Dirt Rally PS VR Out Today, PS4 Pro Optimized

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Dirt Rally PS VR Out Today, PS4 Pro Optimized

Hello! I’m Christina McGrath, Senior Community Manager for Dirt Rally. As you may have heard, Dirt Rally PS VR powerslides onto PS VR headsets today — so we thought you’d like to know more about it, and what you can expect from its top-notch PlayStation VR experience.

Dirt Rally

It’s the Whole Game
First things first: when you pick up the Dirt Rally PS VR upgrade, you get to enjoy all of Dirt Rally’s content in glorious VR.

Whether it be racing through the forests of Finland, climbing the iconic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb course, or going bumper-to-bumper with other supercars in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, you can do it all with your PlayStation VR headset on. Every track, stage, car, and discipline is available for PS VR users — there’s nothing off-limits when it comes to immersing yourself in Dirt’s off-road racing world.

It Includes an Innovative New Co-driver Mode
The co-driver is one of the most crucial elements of rally. Imagine: you’re racing on a cliff-side and about to throw your car around a blind corner, with only your co-driver’s pacenotes providing you an idea of what lies around the next bend. You need those calls to be well-timed, clear, and reliable. Well, we’re literally putting those calls in your hands. Or, rather, the hands of Player Two.

That’s right — featuring a new co-driver mode, a second player can be entrusted with the important responsibility of sending the right calls at the right time. Press the wrong button at the wrong time, and your rally pilot won’t have a clue about what to expect from the next few turns. However, get the timings right from the social screen, and the calls will be delivered crisply and cleanly to the person in the driver’s seat.

After the end of each stage, an accuracy rating will be given too — so there’s nowhere to hide if your coordination is off or your reactions aren’t quite quick enough!

The Update is PS4 Pro Optimized
We know that a lot of you have upgraded your hardware to optimize your PlayStation VR experience, so we’re making sure that our PlayStation VR upgrade makes the most of your extra performance power. The PS VR update comes PS4 Pro optimized, and you’ll literally be able to see the difference with the graphical improvements it brings — so those of you with the hardware can enjoy the benefits of your PS4 Pro.

It’s Launching with an Introductory Offer
The best news of all? We’re running an introductory offer when the DLC drops! From tomorrow through February 28, you can pick up the entire PlayStation VR bundle — the 2D game, the PS VR upgrade, and our Fully Loaded DLC Add-on packs — for the absolute bargain of $43.39. And if you already own the game, the cost is even better — it’ll cost you $12.99 for the DLC upgrade.

Want to know more? Feel free to fire away any questions in the comments below.

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6 Author Replies

  • Sounds great guys! But just to be crystal clear, the ps4 pro support is only for folks that have a VR headset correct?

    • Seconding this question. I don’t have PSVR but if they’ve optimized the 2D game for PS4 Pro it might be worth getting.

    • Correct! The PS VR DLC is PS4 Pro optimized, but the base game isn’t.

    • That didn’t answer the question the question was does the update benefit anyone who has ps4 pro but not psvr. The onbvious answer is yes… why would this even be a question lol

  • Glad to hear about the sale price. I’ll grab that for sure. I already own the game on Xbox, and PC, so as much as I wanted to try out the PSVR stuff, I really didn’t want to pay full price for it a third time.

  • Wicked guys! Thanks for the support, this is exactly what PSVR needs!!!

    • You’re welcome! We can’t wait for everyone with a headset to start playing it. It’s incredibly immersive, and loads of fun. :)

  • Any demo?
    I have to say as much as it’s tempting, Dirt 4 is just around the corner and I wonder if it has any graphics improvements over Dirt Rally

    • There’s no demo, but I’m sure if you wanted to see more of it, then there will be lots of people streaming it over the next few days. :)

      Of course, DiRT 4’s graphics have evolved from DiRT Rally – but DiRT Rally still looks pretty special!

  • That sounds awesome! Between this and RE7, I might finally be able to justify buying PSVR.

    Will the base version of Dirt Rally still benefit from the Pro patch? If not, will Boost Mode continue to work if the game TECHNICALLY has a Pro patch?

  • will the upgrade be available in Canada as well today?

  • in the PSN store got the $59.99 price tag, where is the bargain price of $43.39?

  • Extremely excited for this!!!

  • Can you play the VR Content as a standalone game or do you need to own the original game too?

    • You need to have the full game.

    • You need to own the original game too. We’re currently bundling everything on the store to make it easy (and a little less expensive for those new to DiRT). But get it quick, as it’s only an introductory offer!

  • Thank you for helping me to further justify my purchase of my PS VR. I been rally racing since the original Colin McRae Rally and this is going to be amazing. And thank you also for making an update so that the whole game can be played in VR instead of a few levels. You guys rock!

    • We’re very proud of the fact that we’re offering the entire game in VR, so it’s awesome to hear you recognise it. Thanks for being a fan since the CMR days, and hope you love DiRT Rally in glorious PlayStation VR. :)

    • Very much agreed. A full VR game experience is definitely appreciated.

  • wheres the deal? bundle in ps store for canada says 93.49$??????

  • When I try to checkout and purchase the DLC pack on the Canadian PSN store, it says: “We’ve encountered an error while processing your order. The transaction has not been completed. Please try again later.

    Anyone else got this problem?

  • Great for VR owners. Too bad the game isn’t patched for all Pro owners, wasted potential! Well, Dirt 4 …

  • I’m all over this!

    Are there any plans to add PS4 Pro optimization to the 2D base game in the future?

  • Cool, was gunna snag it asap but will wait for price fix. Got it on pc but i just got ps pro and already got vr. Love the game and cant wait to slap on the helmet :)

  • Some users are reporting that the DLC is not working with their physical copy of Dirt. Any advice here?

    • It doesn’t – it say so don’t own it when I clearly do – it’s only letting digital people buy the dlc

    • I downloaded the game to my PS4 including the VR update but the game doesn’t play with VR. I deleted it multiple times with no success. Now what?

    • Yup I’m having this problem I’ve owned the physical copy since lunch bought the vr add on won’t leave me download it won’t even give me an option for it

  • Is the introductory price also extended to the VR DLC by itself? Or is $12.99 the actual price of the VR DLC add-on.

    • If you already own the game then you’ll be paying $12.99 to add on the VR DLC.

      If you own nothing at all then you can get everything, including the VR DLC for $43.39.

  • So, once you get the dlc (as it’s not stand alone) – PS4 pro support is enabled – which means it benefits the main game – as it’s dlc and I doubt u can turn support off a certain part of the game.

    So technically – have you just placed PS4 pro support behind a pay wall? If so that’s not cool and I’m sure a lot of sites are gonna pick up on that and report on it.

    The main game should get a free update with pro support if this is the case

  • What a stunning announcement! I can’t wait to enjoy the full Dirt Rally game in VR, you guys did it right!

  • If I buy the physical copy, does the PSVR DLC work without issues? Also, is the bundle discount included with the physical copy of the game?

    • That would be up to the retailer. The bundle price is for the digital copy, Sony or Codemasters have no control over what the physical retailer sells it for.

  • Hey guys, i know this slightly off but do you plan to release the VR DLC or Bundle to Region Asia?
    The asian version hasn’t been updated about the VR. Cheers

  • When can i pick of the hard copy? I cant find it anywhere and what is the cost going to be?

    • I have the same question. Where do we get a physical copy with VR support in NA? Can’t find it listed anywhere. Really want this game and don’t want to miss the great digital deal if that’s the only way I can purchase your game. But I’d really prefer a hard copy.

  • So it only works with the PS4 Pro ? I can’t use it on my regular PS4? Do I have that right ? I spent 600 on the VR and now I have to buy another PS4 ? Please let me know because I was also thinking of the 6TB add on for my regular PS4 !

  • I don’t own Dirt Rally, but I really really really hope this VR DLC sells extremely well, because I WILL be getting Dirt 4, and if that doesn’t get a VR add on, I’ll curl up in the fetal position and cry.

  • I’d have to assume the best result for any PlayStation.Blog post is a purchase. Well, I made mine, the DiRT Rally Plus PlayStation VR Bundle. Thanks for adding VR support and the introductory offer.

  • Downloading as we speak! I just upgraded to pro and got a VR as well. Great to see more full games for the system. I love racing games and was going to get Driveclub. The reviews for that was rather dismal though, so I’m jumping into the deep end with this one instead. 15 minutes left now… Quite stoked!

  • Hi I just bought the whole bundle

    I cant find the VR mode, its my first time playing Dirt rally, do I need to get far the game before i can use the VR?

    • Its’s in the lower middle of the very first menu. Says “Enable VR”

    • Wait until game fully downloads (percentage at top left corner). Preview mode doesn’t work in VR. I was surprised too. But I have to say – simply wow. This is amazing! A whole new experience playing rally games.

  • Thank you for this CodeMasters. I’ve been waiting for your psvr support since the announcement. I was actually playing the game in psvr with cinematic mode and it was already awesome. I just tried the upgrade and by far one of the best psvr experiences. The only thing that I found strange is that I have a Thrustmaster T100 and the animation doesn’t match what I’m doing in the actual wheel. I haven’t played around with the settings though, so I’m not sure if it is something I can configure.

  • Thanks MrBeens , one more question I can still hook up a 6TB hard drive to my Batman Ed PS4 ?

  • So i bought the digital version and the vr add on from the ps store. But when i turn the game on in vr it doesnt enter vr mode. Anyone else have this problem. has the most recent update. Don’t know what else to try

  • Couldn’t find the bundle and couldn’t wait. Was planning on getting Dirt anyway so bought it from Amazon (I like to have the disc) and will be downloading that DLC asap! Been waiting since PSVR came out for a decent game. Well done, Codemasters!

  • Thank you Codies for supporting PSVR been a fan of both the Dirt and F1 series. But my problem right now it’s not available for download in Asia PS Store. Do you now if and when it will release here?

  • Brilliant, can’t wait to try this out! Still waiting for Amazon to get the VR bundles back in stock, but this will be my first purchase once they are.

  • Okay the question that everyone wants to know… Will just the Base Game get PS4 PRO support?

  • Hi I’ve the physical copy of dirt rally I’ve bought the vr upgrade but won’t leave me download it not even giving an option for it any help appreciated

    • Same problem here. I have the disc. bought the vr dlc. And in the game (100 percent installed) it shows me the option (buy the dlc) then it says This content cannot be selected at this time. No option for download from the store also it just says purchased. Please help.

    • any luck with that?

  • Since I have a PSVR, I would love to play the DLC! However, when I check the PlayStation store in Hong Kong, it’s not there in the store even though I see it in the main menu in the latest update. I literally can’t purchase the DLC, its really frustrating and I would love to see a release date for Asian regions for the DLC.

  • Cant wait to get this on vr when I can afford the vr kit. Best car/ rally game made to date..high expectations for Dirt 4. When asked at school what do you want to be when u grow up???? Only thing I could think of was….Rally car driver…hehe..codemasters is makeing it possible…. thanks sooooo much….hopeing when my mates get vr aswell they may be able to give the co driver calls as if there in the same car…would be sweet! Cheers loz

  • Message for anyone that has ps4pro with VR and the game. The quality is quite bad, pixelated, blurry and like a heat haze across the whole game. Nowhere near as good as the basic 2d game. I think I must have settings wrong or something. Any ideas welcome. VR works well with all the other vr content just this game that is bad???? Thanks in advance for any help

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