS Plus Bundle: Buy 1 Year of Plus, Get 3 Additional Months of Plus and Showtime

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PS Plus Bundle: Buy 1 Year of Plus, Get 3 Additional Months of Plus and Showtime

We’ve got a cool bundle to share for new and existing PlayStation Plus members!

Starting today, if you purchase a one year membership through PlayStation Store, you’ll get three additional months of PS Plus and three months of Showtime through PlayStation Vue — a value of $111.95 — for a bundle price of $59.99. The Showtime offer is only available to new subscribers to Showtime through PlayStation Vue.

This promotion runs through March 31, 2017 while supplies last. To see the full terms and conditions of this offer, please visit our website.

As a member of PS Plus, you can enjoy benefits and features such as online multiplayer on PS4, free games, online game save storage, and exclusive discounts.

We continue to work on providing great offers and value for PS Plus members, so we hope you enjoy!

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  • Newbs get all the good stuff. I’ve been a member since Plus debuted. And just renewed a few days ago… dang it.

    • I’m going to hazard a guess here and assume that it’s not available in Canada?

      Also, to clarify… the free Showtime is for new subscribers of Showtime or new subscribers of PS Plus?

    • BurtGoliath you never have to be a new subscriber to plus to purchase subscriptions (it’s simply buy a year get 3 free), but the Showtime is new people only.

    • I could be wrong, but the deal seems to be available to anyone who’s a new subscriber to Showtime through PlayStation Vue. As far as just recently renewing, if memory serves I think the subscription purchase stacks/extends your membership (I think). Maybe someone else can confirm?

    • …it specifically says right at the beginning of the post that it’s a deal for ‘new and existing’ members. The only thing you can potentially miss out on is Showtime if you already have Showtime through PlayStation Vue.

    • I grabbed a Groupon deal I think for 2 PS Plus sub cards for $46 or something like that (but after taxes it was like 96 for 2 years) so…

      A week or 2 before that there were plus deals even cheaper… I think there was another sale after the Groupon thing I bought.

      Gotta keep your eyes open.

    • Purchased this on March 4… it is now March 11 and I have yet to revieve my vouchers


      Didn’t get my extra 3 months. I renewed my subscription, and it only gave me the year…what am I missing?

      I verified this through my account on the PS4. Bought this today and now my next renewal is 3/28/18.

      The wesite states as of today, “‘BUY 12 MONTHS, GET 3 MONTHS BONUS’ Promotion valid to legal U.S. residents between 3/16/17 – 3/31/17. Limit one promotional offer per person. Additional purchases will be void. Sales tax may apply. Promotional offer is non-transferable and non-stackable.”

      Yes, I am a US resident as well. If a customer service rep comes across this, please tell me how I get the additional 3 months. I used no codes, just a renewal purchase on the PS Store Website.

  • Do you have to buy from the PS Store to get the deal, or does it work on cards purchased at retail and redeemed in store too?

    • “Starting today, if you purchase a one year membership *through PlayStation Store*, you’ll get three additional months of PS Plus and three months of Showtime through PlayStation Vue — a value of $111.95 — for a bundle price of $59.99.”

    • It said that last time they ran this deal three years ago, but you could still get the three extra moths from redeeming a card.

    • Doesn’t work this time. Just entered a code from a card I’ve had and it only gave me 12 months. I was saving them for this sale too lol

    • I entered a code from a card and received an email the following Tuesday/Today (I bought it on Friday) saying “Your Voucher Codes are ready.” The email includes both the showtime and ps plus codes.

      Tl;dr you get it, just delayed

    • Can you buy this twice and get a total of 6 months free of playstation plus?

  • I don’t care about Showtime so I will do it for the 3 extra month of PS+

  • My plus ends in the end of may, I think I’ll get this deal just to get the extra 3 months and not have to worry about it next year.

  • What a great deal. My PS+ expires in April, but I might as well re-up now for the extra 3 months

  • Will I still get the 3 bonus months if my PS Plus subscription renews during March? Or do I have to personally purchase it through the PS store?

    • I wouldn’t chance it. Cancel auto-renewal and buy it outright.

    • Mine literally auto-renewed today and I did not get the extra three months, so I’d do what Crunchewy said.

      I’ve already reached out to Sony to get this resolved, but might as well save yourself the hassle.

  • Wait, just to clarify. You don’t get Playstation Vue itself, just the Showtime channel part of it? or would you have to get Playstation Vue to then access the gifted Showtime content?

  • Great deal! You can check out all the cool new stuff and discounts on the weekly playstation store update blog post… oh wait. At least every month you get games like pixel fighters, pixel dungeon, pixel rpg, pixel warrior, pixel etc…

  • Great Deal! But I’d like to see a deal that includes PS Now as I don’t want Showtime.

  • After the price hike (with absolutely no accompanying reasons/features/etc.), I decided never to renew PS Plus again.

    Give me a reason to change my mind.

    • Are you aware of what inflation is? and how much it is every year. You don’t need ‘new’ features to justify a price hike after a period of time for any service or business.

      Remember when bread wasn’t $4-5 a loaf? not like we get more bread every time it’s increased in price.

    • It has nothing to do with inflation (a 20% yearly increase would indicate an impressively bad market) and everything to do with greed. As the top dog with the biggest install base, Sony decided to cash in on their success. It makes perfect business sense, but it’s terrible from a consumerist standpoint.

      As one who has always preferred the PlayStation ecosystem to the Xbox side of things, I really hope Microsoft does a better job in the future. Sony is at its best when it has the pressure of competition.

    • @+MisterAxle, +!! Good points! I agree that competition is a win-win for everyone. I wish MS would step up their game because Sony is having a field day. The upcoming Scorpio will leave PS4 Pro in the dust in terms of doing true 4k. But unlike last gen when there were good exclusives on both sides, this time Sony is dominating in terms of exclusives. I already seen hints that MS is leaving the console market when they talk about Scorpio being their last console….

    • Free games every month, automatic updates on gamesand firmware, cloud storage backup and automatic uploads. I think the value is there even at the price hike. Xbox live has been this price for a lot longer and the value yet get with plus is far superior.

    • I wish folks would stop calling them “free games.” They’re not free. You’re paying a continuous rental fee, and you aren’t even selecting the games. I would much prefer a tiered subscription system. Pull the games out of the equation and let me pay less for just online play and save syncing.

      If you want to make Xbox comparisons, you can take a look at the biggest Wishlist item that we’ll never get here on the PSN… the ability to update/change our PSN ID names. Come on, Sony. Prove me wrong.

  • american only yet again. Can’t get any deals on PS+ here in canada now can we.

    • halfbredoverlord

      The link they supplied for additional details, says that Canada is included as well.

    • Vue is not in Canada

    • Actually, this promotion is for: GET SHOWTIME WITH PLAYSTATION PLUS’ Promotion valid to legal U.S. residents between 2/28/17 – 3/31/17. Limit one promotional offer per person, while supplies last. Additional purchases will be void. Sales tax may apply. Promotional offer is non-transferable and non-stackable.

      PS Plus itself: PS Plus is only available to legal U.S. and Canadian residents

      So No, Canada is excluded.

  • Nothing for Canada?

    I know it’s a smaller market up here, but the population of Canada is the equivalent of the 22 largest US cities … and you wouldn’t just decide to exclude people in New York, LA, Chicago, and so on would you?

    At the very least, show that you remember us with an apology and vague promise about the future in the blog post.

    (Oh, and bring back the store update, please.)

  • It Ha sbeen a while since we had a nice decent discounts on PS3 and Vita games SONY………………..

  • Do you guys and gals think that PS+ is worth it just for the Instant Game Collection? I’ve been playing a ton of games lately, so as long as they’re decent, I’ll most likely play most-if-not-all of em. I don’t really care about online multiplayer, and in the rare instance that I do, I just use my gaming PC.

    BTW, do the trophies for these games go away after your PS+ subscription expires, or do we get to keep them?

    • To answer your question bout trophies all trophies you earn are permanent, so don’t worry bout that.

    • @DylzMu: Thanks for the info. It’s appreciated. =)

      Ya know, I think I’ll grab the deal. I noticed that there’s a good PS2-games-on-PS4 sale going on right now, but only for PS+ members. I’ve been wanting 5 or 6 of those titles for a while now.

    • you keep them, trophies are tied to your account forever

  • Does this apply only if you purchase it through PSN? I’m about to expire, and just got a 1 year Plus card that I was going to redeem this month. Would be nice to get the Showtime benefit, too.

    • “if you purchase a one year membership through PlayStation Store”

      So I wouldn’t hold my breath. =\

    • Yeah, I won’t hold my breath…but I’m hopeful that it will still be seen as buying it through PSN, and just paying with a card.

      Probably not, but I can hope.

    Set a reminder in your calendar to CANCEL EARLY so you don’t start getting charged for a Showtime subscription.

    “Unless you cancel your membership at least one day prior to the renewal date… $8.99 will automatically be deducted… If your PS Plus membership expires… the regular membership price [$10.99 per month] will apply.”

  • Wow great, I buy a year of PS+ a week ago and get immediately shafted. Thanks, Sony. You really know how to treat your customers.

    • Yes they should have totally asked you personally when you were going to reschedule. I man I can’t believe how selfish they are!

    • you can always buy another year and get an extra 3 months once last year expires

  • I just purchased this it never gave me the three months extra

    • Same here, I checked my spam folder and it wasn’t in there, I don’t know why we haven’t gotten it yet, They should have specified when we get the three months.

    • Same thing for me. MIssing the extra three months.

    • Hi, emails with voucher codes will be sent out starting Monday, March 6th, so be sure to look out for it.

    • Hi Anson

      Good job explaining when people are going to get their codes.

      It would be nice to address the complaints from your Canadian customers, too, don’t you think?

  • I just bought a PS Plus card at Best Buy… talk about bad timing..

  • And I JUST upgraded for a full year earlier this month with tax refund. What terrible timing :/

  • Whaaaaaaat, I just bought it last Wednesday, really really disappointed.

  • Lol this is a terrible deal. The only way you get 3 months of Showtime is if you’re willing to spend 30-60 dollars a month for three months of Vue. You could just go to and buy a PS+ subscription for 20 dollars off. This is not a good deal for people with no interest in paying an additional 100+ dollars on Vue.

    • With this deal you only spend $60.

      You get 1 year and 3 months of PSPlus.

      You get 3 months of Showtime via the Vue app.

      Those are your ONLY costs and what you get. If you do not cancel the free trial of Showtime, it will auto-renew.

      The Plus deal works for everyone. Only new Showtime customers can take advantage of the free months.

  • but my subscription doesn’t end until 2018, how bout throwing 3 months my way for free ;)

  • So I purchased the one year just a few hours ago and I still haven’t gotten the additional 3 months, I was told to check spam folder in my email and I still haven’t received it. Is anyone else having this issue?

    • Never trust offers like this the first few hours after they post – wait a day, if you can.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you get the email at the end of the promotion.

    • Yeah I know but I found it a great deal seeing how I have to renew in a few months, If I have to wait til end of promotion that’s not terrible as long as I’m still getting it, I love how they don’t specify when we get the 3 months, If I don’t get it by tomorrow I’ll be in contact with them.

    • halfbredoverlord

      The 3 month voucher won’t be sent out until March 6th.

  • ” for new and existing PlayStation Plus members!”

    Wow i like the existing part. woot

  • What is this none sense? Everyone should get the bonuses, not just new members.

  • Sony sucks:

    1) I bought this promotion and never got the 3 months of Playstation Vue. I chatted with a Sony rep who just kept saying that it is a new promotion and that they don’t know when I will get the 3 months. It might be in March, April, OR EVEN LATER! How could they put out an ad, take a customer’s money, and THEN say, :”Well, it’s all a new promotion to us, so we don’t know when you’ll get your goods?!?!”

    2) I also never got the additional 3 months of PS Plus. When I asked where the voucher/code was for the 3 months, I got the same answer. I should get an email, but Sony has no idea when I should get it. In other words, it’s up to ME to remember I purchased this and to track a Sony rep down in a few months if I haven’t gotten it.

  • Becoming apparent that games of March are just not that important to sony.

  • Is it available in EU?

  • Do you have to have a basic playstation vue membership to get the free 3 months of showtime?

  • that’s no fair I renewed it on Valentine’s Day

  • And another FU to Canada. Thanks Sony. :/

    • halfbredoverlord

      If you click the additional info link, Canada is listed under the promotion details. So Canada gets to take advantage of this too

  • Guys! best Buy is still selling 1yr plys for 49.99. Dont think I can link it, but just go to Best Buy online and check it out. Though this is a much better deal since 10$ more get you vue and 3months extra!

  • Worth it to renew early this month just for 3 months free. No interest in Showtime or Vue for that matter.

  • I already purchase this promotion.. but I still haven’t gotten the voucher in my email with the additional 3 months.. anyone knows if its true that the codes will arrive to our mails in the next monday?

  • Okay Sony, do Canadians get 3 months free of PS plus as well. If I purchase an additional 1 year now (mine expires in June) Will I get 1 year and 3 months added on after my Ps plus in June, or will it cancel my few months that I have now and start from today or do us Canadians not even get the 3 months?

  • halfbredoverlord

    Would a PS Plus card from a retailer count? Because, technically, you have to run the code and purchase through the PlayStation store to activate the subscription. So, again, does a PS Plus card count?

  • So can I purchase a 1 year PS Plus digital code from Amazon to activate this or should I buy a $60 store gift card and use it to get this offer?

    • Hi,

      Yes, as long as you’re not buying the “Playstation Plus” card that would active the PS+. You can buy a 50 dollar card and a 10 dollar card and take advantage of the deal from the PSN Store.

  • Adding my voice to the other Canadians who’d like some clarity. From the link:

    “PS Plus is only available to legal U.S. and Canadian residents with a SEN account who are 7 years or older, and legal residents of Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Peru and Brazil who are 13 years or older.”

    “‘GET SHOWTIME WITH PLAYSTATION PLUS’ Promotion valid to legal U.S. residents between 2/28/17 – 3/31/17.”

    Is it just the Showtime aspect of the deal that is unavailable to Canadians? This wouldn’t surprise me, as there are all kinds of cross-border rights and distribution issues with TV content. Do Canadians still receive the voucher code for the additional 3 months if we renew our PS Plus membership between 2/28/17 – 3/31/17?

    I note that none of the details regarding this promotion appear on the Canadian site:!/en-ca/reward_game/ps-plus-12-month-membership/cid=IP9101-NPIA90005_01-1YEARPACKAGE0000

  • Hi guys,

    I saw this offer and couldn’t pass on it. What I’m trying to figure out is my voucher code. I have checked and rechecked my inbox and have not been able to find it. I read a highlighted message saying they’ll be passed out starting March, 6 2017. I hope this is true, honestly with today’s prices to get an additional 3 months with the purchase of a single year is really good.

    • Yeah haven’t received mine either and I honestly didn’t know anything about getting it March 6th it just told me once I purchased it I will get a voucher in my email so just the waiting game now

  • This is a really good deal… makes me sad that I bought 3 1 month cards from the store.

  • Just bought the year but didn’t receive my additional 3 months and I never used showtime and still haven’t received that so I’m just waiting now for an email to say here’s your rewards I’ll update once I receive it.

  • I just recently extended my PS+ membership during the special offer and it only shows that it’s extended for 1 year. Not the 3 extra free months it advertised.

    Why is it that I can’t redeem my 3 month “Showtime” Subscription? I have never Subscribed to it through the “PlayStation Vue” app. Why is it that people have to wait until vouchers are sent to our emails. This is ridicules! Can anyone help with any updates on this topic?

  • Hi. Just wanted to know what time the promotion ends at? I mean we all know that it will end on March 31st. But at what time? In the morning, afternoon or night? Thanks in advance.

  • uh same here, its now past the 6th and still no emails with either codes…..

  • It’s now the 7th and still no emails with either codes

  • I contacted chat support yesterday regarding the vouchers for the 3 free months ofShowtime and PS Plus and the representative indicated that email vouchers should start going today the 7th and that I should receive them no later than the end of the month !?! I was surprised that it wold take that long since I didn’t see any mention when I signed up for the deal that the vouchers would be delayed like this.

  • Just received my emailed vouchers !

  • I got my vouchers today. Do you have to install the app on a console to use it? I’d rather just use a laptop but I’m afraid that I’d end up starting a free trial and voiding my voucher if I try.

    • I didnt go through vue, i installed showtime anytime app on my Android phone and logged in from there.

      Now is there anything i need to do before the free 3 months is over? To cancel?

  • Has anyone recieved their voucher code for the free 3 months yet

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