The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 2/28/2017

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 2/28/2017

A world in beautiful ruin has been overtaken by machines. Humanity lives in scattered tribes, struggling to survive. And a single hunter uncovers long-buried secrets that could change it all. Welcome to the post-post-apocalypse of Horizon Zero Dawn, an action RPG that launches next week on PS4.

Developed by the technical masterminds at Guerrilla Games, Horizon Zero Dawn marks the studio’s colossal step into open-world adventure. Guide the hunter and outcast Aloy through gorgeous environments, battling towering machines with a variety of weapons. Hone Aloy’s skills, craft valuable items, and unlock the dormant mysteries humming within this vibrant new world.

For a full list of new games out next week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

The Drop

New Releases: Week of February 28, 2017
PS4 — Digital (Out 3/1)

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV

Set in a fictitious 30 years before Final Fantasy XV, this game features retro-style visuals centered around a fast-paced combat system with influences from modern gaming. The in-depth combat system blends intense attacks, devastating magic, mighty summons, and unique companion attacks into a singular gaming experience through three diverse locations in the world of Final Fantasy XV.

PS4 — Digital (Out 3/2)

ACA NeoGeo Nam-1975

Nam-1975 is an action game released by SNK in 1990. It was one of the first ever games released on NeoGeo! Players take on the role of U.S. Special Forces soldiers braving a harsh battlefield as they try to survive a series of deadly firefights.

PS4, PS VR — Digital

Dying: Reborn

Old School puzzle-solving gameplay reminiscent of adventure game classics mixed with impressive first-person visuals that make for a gritty and immersive experience. Fans of movie series such as Saw need look no further: a mysterious fish-head nemesis, a grudge, a series of never-ending trials, and a shocking ending will satisfy all your needs.

PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross Buy)


forma.8 is a unique take on the Metroidvania action-adventure formula, with a striking visual style and a huge world to explore. As the small exploration probe forma.8 you’re stranded alone on the surface of an alien planet. Separated from your companions, you have a life or death mission to accomplish: find and recover a lost, powerful energy source before it’s too late. Are you ready to uncover the truth?

PS4 — Digital

Ghost Blade HD

Ghost Blade HD is an intense bullet-hell shoot ’em up game with satisfying and addictive score-based gameplay. Designed with a modern graphic style and special effects, Ghost Blade also features an awesome two-player mode! Ghost Blade HD is easy to learn, yet hard to master.

PS4 — Digital

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bridge

Within the shadow of an ancient forest, on the bottom of a foggy valley, stands the lonely village of Ravenbrook. The folk there are cheerful and diligent, yet warily superstitious. They surround the village with countless charms to keep the evil spirits at bay, for on the other side of the forest, there lies a seemingly bottomless pit, known as the Abyss. It is the place the villagers of Ravenbrook fear most…

PS4 — Digital, Retail

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is an exhilarating new open-world action RPG exclusively for PS4, developed by the award winning Guerrilla Games (Killzone). Take on the role of skilled hunter Aloy as you explore a vibrant and lush world inhabited by mysterious mechanized creatures.

PS4 — Digital

Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Put on your wide-brimmed hat, grab your weapons, and embark on an incredible adventure in the gothic-noir world of Borgovia, where mad science threatens the fragile peace between monster and mortal. Be Van Helsing, monster-hunter extraordinaire and save the day with your charming and beautiful companion, Lady Katarina (who happens to be a ghost, by the way). Explore the savage wilderness in the mountains and the soot-stained brick districts of a grim metropolis twisted by weird science, and don’t forget: you might never know who the real monsters are!

PS Vita — Digital

Stranger of Sword City Revisted

From the present day to the parallel world Escario. Survive in the land of polar night! Enjoy the tried and true fundamental charms of the Dungeon RPG genre such as character creation, dungeon exploring, and item collecting.

PS3 — Digital

A prequel to the acclaimed role-playing series Suikoden, Suikoden IV reveals the origins of the Rune of Punishment. Although set in the past, Suikoden IV has no shortage of innovation, as it features a Tactical Formation System and more than 60 playable characters.

PS4 — Digital, Retail

Torment: Tides of Numenera

Explore Earth one billion years in the future in the science-fantasy setting of Numenera. Discover the Ninth World built on the bones of extinct, hyper-advanced civilizations and leave your own mark on it. Make thousands of essential choices, face the consequences, and meet death incarnated as you seek the answer to the ultimate question: What does one life matter?

The Walking Dead — The Telltale Series: A New Frontier
PS4 — Retail

Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Telltale’s award-winning series returns with its third season: A New Frontier. Continuing the emotionally powerful storytelling seen in Seasons One and Two, we return to one of gaming’s most beloved characters: Clementine. We see her story through the eyes of Javier, a young man determined to find the family taken from him.

PS4 — Digital, Retail (Out 3/3)


On a race track, it’s the car that makes all the difference. In a rally, it’s the driver. WRC 6 puts you to the test: fog, mud, punctures, night racing, engine breakdowns… you have to deal with it all.

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  • Taken- February 27 at 10/9c (NBC)
  • Taboo- February 28 at 10/9c (FX)
  • Conan Without Borders- March 1 at 10/9c (tbs)

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  • Can you fix ps2 classic with a title. PS4 nor PS3!! :)

    • they wont.. most publisher refuse to add trophy on old PS2 games. You can’t release a game on PS4 without trophy… that explain why Grandia 3 and nos Suikoden 4 as been/will on PS3 only

    • Elk is way off. People aren’t refusing to add trophies. We already know they’re easy to add to PS2 games.

    • yes tgey are easy to add, but some publisher like konami refuse to add em. that all lol

    • @Elk_mistral Likely true, and I believe it’s also because most 3rd-party publishers are not fond of the idea of requiring those who already own these PS2 games either on disc or digitally on PS3 to re-purchase them at full price just to play them on PS4 instead of supporting PS2 discs and allow those who already own them digitally on PS3 to download them on PS4 either for free or for only a small upgrade fee. Which is why I believe there’s more Xbox 360 games coming to Xbox One and not so many PS2 games coming to PS4.

    • @gameman15 that’s not true at all, the real reason why this PS2 games on PS4 takes a lot of time to be released is because it takes nearly 2-3 months for the small team who handles them to add trophy support to them:

      forum . psnprofiles . com/topic/33473-dev-it-takes-2-3-months-just-to-add-trophies-for-ps2-emulation-trophy-progression-tracker-comments/?page=2#comment-855681

      Not to mention all the other added stuff that comes with them, so as you can see it takes effort to make them.
      Publishers can’t care less about disc and BC, as long as they make money they will make PS2 emulations for the PS4. Xbox One’s BC doesn’t require any of that, they are just straight ports so that’s why they are being released faster.

    • I know there used to be a convertor that would allow you to copy your PS2 save data from memory card to the PS3. Would that work with these PS2 classics, allowing you to continue from where you left off, many years ago?

    • @Soruichi_Kitty
      I think you don’t understand how much work goes into putting trophies into a PS2 title let alone a normal game. First someone has to design a trophy set. That means someone has to creatively sit down and decide “what trophies should this game have”. Once decided upon someone has to grope around the binary to tie the trophy to the original games code. This requires an Engineer and we don’t work for cheap. Once this has been established QA needs to test it to make sure it works. This can take months to do since they likely don’t have save states sitting around and they too have to accomplish what the trophy requires. Once that is done a good publisher will focus test whats there (this step will likely get skipped). Then once all is said and done it gets shipped to sony for testing. That costs money too. It probably takes months to bring these titles to PS4 and that is why you don’t see many PS2 titles on PS4. Someone would have to actively create a studio for doing this work like with remasters just to make it happen more frequently. Demand isn’t that high and hte profit margin is likely small. It isn’t like PSOne classics or PS2 classics on PS3, just slap it in an emulator, test, and throw out the door.

    • @SilverSpg No, the memory card reader does not let you use the PS2 saves with Classics as they create their own “custom” save file for each game. They do not use the virtual PS2 memory cards like the BC PS2 games did on the PS3

    • Just to put my two sense…I neither asked for nor want trophies. The PS1 and PS2 classics on PS3 was fine. I would have preferred Sony to have done that to the PS4.

      Finally, yes publishers are greedy but I think this is more of a Sony greed. Let’s compare PS Now to XB1 BC. With both, you get an 7th gen game to be played on 8th gen console. All the work is on the console maker not the publisher or developer due to emulation. AKA no additional development cost. With XB1 BC, it is possible that the publisher makes no additional money. Because you can buy the game used. With PS Now, the publishers will always make money. Yet, even though PS Now had a head start, XB1 BC has about the same amount of games. Yes, we can debate on quality. But my point is this, the publishers are willing to do something that resulted in NO additional money for them. The best example of this is Rockstar.

      Therefore, if Sony would have allowed people who previously bought games digitally on PS3 to be accessible on PS4 either via PS Now or classic, the publishers would have been fine with it. Because they are doing it on XB1. Let me be clear, I am not here to defend publishers. But in this one specific example, this is Sony’s greed.

    • “Therefore, if Sony would have allowed people who previously bought games digitally on PS3 to be accessible on PS4”

      There’s well over 100 PS3 games, more if you add Vita, that you can play on PS4 for free if you owned them previously thanks to Cross Buy support. It’s a great feature that gave me a ton of additional games to play on PS4 when I bought one without considering the stuff that was made only for PS4.

      PlayStation Now is not BC nor will it ever be BC, so you’re free to stop obsessing about it in that way.

    • @gohan16ken, Xbone Backwards compatibility is a Microsoft lie. It DOES NOT EXIST on a X1. There is no emulation. Everything is a port. That’s not BC. The great majority of the titles are those published and owned by Microsoft. Also, you have no idea (and I don’t either) whether or not MS is paying companies to port titles for X1’s “BC” library.

      The lousy thing with Xbone fake-BC is that you have to download the port. And you can ONLY save on cloud. If you can only save on cloud, I suspect you can’t play offline. (I haven’t tried that myself). Certainly you can’t save offline.

      With X360, you could put select Xbox titles in and it would play them. That was emulation.

      With the original launch PS3, you had 100% true backwards-compatibility. I have one (in perfect shape) with a fan mode and a 1 TB HDD. I can play any and all PS2 games on it. For whatever reason (and I would guess price) Sony decided to remove the PS2 chip earlier on and kill BC. A few later models could emulate, but system updates erased that function. Who knows: it could be a licensing thing interfering with making titles BC.

  • So Van Helsing and maybe Torment will go into the “wishlist”. HZD will get picked up when it gets picked up

  • Horizon Zero Dawn Day 1 for me. Forma.8 also looks good. Outside of that nothing else but what else do you really need with Horizon.

  • I guess the PS3 is not dead :)

  • What the heck is the matter with you bean counters at Sony? Why wouldn’t you release Suikoden IV on PS4 rather than on the PS3. This just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Or are you going to pull out a PS4 remaster is about six months? People, whatever you do, don’t buy Suikoden IV!!!! Let’s send Sony the message that these half-assed releases are not good enough!!!!

    • I’m actually floored Suikoden IV is coming to PS3 instead. Aren’t more people buying PS4 software atm?

    • see first comment

    • @Duke301… you probably dont know the difference “Sony” and Konami.. lol.

      If you refuse to buy Suikoden 4, that wont affect Sony at ALL.

    • It’s not the trophies.

      And it’s also not bad that it’s coming to PS3. I’d love the game on both PS3 and PS4.

    • I highly doubt it’s the trophies holding it up from a PS4 release… adding trophy support is nothing more than programming a series of triggers & quick image art. I imagine they went with PS3 for parity w/Suikoden III, or because they’ve been sitting on it until all territories were ready for launch. I’d like to think Konami knows the money is in PS4 nowadays.

    • To be fair, Konami’s decision making has been garbage for a long time.

    • @elk_mistral that’s not entirely true. If people dont buy ps3 games, Ps3 system sales will fall more hastily. No one bought third party Wii U games, and look how that fared for Nintendo.

  • You should really add a youtube video with gameplay for each game in these announcements. Unless I already know about a game, these really aren’t really helpful. Showing a clip of the gameplay for each would be much more helpful and make me more likely to actually buy them.


    HZD! And surprise, Suikoden IV! Part V better be next! Best in the series! :D

  • Dying: Reborn looks interesting. Always up for a fish-head nemesis. Will wait for any kind of discount on HZD and then plunge in.

  • I know it is in beta but how about a partial 4.50 firmware update to use external hard drives. Horizon and then Ghost Recon Wildlands. I’m sure some of us will have to uninstall just to play lol.


    • I don’t mind these posts, but when it’s all we get, I agree. Browsing the store is horrible if I don’t have a store update post on Tuesday telling me what’s on sale, what has new dlc, etc. So, I just don’t browse at all.

    • I just got the pop up survey for this site and gave it horrible reviews and mentioned in the comment section they need to bring back the Store Update post. They CLEARLY see everyone in the comments of EVERY post they make asking for the Store Update post to be readded and they dont care enough to even reply. We shouldnt have to go to a site like PlayStation Lifestyle to get the info THIS page used to post for YEARS until a few weeks ago, when they stopped for no reason at all…

    • Sony can’t afford to pay Grace Chen to write lists anymore because 98 % of Sony’s budget goes to playstation Vue commercials.

    • I do feel bad for everyone. I do feel your pain! However, I did find that by time the store update goes up, the actual store is not only all you ever need, but is also the only the way to go! Sometimes, games as part of the update post would state they were on sale, when they really weren’t. Rarely, if ever, did I see corrections being made to the blog post, or even a reply for that matter. Helpful as a cross-reference, certainly! I’ll give you that, but visiting the store and searching this week’s “new games” which are updated most days, can’t be beat. There are even filters to assist you in your search. For deals, the “Save” section list all of the week’s themed sales individually or together, in “all deals.” So straightforward.
      Sorry Grace Chen, but I lost faith in the store updates long ago.

  • YES! More Suikoden is always a good thing!!

  • Star Ocean Till the End of time ps2 Ps4 classic please =(. I have been askin this since last year =(

  • Suikoden IV sweet!

    wait, what. only on PS3? makes no sense

  • As a DRPG fan, happy to see that we get SOSCR in the west.

    Wonder, if SOSC digital owners get a free upgrade like JPN. I doubt it since NISA handled the original publishing and Exp inc is self publishing this one.

    Bought SOSC physically, so would be slightly annoyed if that were the case.


    Forma8, it has been hitting high 8’s across plenty of reviewers. The MBG knocked this one out of the park


    King Tale is free :), Best news. Salty people selling Gamestop codes for 40-60, gonna have to keep it their pockets now.

    Dying Reborn….Vita version coming later, not next week. PS4/VR is ready this tuesday.

    Grim Legends, oh yes another Artifex Mundi title on the PS4, and another easy platinum :).

  • As a DRPG fan, happy to see that we get SOSCR in the west.

    Wonder, if SOSC digital owners get a free upgrade like JPN. I doubt it since NISA handled the original publishing and Exp inc is self publishing this one.

    Bought SOSC physically, so would be slightly annoyed if that were the case.


    Forma8, it has been hitting high 8’s across plenty of reviewers. The MBG knocked this one out of the park


    King Tale is free :), Best news. Salty people selling Gamestop codes for 40-60, gonna have to keep it their pockets now.

    Dying Reborn….Vita version coming later, not next week. PS4/VR is ready this tuesday.

    Grim Legends, oh yes another Artifex Mundi title on the PS4, and another easy platinum :).

    • Except it’s not free as you need a paid subscription. Buying it means you essentially keep it forever. I have literally elected to buy a game on sale even when I DLd it for “free”

    • A King’s Tale is free for everyone. not PS+. You might want to do some research before complaining about it.

  • FINALLY! Horizon Zero Dawn is my most anticipated PS4 game of this year. I’ve seen the highly-positive reviews and I CANNOT wait until Tuesday!

  • HZD looks good, but I can’t justify Day 1ing games I haven’t played anymore. Need more timed trials or betas if they’re not doing demos anymore. Love Ghost Recon beta though. About to preorder that.

    • Well surely there will be millions of others that won’t have that problem.
      Good luck with not buying 99% of new games because most don’t give out betas or demos.

    • Jesus just get a job, the excuses you people try to come up with because it’s that difficult for you to part with a whopping 60 dollars cracks me up. Why play video games if you’re broke, I think you have more pressing life issues to tend too first other than gaming if it’s really that much of a struggle to part with 60 dollars. So awkward.

    • @tommy doesn’t understand how money works. Value is subjective. A rich person can still reasonably not want to pay $5 for a gumball – just because it’s “only” $5, he should just pay up, right?

      Ironically, it’s him avoiding that flawed line of thinking that allowed him to become rich in the first place

  • Great lineup this week. Van Helsing is a must play for fans of ARPGs (i.e. Diablo).

  • Heads up for any Canadians looking to pick up a PS4. It’s $299.99 on right now. That’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen it.

  • I have 80+ PS1 and PS2 Classics on PS3, and I am utterly disappointed that Sony didn’t allow us to play these on PS4. There is no way I’m going to buy these again and again every generation (not to mention waiting for the publishers to release their games. 3 years and a half in and all we got are a handful of PS2 games).

  • What about Summon Night 6 Lost Borders? Suppose to be coming out this month and next week would be the last week of February so i’m hoping it comes out on the 28. Played and beaten the Japanese version and I love the game.

  • Still waiting for more PS2 games. So many classics I want to replay!

  • Van helsing ,can’t wait

  • Can we please get more PS2 Classics on PS4, please?! I would certainly love it of the Shin Megami Tensei PS2 titles made their way to PS4. I own them on my PS3, but I don’t play that console that much these days, and I’d love to be able to pick them up for PS4!

  • Really surprised and happy to see the great NAM-1975 coming to the PS4!

    It’s still one of my favorite gaming experiences since playing it way back in 1990 on my Neo-Geo AES.
    So great to see more Neo-Geo non-fighters coming out.

    Some requests that I’d love to see come out next…


  • Horizan! Really looking forward to fully utilizing my XBR75Z9D with this title. Thank You Guerrilla Games!

  • What an entirely useless way to share things that people might buy.

    No one cares. No links to actual items.

    Pointless post.

  • Can’t wait to get my Horizon: Zero Dawn collector’s edition!

  • LOL Suikoden IV. Can you still call them random battles if you know they’re going to occur every other step you take in the game?

  • I really wish that these Telltale “Season Pass” discs would just wait for the entire season to be out and just release the whole season on the disc. I usually wait to get the retail version entirely so that I’d have all the episodes on one disc (in which I may or may not have supported the digital season already). This just makes me completely weary about getting the disc. Even if they do release a “full season” disc somewhere down the line, it just makes me nervous that somehow it’s just going to be an unlabelled “Season Pass” disc.

    • Yeah, like those retail games who male you download the entire multiplayer portion…pretty soon they’re gonna start selling us blank discs. Sad that Sony approved of this practice.

    • They do release the full season at retail the end of the season.

  • Ridiculous that ps2 games aren’t available for ps4 nor vita

  • Horizon digital

    Suikoden 4 digital

    Torment: Tides of Numenera from Amazon If you haven’t seen the trailer go see it

    It is going to be a good week for rpg fans.

  • Thanks for still support the PS3!

  • Suikoden IV! Cool!

  • well, i get 1 game this week. i am and always have been a huge fan of the suikoden games, from the first one to the last one, with hopes that at some point they might actually make another one to give the series closure. thank you for getting suikoden IV for digital release to us this next week playstation people, i greatly appreciate your efforts.

  • Why is Torment not available for preorder on the store? Will it not be available digital?


    This Drop post sucks. Navigating the click happy web store sucks even more.

    • +1! I agree with KidCommando and everybody else above who has noted that. The other week when they had a flash sale they had a blog with that with prices, so why not the Store Update?

      Also, some people above commented on Grace Chen, but I don’t recall seeing anything by her for awhile now. Apparently that other fellow is too busy here to even say beyond. That’s one disappearance from the blog that no one is crying over lol.

  • Can we have system update 4.50 already please? I bought a VR bundle thinking it had already happened, popped in a 3D bluray and nope, realized I was wrong. Now I’m frothing at the bit every day knowing your exec said “a couple weeks” and that was a month ago.

  • So ps2ps4 is dead I assume?

  • OK, I have a Playstation Store question.

    I see they have a “PAYDAY 2 – CRIMEWAVE EDITION – THE BIG SCORE Game Bundle 505 Games Bundle Released Sep 7, 2016” for $16.49.

    It says: “PAYDAY2 – THE BIG SCORE Game Bundle is the total package. It comes complete with the PAYDAY 2 CRIMEWAVE EDITION game, plus THE BIG SCORE DLC Bundle! It’s all things PAYDAY 2, in one place. This complete bundle comes loaded with content including, heists, weapons, characters, masks and more! It is the biggest score in the history of PAYDAY!”

    They also have a “PAYDAY 2 – CRIMEWAVE EDITION – THE BIG SCORE DLC Bundle! 505 Games Add-On Released Sep 7, 2016” for $19.99.

    It also says: “PAYDAY2 – THE BIG SCORE DLC Bundle is the latest addition to the PAYDAY family and it will take your heist to new heights. Loads of content including, heists, weapons, characters, masks and more… it’s here! That includes 10 pieces of premium DLC – over $60 in DLC value! it is the biggest score in the history of PAYDAY! ”

    Are these the same thing?

  • Whoever’s responsible of these “The Drop” posts please acknowledge we do not care about them.
    They’re useless as they do not offer any video about the new games or link to the store to buy them, also they’re announced in advance and by the time the games come out everyone will have forgotten about most of them.
    At least do it like Xbox Major Nelson’s posts and provide a link to purchase the game and make the post itself available on the release date of said games.

    Today I tried to navigate the sales section of the web store, then the ‘all sales’ section. IT’S A CLUSTER **** of information between PS4 games, PS3 games, PS VITA games, PSN games, Avatars, Themes, Add-ons. With no way to sort them out. IT’s JUST A MESS AND A PAIN to click through all of that.

    I don’t care the reasons why you’re not doing it.
    Someone has to get it done.
    Listen to the feedback!

  • Where’s Summon Night 6? Thought it would be release today on this update, was it delayed? :(

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