PlayStation Blogcast 238: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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PlayStation Blogcast 238: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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Welcome back, friends! We have a huge show today, with interviews on MLB The Show 17, Prey, and a surprisingly intimate look into Sid’s past that none of us were prepared for. Plus, we cover this week’s news, the upcoming games for next week, and the fact that I actually saw a movie for once.

Enjoy the show!

Stuff We Talked About

  • MLB The Show 17
  • Prey
  • Sid’s terrible past
  • Arrival
  • Hotel lobbies

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The Cast

Official PlayStation Blogcast: Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation Blogcast: Ryan ClementsOfficial PlayStation Blogcast: Zac Minor

Sid Shuman – Director of Social Media, SIEA
Ryan Clements – Sr. Social Media Specialist, SIEA
Zac Minor – Sr. Social Media Manager, SIEA

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1 Author Reply

  • Enjoy the show!

    • Hey Ryan,

      PS4 user here. I have no way to access this on my device. Soundcloud doesn’t support the PS4 browser. iTunes, Google, RSS, and Download get me nowhere. How can the core demographic not have access to the official PlayStation podcast?

      I can download on my Vita and sit it next to me, but I want to listen on my big speakers while I play a PS4 game. I don’t have a Phone or a PC, because I am a PlayStation user, so I can’t just downlaod it and transfer it to USB or stream it on DLNA.

      Is there any plan to ever make this show available on Spotify? Or perhapps make it a MP3 download from the PlayStation STore, to assure security?

      It would just be really nice to be able to listen to this show on the device the show is about.

    • KBG You may wanna buy an’ outdated laptop for like 80 bucks then if it’s such an issue. The majority of homes have a laptop or desktop unit. So the core demographic is reached.

  • Oh My… Sid’s secret was absolutely unbelievable. hahaha

    Funniest Blogcast in a while! I always enjoy it when the pod-train derails.
    Great to hear about Prey too, I’m a big fan of the genre and the developer, so it’s a day one buy for me.

    Cheers and till next week!

  • Please bring the Store Update post back. The most useful thing on this blog has been taken away. Never listened to this, but used the Store Update every week. They drop the most useful post that started 10 years ago and keep doing this, makes total sense.

  • I also wanted to ask you to consider bringing back the store update. I feel like the blog is ‘less’, now that it’s gone.

    • Oh, and about the blogcast.. just a suggestion. When someone says a spoiler to a game *cough*Sid*cough* can you just note it, and beep it out later? I know it’s hard to not say spoilers in the flow of a conversation, but just beep it out.. or note it in the post, or something..

      It’s weird when you know you said a spoiler, but don’t care to warn people about it.

  • Sid could make a new company “Sid’s Back Shaving Shack.” … and when I say ‘could’ I mean ‘should’. :)

  • After listening to the first 10 minutes of this episode, not only did I stop listening to the episode. But I unsubscribed to the podcast.

    I listen to learn about games not back trouble, shaving backs and clipping nails.

    • Voyageur, that’s a tad harsh. (sad face) Please allow me to explain. If you listen to this podcast for a while you will find that these guys really love games.

      Admission of guilt: After my first listen to the show, I wrote in similarly – I kinda took Sid to task about what I perceived as him arguing with one of the other hosts (Nick). But they were work buddies, and it was just the way they communicated – by ribbing each other. I totally took it the wrong way. So of course Sid read my post on the show and it was CRINGE-city for me!!!

      BUT. Hey, I’m still here! Once you have a feel of these guys’ personalities, they are really fun and downright endearing. Ryan is nice to a fault, calm and collected and tries his best to hold it all together, Sid loves a good distraction/derailment and makes the most of that vocal fry (but the dude totally knows his stuff about games and occasionally carbonara and tea sachets!) and Justin is passionate and funny and knowledgeable as well. Zac is new and finding his footing, but if you give them a chance and get to know them the show will click for you like it did for me. Peace!

  • there’s so much money being spent on so many great games out and coming soon I was second guessing my MLB The Show MVP edition pre-order but I think this segment sold me. Course there’s still the issue that I can’t get into sports games like I did when I was a kid-teen. Which is truly unfortunate because The Show has always been top notch the several years I’ve bought it.

    Chef’s Table. Guess I’ll finally have to watch it after Dreamworks Voltron Season 2 and 7 Deadly Sins on Netflix.

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