Horizon Zero Dawn Out Tuesday, Watch the Launch Trailer

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Horizon Zero Dawn Out Tuesday, Watch the Launch Trailer

It is my pleasure to be able to share the launch trailer for Guerrilla’s new title, Horizon Zero Dawn. This is easily our most ambitious project that we have taken on.

When we began our journey over five years ago, we wanted to have the creative freedom to imagine something fresh. As soon as we saw the enthusiasm from the team for the concept, and our lead Aloy, we knew we were on the right path.

The result of our voyage is Horizon Zero Dawn – a game set in a lush post-apocalyptic world, in which Machines are the dominant species and mankind is propelled back to the stone ages. It is a game of exploration, not just of the perilous new world but also of Aloy’s identity.

On behalf of the entire team at Guerrilla, I hope you’ll enjoy accompanying Aloy on her journey as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.

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  • Here’s to hoping that Amazon ships early :). Can’t wait!

  • I just picked up a PS4 Pro last night. I am going to play NieR: Automata first, but I will eventually pick this one up too!

    • Congrats! I am a part of the 4.50 beta and the Boost Mode is real and very impressive. You are going to love the Pro!

  • This game is gonna be so Amazing can’t wait to play it.

  • I already pre-ordered. Preloading starts tomorrow and playable on the 27th at 9PM PST… OH I can’t wait.

  • Hurry up Monday night! This is going to be a brutal, BRUTAL weekend of waiting. At least I have For Honor to at least try and make it through with my sanity.

  • I took Tuesday off so I can start playing at midnight Monday and go until my eyes bleed, then a quick nap and more Horizon!

  • I’ll be waiting till my local gamestop to opens at 9am. Disc > digital download aka Renting. Cant wait i got the whole day Tuesday and Wednesday to enjoy this

    • “Disc > digital download aka Renting.”

      I’m assuming you’re referencing the fact that once the PSN’s PS4 library isn’t supported any longer that only those with physical copies of the games will be able to play them. Personally, it’s not that big of a deal to me because:
      1. The PS4 came out ~3.5 years ago. I bought one at launch and haven’t touched my PS3 in ~2 years.
      2. Given that the PS4 now supports running games off of external drives with a max capacity of 8TB, I’ll simply pull the PS4 game I think I’ll care about replaying from the PSN servers before they shut down the PS4 side of things.

    • 3. This also means that while you’re playing the buggy GM (Gold Master) version of your games, I’ll have the superior fully patched and updated versions preinstalled on MY physical media.
      4. Lastly, a person would have to be short-sighted to the point of being on the borderline of learning disabled to not see that since Sony has made a huge push to go digital with this generation, they clearly plan to at least keep the PS4’s digital library live for a long time into the future. I could see the MP service going dark, but it will be trivial for Sony to continue hosting the game files and maintaining the bandwidth needed for the miniscule number of actual requests that will be received after the PS5 has been released.

  • At a time when so many “big” companies are withholding their games to the press until after they’re commercially released, I’d like to thank GG for allowing reviews to go up so early. It’s paying off for them too – Horizon is getting excellent press!!! This is great for them & for us!! Congrats on bringing a new franchise into being!

    • Not so sure that letting reviews go early is what’s giving them excellent press – more like they knew they had something that would earn good reviews, so there was no risk in letting them go early.

      You don’t let people review your work when you don’t trust your work will stand up to the review. Be wary any time reviews aren’t allowed before release – it’s usually because the publisher wants to get as many presales in as possible before the bad news hits.

  • Pre-ordered a while back and I cannot wait! I will be tackling this epic journey in full 4K on my 55′ 4K Sony Bravia and PS4 Pro. My countdown currently reads 3 days, 13 hours and 7 minutes. My patience is truly being tested, lol!

  • Pre-order locked and loaded!

  • Guerilla Games, Thank you for the passion you guys have to create playable art. Have been a fan since the original Killzone and everything you guys do is quality.

  • Been waiting for this game since E3 2015 can’t wait to pick up my collector’s edition. and this trailer gave me the nerd tingles

  • sony, you would be amazing to release the digital version a couple hours earlier :)

    bought my ks8500 just for this title alone. everything else been cool, but this is what i bought it for.

    cannot wait for 11pm, Monday night…..

  • My collector’s edition is expected to ship today, I really hope amazon goes through with it

    I am going absolutely bonkers waiting for this game, to the point of being delirious

  • Can’t wait for it to be released.

  • Wow well done PlayStation and Gorilla games for a fantastic looking game. Can’t wait for it..

  • Now all we need is PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale 2 So Nariko and Aloy can face off.

  • Well I don’t have a super fancy 4K TV with HDR to tell anyone about, just a normal 1080p monitor and a PS Pro… but I can’t wait to get lost in this beautiful world you wonderful guys and gals at Guerrilla have created. I downloaded it last night and i’m super excited to play tomorrow night. I’ve been waiting impatiently for this game for a bit now, lol. Thanks Guerrilla.

  • i pre ordered because i love Aloy

  • This game is truly stunning and fun! I have been playing for 3 hours now and I am hooked. The 4K graphics on the Pro are a sight to behold. Thank you for this game Sony and GG! My current GOTY!

  • Played this for about 4 – 5 hours last night on a PS4 Pro with a Samsung KS8000.

    Guerrilla Games – Wow.

    Not only is this game strikingly beautiful – it is FUN, interesting and so carefully crafted as far as holding your interest in the first hours. Teaching you mechanics and menus doesn’t feel like a chore. I was shocked at how comfortable I felt navigating the systems in a short time without feeling like I was being taught them in a way I’d notice. So many games lose my interest in the first hours because they aren’t good at teaching mechanics in a fun way.

    And that engine – a lot of games can look beautiful and be horribly inconsistent with framerate and pacing – not this game. Nails both.

    I cannot believe this is their FIRST open world game.

    Guerrilla – you’re Naughty Dog tier. Congrats.

  • Played for about 5 hours last night and I’m hooked.
    Thanks GG for making an incredible experience!

  • I’ve been playing Horizon for about 4 hours now, and I haven’t even scratched it’s surface. It’s probably too early on for me to say this, but I just flat-out love it.

    Thank you for making this, Guerrilla Games, and thank you for making it WELL. It runs great & looks beautiful.

  • Got my copy, going to get liquor, then i’m losing myself in this game.

    I do have a question: will there be an audio file for the ps headsets in the future for this game? That is a cool feature that enhances playing games, and i would highly enjoy 1 for this game.

  • Hi,
    When will Headphone App Profile will be available for this game, especially for the Premium Headphones?

  • Sunk a few hours in tonight, on PS4 Pro, 1080p screen, in Favour Resolution mode.

    It is, easily, the prettiest game I’ve ever played. I was in the middle of taking out a herd of Striders from the bushes when the sky opened up and dropped an impromptu storm on me, and I had to stop what I was doing and just take it all in.

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

    Oh, and, it’s fun as heck

  • How do you make a profile picture next to your gamer tag? I’m tired of this square box smile face

  • Just got the game on release date, and already the first 8 hours and here’s my rating: 10/10 very likely to be nominated to be Game of the Year. The story, movements, tactics, graphic, contents are great and I’m glad to see the game doing well on launch date. Definitely worth the buy guys! Enjoyed it and can’t wait to finish it~

  • This is an absolutely amazing game. Great story telling mixed with an immersive world. I can’t get enough.

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