Titanfall 2: Live Fire Mode Drops February 23, 5 Tips from the Team

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Titanfall 2: Live Fire Mode Drops February 23, 5 Tips from the Team

Hello PlayStation Pilots! As the team is getting ready to ship out Live Fire, our next free update for Titanfall 2 players, we wanted to check in with some details on this brand-new mode you’ll be playing when it drops on February 23.

Live Fire is a new mode for Titanfall 2 with lightning fast, six-on-six Pilot action. It brings competitive, close quarters combat to the forefront. A round-based mode with no respawns, you have one minute to eliminate the opposing team in order to win the round. You can also win the round if your team is holding the neutral flag when the round timer ends. It’s fast, frantic, and sure to help hone those teamwork and mobility skills. Check out the gameplay trailer:

Titanfall 2: Live Fire Mode Drops February 23, 5 Tips from the Team

And that’s just a portion of what else is coming in this update. In addition to Live Fire mode you’ll also get:

  • Mixtape Matchmaking: You’ll notice a complete overhaul of the matchmaking menu. Thanks to hard work from the team and feedback from the community, this new feature will allow you to create your own “mixtape” of modes.
  • Featured Playlist: Here we will be swapping out new modes each week that we think you should play, and for some of them we’ll reward you with Double XP events for checking them out.
  • Live Fire Maps: There will be two maps, Stacks and Meadows, that will support Live Fire mode only. Live Fire will be a limited time mode that will show up on Featured Playlists. We’ll be rotating this with other modes that we want to feature.
  • New Patch: There will be a large patch included with this update that will bring a plethora of game changes and fixes among many other things. We will provide patch notes online at release as well as in the Multiplayer menu FAQ.
  • New Execution: Inspired by the Stim, Last Hit packs a punch and you’ll see it show up with the rest of the executions in the Pilot customization options.
  • New Coliseum Map: Go mano e mano in a brand-new map called Columns that adds a twist to the existing formula.
  • New Factions Intros: We’ve added some new dialogue for faction leaders, so enjoy the new pep talk as you drop into that next match.

Now enjoy some wisdom from one of the designers of the mode, Griffin Dean, to get you ready to play when Live Fire launches on February 23.

  1. In Live Fire, the decisions you make in the opening seconds of the round are critical, so have a simple plan before you start. “I’ll throw my pulse blade, move left, then cut right towards mid to hit advancing enemies in the side.” If you spend your first 5 seconds planning you’re handing your opponents the time they need to outplay you.
  2. Mobility is your best friend. It’s not enough to outgun your foes; you need to outrun your opposition. Rapidly advance by wall running and you’ll catch enemies out of position and unprepared for a fight. Advance and attack decisively. Momentum is key. Don’t give the enemy time to realize they’re in trouble.
  3. Don’t pick up the neutral flag simply because it’s there, but don’t let the enemy take it. Carrying the flag makes your position visible to the enemy, so plan accordingly. You can use the flag to force your enemy to attack, lead them into an ambush, or even win the round if you are outnumbered. Remember, picking up the flag early in the round isn’t nearly as important as holding the flag at the end of the round.
  4. Secure your flanks and attack where your enemy is weakest. Never leave openings where the enemy can get behind you. If you flank the enemy, you can catch them out of position and engage them on your terms.
  5. Play for the good of the team. All that matters is winning that round. You have to think on your feet. An EPG round screaming towards your flag carrier is all that stands between you and victory? Then take one for the team and stand between that EPG round and your flag carrier. Do it for the win, and your team will love you for it.

Live Fire is the first of many updates we have planned for 2017. This, along with all future maps, modes, and weapons we release, will continue to be free for all Titanfall 2 players.

We look forward to seeing the PlayStation Nation on the Frontier in the months ahead!

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  • Need to get back into this game. SO MANY DAMN GAMES TO PLAY. It`s too much. Too much!

  • Sorry Titanfall 2, I had a lot of fun with your beta and planned on buying you, but there are just so many games. I noticed that you are on sale and I will finally be purchasing. Sorry it wasn’t at full price, as you should be rewarded for your free update approach.

    I really wish I would have bought you instead of Battlefield 1, but timing just didn’t work out, I was playing other games, and I failed.

    Looking forward to finally checking out the full game and thank you for the free updates!!

  • Awesome! More reason to play. Appreciate support! More to come right? ^^

  • live fire is gonna be premades farming pugs all day long

    all the pugs gonna drop it hella fast and go back to attrition

    will respawn ever give more stuff for attrition?

  • Titanfall 2 is loads of fun! Easily my most played shooter in 2016 and counting…This new update look great! Also, excited about the new execution maneuver. For the next update, it would be great if Respawn added character customizations, aside from the simple color schemes. I have been wanting to mix up my cloaking characters outfit for a while.

  • I need to hop back in my Titan. This update sounds awesome! Awesome devs :)

  • What’s the PS4 player base atm?

  • This game is loads of funny too bad lots of ppl fell for the sorry bf1 or infinite I definitely choose TF2 over those games and hopefully this new patch fixes the little bugs they’ve had,also it’s amazing that the dlc’s they put are free which makes me like TF2 even more thanks peeps

  • The Single Player campaign was funny.. couldn’t really get into your multiplayer.
    I would love to see more trophies added however at some point for MP.

  • I just love this game. I think it’s the best shooter on ps4.
    I also don’t think you’re getting enough recognition for it.
    It’s amazing not only the game itself, but also the infrastructure of it, the minimal loading time the almost no lag problems, and no server problems.
    When I compare it to other shooters loading times and known bugs (looking at you bf1… ) your game is technically Amazing!
    Love it. Play it almost daily, thanks for this wonderful game.
    And keep this free amazing dlc coming. You are killing it.

  • Finally got this game on Tuesday when it went on sale. So bummed that I didn’t get it earlier it really is great.

  • I really enjoyed the campaign but haven’t tried out any of the multiplayer. I would love to see some kind of survival mode or horde mode. I can’t stop playing survival mode on Uncharted 4.

  • Thanks, Live Fire is very nice.

  • Love the support of this game, I don’t usually buy the addons but guess i’ll breakdown and buy the new prime titans.

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